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Leadership is a very complex multidimensional concept and has been defined in a number of different ways. A common definition is: The process by which one person designates what is to be done and influences the efforts of others in order to accomplish specific purposes. In organization a leadership is important to make a successful management. Harold Koontz (1990) defines leadership as influence, that is, the art or process of influencing people so that they will strive willingly and enthusiastically toward the achievement of group goals. In

management, leadership is important in make a successful of organisation. Leader is one of component that important in make the group successful or failure in searches their objective. In traditional organisation culture their

In any organization culture, leadership is one of main component that include in any management. Different situation will impact of style of leadership. There are many theories of leadership. A good leader will give a good impact for his follower. In management it more to directing,

In health department, a leader are needed in

I work as Assistant Medical Officer in one of hospital in Malaysia. At my working arena, senior assistant medical officer is a leader and in charge for our unit. Organisation at my unit is a classic home style. Hosptial Director is a main manager for our organisasation and be
In leadership there are many theories that can be use to describe what type of leadership in which categories the leader are fit to. Great man, the situational, transactional, non corporate and relationship based is types of categories that can be find in any leadership. All of these styles have it description in to know what type that our leader has. With analyze of type of leadership, the type of theories of leadership that suitable for my senior assistant medical assistant is a situational type of leaders.(Tannenbaum and Schmidt 1958) defined a situational leaders is a leaders that can match in any situational situation and operate along a style spectrum. This show in leadership my senior can show and know what his followed needed and understand the condition of his followed haded.