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Limba Engleza Engleza Pentru Afaceri

Limba Engleza Engleza Pentru Afaceri

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Published by Alina Rosca

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Published by: Alina Rosca on Jun 28, 2011
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Situation: Our two main characters, Marissa and Paul, have just
stepped out of a clothing store, and now they are in a hurry to catch the 5
o’clock bus. On their way to the bus stop, Paul has the impression he sees
Sarah, Marissa’s best friend whom he has seen in pictures only, on the other
side of the street.

Marissa: Do you think I can make a quick stop at the bookshop, Paul? I
really need to buy a book I have to use at school.
Paul: I don’t know what to say. There isn’t enough time and we’re
going to miss the 5 o’clock bus if you stay too long.
Marissa: I won’t. I’ll be right back!
Paul : Marissa, wait! Look! There’s Sarah!
Marissa: Sarah?! Where? I don’t see her.
Paul: Right there across the street in front of that big red car. If my
memory serves me right, she’s rather short, thin and she has curly
dark hair. Am I right?
Marissa: Yeah, that’s what she looks like, but I still can’t spot her. There are
too many people there.
Paul: She is right between that tall old man who’s wearing a long black
coat and a big strange looking hat and that young woman with a
short white jacket and straight blonde hair. She also has a little
grey purse in her hand.


Marissa: I think I see her now…it looks like she’s waiting for someone
but… that’s not Sarah! It’s just someone who looks a lot like her!

Paul: Are you sure?
Marissa: Of course I’m sure. Sarah isn’t that short and she doesn’t have
Paul : Oh, I see. My mistake. I really thought it was her.
Marissa: It’s already 6 o’clock! We’ve missed the bus! What are we going
to do now?
Paul: We are going to catch a cab. It’s too cold, wet and cloudy. It’s
also getting dark.
Marissa: All right. I just can’t stand bad weather. I love it when it’s warm,
dry and sunny.


1. What are Marissa and Paul doing?
2. Is there enough time for Marissa to buy the book she needs for
3. Whom does Paul think he sees?
4. Where does Paul see Sarah?
5. What does Sarah look like?
6. Does Sarah have glasses?
7. Is the girl on the street Sarah?
8. Did Paul and Marissa catch the bus?
9. What do they decide to do?
10. What is the weather like?

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