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Pg2-THIRD ANNUAL Mannequins on the Loop Event With Joe Edwards Raises Money for Trolley

Pg2-THIRD ANNUAL Mannequins on the Loop Event With Joe Edwards Raises Money for Trolley

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Published by Mary Elizabeth

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Published by: Mary Elizabeth on Jun 28, 2011
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were; Blueberry Hill, Pizazz, Headz n Threadz, TAG, Big Shark Bicycle Co.

, Dick Blick Art Materials, Plow-Sharing, Avalon, Sexy Budha, Craft Alliance, NAPPS, Macro-Sun, Subway, HSB Tobacconist, and Miss M's Candy Boutique. These businesses collaborated with Audrey by helping with fundraising, and displaying the many mannequins inside of their storefront’s windows to raise attention for local art and for the event, as well as for their business. Audrey came up with this year’s “Here Comes The Trolley” theme with a hopeful eye on seeing the Trolley Rail Car system here and running in the near future. A $45 million project, $25 million was funded from the federal government with the rest being raised in a myriad of ways. Only $5-$7 million more dollars are needed for St. Louis City and University City to see Joe Edwards’ envisioned dream become a reality. Audrey says, “My vision was to connect with the businesses in The Loop and bring exposure to our community. This year especially since the trolley is one of the main features in our community. I wanted to again incorporate businesses, artists and designers using recyclable materials, eco-friendly consciousness, and lastly raise money for the trolley! It is a significant landmark we are all very proud to have. The connection it will make when complete, between University City and the City of St. Loui,s is also an important plus for our community economically and in additional public transportation alternatives. The history of the streetcar (known as the trolley) today once traveled down Delmar Boulevard. Today Trolleys (not streetcars) are being used very successfully in several major cities in the US.” Joe Edwards concurs, “The Trolley Rail Track System will initially run about 2.2 miles from City Hall in downtown St. Louis, all the way to Delmar here in University City. It will run through our City’s most attractive, popular areas and districts like Forest Park, the History Museum, the Science Center, and along the Loop district. Economically, this type of system will reduce vehicle emissions, rising costs for gasoline, and it will make any conventions, national events or seminars look more seriously at St. Louis for this added advantage in transportation that is distinctive and unique. There are only about six or seven cities using these systems now and they have a 70% higher ridership than their buses and other public transit systems.” Edwards added that the last time a Trolley Car traveled the streets of St. Louis was in 1966, stating, “It’s a shame we ever got rid of them.” Fortunately, the people of St. Louis City and University City, politicians and driving forces like Audrey Jones and Joe Edwards will continue to bring our Trolley Car rail system project to life, and greatly benefit the lifestyle, economy and earth-conscientiousness of our City. Winner of the event for her magnificent mannequin design, St. Louisan Jennifer Hayes says of Joe Edwards and the event, “Joe was a blast to work with, it was really nice to get to know him a little bit better. It was really a ball! The three things I focused on after meeting with Edwards about the design for Blueberry Hill; were the live music venue (the Duck Room), the incredible food served and all of the celebrity, historical and musically influenced memorabilia there.” She chose to integrate his image in the mannequin as well since, “He is such an icon in St. Louis and especially in University City’s history and economic work on behalf of the Loop. So, I incorporated a few images of him on the Mannequin that he had taken in the little photo booth at Blueberry Hill.”

Winner, Jennifer Hayes; Her winning mannequin design; design collaborator & Trolley Project lead, Joe Edwards

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