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Limba Engleza Engleza Pentru Afaceri

Limba Engleza Engleza Pentru Afaceri

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Published by: Alina Rosca on Jun 28, 2011
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Situation: Due to the fact that they had such a good time the last
time they went out, Marissa has decided to invite Paul for dinner at her
place. While eating dessert, Marissa ceases the opportunity to show Paul
some photos of her family.

Marissa: Did you enjoy dinner, Paul?
Paul: Of course I did. Everything was absolutely delicious.
Congratulations to the chef! I have to admit you are a great cook.
Marissa: How nice of you to say that. Thank you very much!...(while
opening the photo album)…Now, let me show you some photos of
my family: this is my mother, Sylvia and this is my father, Jack.
They still live in Leeds, but I visit them very often. They have got
a beautiful house there, with a lovely garden in front, with lots of
colourful flowers. Mom loves gardening.
Paul: Oh, I see. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Marissa: Yes, I do. I have got a brother. His name is Peter. He is 28 years
old. I haven’t got any sisters, though.
Paul: Is this Peter in the photo?
Marissa: Yes, this is Peter. He’s married. There’s his wife, Eve. She is so
pretty, don’t you think?
Paul: Yes, I do. And who is this, beside the red car?


Marissa: Well, this is my aunt Greta, my mother’s sister. And do you see
the man in the car? That is my uncle, Nelson. They live just across
the street from my parents.
Paul: Do they have any children?
Marissa: They have got a daughter and a son. Her name is Lily and his
name is John. And finally, these are my best friends, Sarah and her
cousin, Sam.
Paul: Do they live in London?
Marissa: Yes, Sarah has got a flat not far away from here, and her cousin
lives just three blocks from there.
Paul: You have a lovely family, Marissa. These are very beautiful
photos, indeed.
Marissa: I’m very glad to hear that.


1. Who are Sylvia and Jack?
2. Where do Marissa’s parents live?
3. Do they own a house or a flat?
4. Does Marissa have any brothers or sisters?
5. How old is Peter? Whom is he married to?
6. Do Nelson and Greta, Marissa’s uncle and aunt, have children?
7. Do they live in London?
8. Who are Marissa’s best friends?
9. Where does Sarah live? What about Sam?
10. Does Paul like Marissa’s family?

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