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Limba Engleza Engleza Pentru Afaceri

Limba Engleza Engleza Pentru Afaceri

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Published by Alina Rosca

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Published by: Alina Rosca on Jun 28, 2011
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Situation: Our characters are still at Marissa’s house, after dinner.
It’s getting late though, and Paul has to go home. So Marissa walks him out.
He thanks her for a wonderful night and tells her that he wants to see her
again as soon as possible.

Marissa: I hope you enjoyed my dinner. I know I may lack modesty, but I
loved it. And besides, I’ve had a wonderful time.
Paul: Are you kidding? The food was incredibly tasty! And I’ve had a
wonderful time too. In fact, you make me want to have you around
all the time. I really must see you again tomorrow.
Marissa: I’d love to see you too, but I’m afraid I’m busy the whole day.
Paul: Are you sure you can’t find an hour for me in your schedule?
Marissa: I would like to, but I don’t know if I can.
Paul: Well, let’s give it a try! How about 10 o’clock in the morning?
Marissa: That would be impossible. I’ll be at the university.
Paul: O.K. And in the afternoon, are you available around 4.30?
Marissa: Unfortunately, I’m not. I must get to my dance class at a quarter
to 5.
Paul: How about the evening? Are you free then?


Marissa: I’ll have to say no again. I’m visiting my grandmother at the
Paul: It would have been nice…but … if you say you’re so busy…
Marissa: Wait! I have an hour at noon!
Paul: Really? Now this is great news!
Marissa: Could you pick me up? I’ll be at home.
Paul: Of course, Marissa. I would love to.
Marissa: All right then! Good night! See you tomorrow at noon!
Paul: Good night, Marissa! See you!


1. Did Paul and Marissa have a good time at dinner?
2. What does Paul think about Marissa’s food?
3. Does Paul want to see Marissa again?
4. What does he suggest?
5. What does Marissa answer?
6. Is she available in the morning?
7. What is she doing in the evening?
8. When do they decide to meet?

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