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June 28th
1. 2. 3. Community Service Announcement Pocket Listing and Buyer Needs Join our Mid Year Meeting Staring David Knox - Pricing Listings In A Changing Market. July 19th, 9am - 11am. Norris Convference Center, 803 Town and Country Lane Team Meeting - Tuesday Ju_!y 12th- 9am__



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Unsold Listing Inventory - Who/What is Responsible?

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Market Reports -June Listings: 2010 = 885 /2011 = 1018 (+15%) June Written Sales: 2010 = 177 / 2011 = 265 projected (+49.7%)


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Anyone running beats anyone walking .. Anyone walking beats anyone sitting .. Are you Running, Walking or Sitting?


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Please join us for our mid year j~ meeting on July 19th Presenting

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Date: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 Where: Norris Conference Center Magnolia Room 803 Town & Country Lane Houston, TX 77024 Time: 8:30 a.m. - Continental Breakfast 9:00 a.m. - Meeting Begins
R.S.V.P. to your branch manager by July 14

UnSold Listing Inventory
Have you ever heard or thought "I need help. My listing is getting shown a lot --- but I haven't had a single offer. I know it's priced right!"? "I've had this listing way too long, why won't anyone show it, or make an offer?"

Reality Review
Whether a listing is shown frequently or attracts Chihuahua sized showing numbers and zero offers, there are two actions you can do. Both of them aren't easy. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Here you go:

We comparison shop. When house shopping, buyers mostly use their physical senses; eyes, ears and nose to pick and choose. If it doesn't look, smell or sound attractive, we pass. If the property doesn't compare favorably, buyers keek looking ..There's no skirting around human behavior. The first step to amping Property Presentation is to be honest with yourself and your seller. Ask yourself, is every aspect of the property merchandised and staged in excellent fashion. Not 80% or 90% - 100%. Or better than your competition. Be honest with yourself and your seller(s). You know if your listing is attractive or not. You get paid to educate and persuade your sellers to take the actions required to merchandise and stage the interior and exterior of the property so that it compares favorably with it's competition. It's for their own good, you have to be strong in this area. When sellers won't agree to merchandise and stage their property in a positive light, they can compensate for the shortfall by adjusting the price downward ..Downward to the point where a comparison shopper would think, "I know it doesn't look so hot, but the price is so compelling, won't sell. I'd be foolish not to buy it." If you don't get the property merchandised or staged favorably competitively, it

property promotion is generating a favorable number of showings, there's on Iy one thing left to adjustthe Positioning Price. It's a bitter pill to swallow. Asking for a price adjustment sucks for everyone. Yet, it's one of our most important responsibilities. Everyone involved will feel better about this if we've done our in-depth homework. Which means we've updated our market analysis and we've previewed our competition (just like a buyer does). After we've presented our data, if the seller remains reluctant, set showing appointments to physically show them their competition -- then ask again for an appropriate reduction. If you've done your part with the property promotion and intergalactic syndication, you've shared the value and importance of Property Presentation and choosing a competitive Positioning asking the seller to release you from the listing - hit the eject button. Price, and the seller(s) remains unmoved and resolute, you should not go down with the ship. Instead, consider

Happy Ending
Like all other types of business, the goal is to make a profit by selling inventory - not lose money by holding onto unsalable listing inventory. When we hold onto unsalable listing, everyone loses. When we let fazyor fear prevent us from wisely advising the seller, everyone loses. The next 90 days or so will be the most active of the year, it's time to suck-it-up, kick ourselves in the butt and come correct. If we want happy end ings we either need to advise and adjust - or release that's life my friends. Thanks for reading. If I can be helpful, let me know - Ken Brand 832-797-1779. PS. There is one other thing that could be out of whack. Success is doomed if the real estate agent doesn't have clue-one about the importance of persuasive and pervasive property marketing, promotion and synd.ication. In this post, I'm assuming you're on top of your game in this department. Photo Credit

What's The Biggest Barrier To Our Success?
It's not due to a bad childhood, crappy real estate markets, the-low-bar, your slow-to-grow grid-locked government or anyone else. It's US. It's our own Self-Resistance to success. We're smart - we know what we should do. We're talented - we have ability and potential coming out of our ears. Yet, we're stuck and struggling. How can we RISE-UP, once and for all? How do we reach escape velocity and leave soul sucking mediocrity and struggle behind? broker, a

Here's my book review.

Overcome Resistance and Get Out Of Your Own Way

The easy to understand explanations and examples wide-open our eyes, making us hyper-aware of what holds us back. Awareness is a monster advantage, once we understand the problems and challenges, we can overcome them. In the beginning chapters, the big take away for me was the

searing reminder that we create sustained success when we consciously overcome our subconscious Self-Resistance to success.

CLICK on the Masters Head to hear the lesson.

The book helps us to see which shadow-forces hold us back and which sunlit-actions forward. If you want uncommon results and tangible advantages, read this book.

whoosh us

I bet we have this in common. Our minds whir and purr constantly; dreaming up plans, ideas, projects, reinventions and new adventures. button. Then we over think it, begin to doubt it, talk ourselves out of it and bury it -- along with our spirit, soul and future. The book shines a light on how to hit the big GREEN GO

Com'on man. How much is lost by perpetual, Getting Ready To Get Ready? If you suffer, as I do, from over preparation, research, planning and under execution - read the book.

Amateurs structure their strategies by working their way from the beginning to the end, usually never crossing the end line.

structuring backwards works, don't even finish reading this blog post, instead Click> Download> Read the book now.


Ideas Do Not Come Linearly - Act, reflect. Act, reflect.
Our bodies sleep, our brains don't. Because you're bright, I bet great ideas routinely flash into your imagination, but you promptly forget and lose more than you can remember and act on. What a


the same day I read the book, I ran across this great Subconscious Information

Processing article from Fred Wilson, in which he shares an example of this The Brain Never Sleeps reality, This is a valuable lesson for us as well as our kids and friends. Read Fred's article, then download the book and read it Don't Think, Act

The Seven Principles of Resistance
The book wraps up by delineating the Seven Principles of Resistance and How To Overcome Them. Here's a couple of examples:

reared its ugly head and breathed fire into our faces, there existed within us a force so potent and lifeaffirming that it summoned this beast into being." ~ Steven Pressfield)

Welcome To Getting More Done, Felling Better About Yourself and Realizing The Potential You Deserve.
It's a crazy world, nothing comes easy and our worst enemy isn't other people or circumstances outside us. Our worst enemy is own Self Resistance to success, If you want to move forward fasterAct Now. Read the book - Do The Work, If I can be helpful, ping me - Ken Brand 832-797-1779. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

©2011 Ken Brand - TX 77381

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