PLANT/EQUIPMENT : Deathaizer Department: Mechanical /YGP Date: 05/08/2008 Area Division/Unit: deathanizer area & layedown yard JSA Number: DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITY: JSA for hydro test Activates for All New Piping and other areas where required at DE-Ethanizer area & laydown

Prepared by: Reviewed by: Khaled Ismail (Enppi Site HSE Mgr) Sayed Abdeen (Enppi Q.C Mgr) Abd Aaal Al Sayed (PTJ Hydro Test Eng.) Date: Aymen Abdo (PTJ HSE Mgr) Date: 05/08/2008 References: Saudi Aramco Construction Safety Manual, Project LPP, HIP , etc.

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Safety Equipment: Full PPE , Fire extinguishers and Fire water hose and safety Harness Serial # 1.0 SEQUENCE OF BASIC TASK STEPS Scaffold Erection ( Falling Protection ) POTENTIAL HAZARDS HAZARD CONTROLS All scaffold structures shall be erected with metal component and approved by saudi aramco

Falling Of Scaffold Crew Lead To Serious /Fatal Injuries

• Structure Collapse • Equipment / Property Damage • Improper Fall Protection • Improper Spacing • Inadequate Foundations • Uncertified & /Or Inadequate Number Of Scaffold Supervisors / Inspectors • Unqualified Scaffold Erection Crews

Scaffold erection plans (drawings) shall be submitted to loss prevention department for review prior to men being allowed to work on the scaffold.

All fittings (couplers, clamps, etc.) shall be of a metal type approved to ansi or equivalent requirements. they shall be examined regularly and care must be taken to ensure that moving parts are sound and well lubricated and that threads are not stripped. 4. Planks shall not be painted or treated in any way that would conceal defects.

• Scaffold Drawings Not Submitted For JSA for hydro test Activates for All New Piping and other areas where required at DE-Ethanizer area & laydown yard

Special Scaffolds • Scaffolds Not Properly Tagged Before Use • Unauthorized Alternation Of Scaffold Tags

Planks shall be stacked on a suitable foundation. where the height of a stack exceeds 20 planks, measures shall be taken to tie or bond succeeding layers. 6. Planks shall be inspected for defects, including decay, prior to each use.

The design working load of each platform unit (i.e., plank) shall be capable of supporting without failure one or more 91 kg (200 lb) person with 22.7 kg (50 lb.) of equipment.

Each platform, where applicable, shall be designed and constructed to carry a uniformly distributed load. uniformly distributed loads and person loading are not cumulative and the most restrictive loading shall be used for platform design.

The ground or floor on which a scaffold is going to stand must be carefully examined .
9. 10. Concrete

blocks, barrels, and other loose or unsuitable material shall not be used for the construction or support of scaffolding.
11. The

base plate shall be of a type approved for supporting scaffolding posts. (see manufacturer's specifications.)
12. Scaffold 13. Apply

erection crew shall be qualified.

scaff tag system.

14. Scaffold

crew shall equipped with ppe specially fall protection equipment during erection and dismantling. 15. Improve house keeping at scaffold plat form.
JSA for hydro test Activates for All New Piping and other areas where required at DE-Ethanizer area & laydown yard


Pressure Testing

• Serious/Fatal Injuries From Pipe Rupture &/ Or High Pressure Water Blast • Hazardous Waste Testing Fluids • No Distance Barricades • No Warning Signs • No Preliminary Walkthrough • Improper Disposal Of Test Fluids • No Traffic Control

supervisors and inspectors shall be saudi aramco certified . 1. Written procedures approved prior to testing shall be followed 2. Piping, vessels, supports and foundations designed for gas service shall not be overloaded by the extra weight of the test liquid. Temporary supports and braces may be required. 3. All Gasket shall be specifed according to standard and to be premnatly used 4. Hazardous gases or vapors must be vented clear of any area where personnel are working or where there is any possible source of ignition. 5. Valves must isolate any ancillary equipment not under test. 6. Only calibrated test gauges shall be used and they shall be mounted in the upright position. Pump discharge gauges must be visible to the pump operator for the duration of the test. 7. The equipment / vessel shall have adequate vacuum relief capacity to avoid damage or collapse, when draining the test liquid. 8. Tested line shall be supported and secured . 9. Lines shall be drained and dried mechanically when the test liquid is corrosive or otherwise hazardous. 10. A system under test shall be depressurized (with the exception of pressure due to a liquid head) before any work is done to stop leaks or repair weakness, including the tightening of bolts. 11. A block valve is required on the line from the test

16. Scaffold

JSA for hydro test Activates for All New Piping and other areas where required at DE-Ethanizer area & laydown yard

pump to the equipment under test. 12. Air shall not be used to displace test fluid from underwater equipment unless it has been determined that the equipment will not float. 13. Warning signs and preliminary walkthrough shall be involved at site area. 14. Distance barricades must be at work area. 15. The traffic shall be controlled through prepared the traffic plan.

16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23.

Check and verify the system for corrosion or other aspects that can affect the piping system integrity while hydro testing. An accessible bleed valve shall be provided for the protection of the piping system in case an immediate depressurizing is needed. Water is the hydrotest media.

Air shall be vented from the system before hydrotesting start. Pressure shall be increased gradually with 10 minutes hold at each step, no rapid change in pressure. Relief valve setting to be verified by plant process and/or instrument engineer to ensure its adequacy. Minimum of two pressure gauges with block and bleed valves shall be provided on the system. Release permit shall be issued along with other permits required for this activity.
JSA for hydro test Activates for All New Piping and other areas where required at DE-Ethanizer area & laydown yard