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Matthew Ward in 2006: How to Identify and Protect Against a Dark Entity
2011 MARCH 27
by Steve Beckow
Again, in the course of doing other research, I came across this passage from one of Matthew’s Messages in which he and Suzy Ward, his mother, discuss how to tell whether one is contacting a dark entity, or being contacted by one, and how to protect one’s self. It appears that the actual recommendations are Suzy’s own, rather than Matthew’s. Or Suzy may have gathered the information from former messages from Matthew. Matthew’s Message, Feb. 18, 2006 13. So that you can distinguish between the dark souls and those through whom dark entities are working and thereby deal most effectively with all, I asked my mother to gather information that will assist in your identification and protection processes. And now, Mother, please add that and also the guidance for connecting telepathically with light beings and assuring that sources you reach are who they claim to be. Some readers may know this innately or may have learned it, those to whom this is new can benefit a great deal from it, and all who wish can make this guidance available to receptive people. S: Matthew, I’m just going to write my notes and not take time to put them in literary fashion because I know you want this to go out. 14. The eyes are a direct reflection of the soul’s frequency. To distinguish between lightfilled souls and dark, look into the eyes. The eyes of a lighted soul shine with aliveness; dark souls’ eyes are dull-dead, devoid of warmth or light. A person with a lighted soul can hold a steady gaze when talking with you; a person with an “ordinary” dark soul or is heavily influenced by darkness keeps glancing around, unable to meet the light in your eyes. 15. Strategic touching. Dark entities know that the nape of the neck and lower back are especially vulnerable to their entry into a body’s energy system. Someone who grasps you in either or both places probably is NOT being playful or affectionate—the darkness in them is trying to infiltrate you. This doesn’t come from that person’s intellect or conscious awareness; it’s an automatic response to their influencing dark entity’s attempt to interrupt your energy flow so its streamer tentacles can enter. 16. Tone of voice, choice of words, topics of conversations. Indications of dark entities working through a person are gossip; sarcastic, hurtful or boastful remarks; unjustified criticism or blame; monopolizing a conversation; in a large group, insensitivity to others’ conversations by speaking out loudly; obsession with talking about fearful subjects. When you’re listening to

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someone and can’t tell whether the person is speaking from ego or soul, mentally ask your soul and pay attention to your immediate reaction—it is instinct, one way the soul communicates with the consciousness. ALWAYS listen to your soul voice—it never lies. Soul knows when lies come from other sources and alerts you via your instinct, intuitive thoughts and sensations—trust them. 17 . Characteristics; change of behavior. Controlling or intentionally harming others, torturing animals, uncontrollable anger, greed, dishonesty, insistence that only their beliefs are right, and egotism are obvious reflections of dark souls and dark entities operating through unaware people. Infiltration by those entities is evident in people who formerly did not exhibit those traits or condone the actions and suddenly their behavior includes one or more; a slight tendency toward the traits or actions and/or cracks in the psyche “invite” this. 18. The aura, like eyes, is a dead giveaway. Ask your soul to let you see the person’s aura (energy emanating from the body) and look two inches above the head. You may see only a fleeting glimpse of color, a form or geometric symbol; depending on what you see, you know whether light or dark energy is flowing from the body. A cross or some other symbol you feel is sacred will identify a lighted soul; if you are light energy-sensitive, you may see gold, white, blue or rainbow prisms around the person. The auras of dark souls are dark, corresponding in degree to their energy emanations, and any symbols you see will be the opposite of what you think of as good, or light—e.g., a small viper, a tail (may be lashing out), an inverted cross or a broken star. Look down, about two inches in front of the person’s feet, for the same kinds of symbols that are in the aura. 19. Radiated energy. Energy-sensitive people can feel warmth radiating from lighted souls and cold from dark ones. With the pretense of seeing something on the floor, feel the energy by the feet; dark energy at that point is icy cold. Icy cold hands (unless holding an iced drink) or clammy hands is another indication of dark influence IF that’s in conjunction with the primary signs that darkness is present. 20. Other physical reactions. The negativity of dark energy streamers is very heavy and creates a heaviness in your sensations when you’re in the presence of dark souls or people under the influence of dark entities. Also a lighted soul usually starts to feel repulsed, and some will begin to feel their skin itching. Dark energy is parasitic; it drains your energy and uses it to refuel itself. After such an encounter, your body may need lots of water, sea salt or even sugar to spontaneously regenerate itself. You may feel a sudden stiffness as the chakras work to protect themselves against dark energy streamers or feel throbbing in your temple or third eye area. Chakras always instinctively act and react to protect the root system and alert you to the dark energy through physical sensations. 21. Levels of darkness. Dark forces attack their equal in the strength of light-filled beings. Lesser-strength entities will move away from bright light; they can’t bear to look into it or stay near its energy. The more light in a person, the stronger the entity sent to invade it; “tests” for light beings become correspondingly harder because new, stronger entities come. Dark souls and people through whom the stronger entities work have NO power over souls who stay steadfast in the light and know its greater power; your “safety net” is WITHIN, not in any external source. ALL levels of darkness can be defeated by knowledgeable action on your part. 22. The innocence of young children and animals gives them heightened sensitivity to energy. Pay attention to the reactions and body language of children who seem suspicious or express fear for themselves or others and animals that keep a wary eye on their animal and/or human family —they try to avoid people whose energy is dark and feel a need to protect others from dark energy around them. 23. Protection. You must be aggressive against the dark forces. Write out and memorize the following words, which were given by God; these exact words are essential because the vibration they carry is your protection. After you have memorized this command and practiced enough so that the exact words easily come to mind, the command will come immediately and automatically as a sensation and verbalizing no longer is necessary. Practice quieting your mind, then saying aloud or mentally: “In the name of Jesus The Christ, I now command that if you are not of the highest, most evolved form of Jesus The Christ Consciousness, that you are to here and now disappear immediately and NEVER return.” Dark souls CANNOT disobey this command due to its vibrations. 24. The darkest souls are the most cunning, most determined; they seek a lighted person on oneto-one basis and engage in direct and steady eye contact, like a cobra, to mesmerize the person. To break the effects of their powerful gaze, think the word LIGHT with forcefulness. This command is essential in that situation; the dark soul can’t disobey its vibration, which is the light



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command is essential in that situation; the dark soul can’t disobey its vibration, which is the light intensity equivalent of that soul’s darkness. This command isn’t a substitute for the other one that’s required for protection in other situations.

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to Muslims To Muslims of America, I Apologize “Ground Zero Mosque” and 9/11 The “Demonization” of Muslims and the Battle for Oil (2007) Anomalies of 9/11 9/11, Deep Events, and the Curtailment of U.S. Freedoms How Black Ops Staged the London Bombings (2005) Fake Terror: The Road to War and Dictatorship (2000) Elizabeth Woodworth: Media Response to 9/11 Truth Changing International Citizens 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan – The People vs. George Walker Bush (2004) September 11 Commission Report (Revised) Andrew Gavin Marshall: 9/11 and America's Secret Terror Campaign On 9/11: Matthew Ward: The Truth about 9/11 On 9/11: The 9/11 Victims Speak Through Matthew Ward On 9/11: Galactics Respond on the Day of the Tragedy “Everybody Knows They’re Trying to Kill Us” 9/11 Was an Islamic Thing? Not in My Books State-Sponsored Terrorism Responsible for Threat Alerts NEW WORLD ORDER The Possible Meaning of Dire Events in Japan Watch This Film, Entitled “Don’t Watch This Film” Watch This Film, Titled “Don’t Watch This Film” Whether Mubarak Realizes It or Not, the Light Has Served Notice on the Dark to Go Guns and Butter and the Plutocratic State Michael Moore: America Is NOT Broke
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I Accuse The Black Hats Must Go Andrew Gavin Marshall: The Global Political Awakening and the New World Order High Noon Billy Cooper: The Secret Government The Internet Revolution: We the People Say “No!” Help Wanted: Only the Honest Need Apply Eternal Budget Deception: The Phony War Between “Cutters” and “Spenders” The Woodenness of Authoritarianism How Do the Illuminati Make Money? Involvement of American Banks, CIA in Drug Trade Azad Ismi: Crime of the Century: CIA – Cocaine International Agency U.S. Banks Financing Mexican Gangs Admitted in Court The Fate of Those Who Oppose the MIC Assassination in America Does the Bilderberg Set Global Policy? Through the Wormhole: The Secret State's Mad Scheme to Control the Internet Andrew Gavin Marshall: New Eugenics and the Rise of the Global Scientific Dictatorship Who Benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade? (2006) Paul Craig Roberts: The Evil Empire Eternal Budget Deception: The Phony War Between “Cutters” and “Spenders” Paul Craig Roberts: The Road to Armageddon Frater 616, Satanism, and the Illuminati The Very Dark Side of U.S. History Michael Parenti on the Tension between Capitalism and Democracy FINANCIAL CRASH The Second Scenario: World Finances Freeze the $1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Bubble

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The Tower of Basel: BIS and a Global Currency Citigroups’ Plutocratic Vision for America The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century Derivatives: The Elephant on the Breakfast Table Matthias Chang: America is Insolvent. Why Would China's Rating Agency Rate US Sovereign Debt AA When It is No Better than Junk? Goldman-Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine Goldman Admits It Had Bigger Role in AIG Deals Elizabeth Warren Uncovered What the Govt. Did to 'Rescue' AIG, and It Ain't Pretty Ellen Brown: How Financial Brokers Became Bookies: The Insidious Transformation of Markets Into Casinos Mortgage Foreclosures Hit Record as Job Losses Strain Budgets The Big Short: How Wall Street Destroyed Main Street 'Financial warfare' triggers global economic crisis (1997) Andrew Gavin Marshall: Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve Global Poverty in the Late 20th Century (1998) Matthias Chang: Financial Fraud and the Global Derivative Casino Ellen Brown on Foreclosuregate Tanya Cariina Hsu: The Beginning of the End of the American Empire A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives BIG PHARMA AND PANDEMICS Fred Burks: History of Experimentation Stephen Lendman: Bioweapons, Dangerous Vaccines, and Threats of a Global Pandemic Swine Flu and Vaccinations Dr. Russell Blaylock: Swine Flu — One of the Most Massive Coverups in American History
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What’s in Your H1N1 Vaccine? Big Pharma Promotes Illegal “OffLabel” Drug Uses Dumbing Down Society – Part 1/2 Dumbing Down Society – Part 2/2 Jane Burgermeister: Kafkaesque Interrogation at Vienna Court: Are the Baxter Charges behind This? World Health Organization: Whole-ofSociety Pandemic Readiness Mike Adams: 2010 – What a Year, Huh? WEATHER WARFARE Hatonn on What the Galatics are Doing about Weather Warfare SaLuSa Holds the Same Views of Weather Warfare as Matthew Ward Does Lightworkers, Wake Up. Stop Helping the Illuminati. Matthew Distinguishes Between “WeatherControl Technology” and “HAARP” Why Did the Galactics Not Prevent the Japanese Earthquake Entirely? More Channels Add Their Voices: Japanese Earthquake was Manmade Golden Wolf Now Says Japanese Quake was Manmade Widely-Circulated Earthquake Warning Originates with Sorcha Faal Matthew Ward in 2005: How Weather Control Worsened Katrina Matthew Ward on Global Warming and Weather Warfare – Part 1/2 Matthew Ward on Global Warming and Weather Warfare – Part 2/2 HAARP: Is It Weather or Government Terror? Scalar-Wave Weapons: Is Much of What is Happening Due to Them? Scalar Weapons Used in Iraq, Britain Was Hurricane Katrina Steered to Louisiana? Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health Calls for Massive Chemtrail

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Spraying Spark Worldwide Mobilization Expert: Chemtrails are Global Covert Operation for Total Control, Detecting UFOs Smoking Gun on U.S. HAARP Activity Chemtrails Documentary: What in the World Are They Spraying? GULF OF MEXICO OIL SPILL Backgrounder on BP – and Oil Companies Generally Lindsey Williams: It’s the Toxic Fumes that Could Cause Death Ready-Reference Guide to the Gulf Oil Spill MARTIAL LAW Actually, Really, Why Does FEMA Exist? The Myth of the "National Security State" Andrew Gavin Marshall: Revolution and Repression in America MEDIA COVER-UPS Tim Swartz: Backgrounder: How the Media Treats UFOs Top Journalists Expose Major Cover-ups in Mass Media Newsman Caught Telling the Truth about UFOs WARMONGERING The Weaponization of Space: Corporate Driven Military Unleashes Pre-emptive Wars Rick Rozoff: America Threatens Russia Rick Rozoff: U.S. and NATO Accelerate Military Build-Up In Black Sea Region Rick Rozoff: The Drums of War? Pentagon Provokes New Crisis with China Eric Walberg: Russia-America: Rediscovering Realpolitik Michel Chossudovsky: Preparing for World War III, Targeting Iran Why The U.S. Would be Ill-Advised to Go to War with Iran The Illuminati’s Plan for World War III Laura Eisenhower: Unity Consciousness will Collapse Military-Industrial Complex Trillions of Dollars for Defense Outlays:

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Spenders, Don’t Touch A.J. Bacevich: The Tyranny of Defense Inc. Has the Mountain Moved in Recent Years? Peace on Earth? Why War Can Never Finally Win DEPLETED-URANIUM WEAPONS Depleted Uranium: Why We Must Not Go to War with Iran Hawaii, Do Not be Fooled THE MYTH OF INVINCIBILITY EXPOSED Chinese Hackers Play Havoc with American Military How Chinese Military Hackers Took Over a Nuclear-Armed B52 (2007) 2007 B-52 Black Op Saw Several Airmen Die in Probable Cover-up Faulty Chips Could Cripple U.S. Military (2007) Possible Confirmation that U.S. Military Microchips are Compromised Russian Missile a "Carrier Killer" WHITE KNIGHTS, EARTH ALLIES AND LIGHTWORKERS Does the Reactivation of Tenth Fleet Hide a Takeover of Northern Command? June 20, 2008: The Day the Earth Stood Still Is the Military Awakening to the "Earth Allies"? Little Grandmother Faces Stiff Challenge WHISTLEBLOWERS Background on Pfc Bradley Manning’s Release of Documents to Wikileak “Top Secret America” Top Disappointment Secret Service Agent Andrew Bolden on the Kennedy Assassination Dead Scientists and Microbiologists Michel Chossudovsky Sorts Wikileaks Issues Out Wikileaks the Movie Andrew Gavin Marshall: Wikileaks and the WorldWide Information War CLONING

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Cloning – Part 1/5 – The Process Cloning – Part 2/5 – World Leaders Cloning – Part 3/5 – The Question of a Soul Cloning – Part 4/5 – Origins of Cloning Cloning – Part 5/5 – “God’s Attitude” to Cloning Pleiadian Starseed Ellie Miser Discusses Life Extension through Cloning NESARA OR THE ABUNDANCE PROGRAM SaLuSa: Massive Changes are Coming that will Provide the Answers to Present Problems What is NESARA? What is the “Abundance Program”? Much Ado About NESARA Saul: The New Worldwide Monetary and Financial System SaLuSa on the Spiritual Hierarchy and NESARA On NESARA Ch. 1. Introduction Ch. 2. NESARA's History Ch. 3. Recent Times Ch. 4. Earth Allies Ch. 5. NESARA's Benefits Ch. 6. NESARA's Range Ch. 7. Economic Meltdown Ch. 8. Remaining Work Yes, Hundreds of Trillions of Dollars are Being Stored. Gold too. Matthew Ward: Special NESARA Edition, 2003 and 2005 2012 HISTORY Beinsa Douno's "New Epoch" Silver Birch's "New World" White Eagle Predicts the New Age in 1967 Imperator’s “New Revelation” 1977 Broadcast from the Ashtar Galactic Command As I See It

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Carl Johann Calleman: The Thirteen Heavens as a Creative Progression Little Things The Game of Predictions HUMAN RIGHTS A Call to End Persecution Against Women Globally by August 1, 2011 A Call to End Gender Persecution Globally by Jan. 1, 2020 (2007) SPIRITUAL ESSAYS An Introduction to the Perennial Philosophy Manoj Prasad: Avatars and ETs The Riddle at the Center of Existence Who Am I? Who Am I and What Do I Want? The Basic Spiritual Movement The First Death: The Transition from 3D to 4D The Second Death: The Process of Ascension from 4D to 5D on the Spirit Planes The Last Word on Death Was Akhenaten a Worshipper of the Sun? Surely Not. The Truth Will Set You Free A Divine Syntax Christianity and Hinduism are One A Note to Hindu Readers on "the Christ" Did the Buddha Believe in God? On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit In the Beginning Was the Word Is the “Holy Spirit” Feminine? Spiritual Evolution: The Divine Plan for Life What Might Jesus Have Meant by Saying “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life” Jesus was a Non-Dualist Was Jesus an Incarnation of God? I am the Light of the World The Life and Teachings of Jesus Matthew Ward on the Life of Jesus
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The Biblical Code We are Already Immortal Reducing the Ego is the Real Difference We Make My Own Herd Instinct Putting Humpty Together Again The Punch and Judy Show The Game is Rigged Unparalled Free Will A Balanced Androgyny A Respecter of Principle Higher Dimensionality Sorting Out the Confusion Who are My Ancestors? Who are My Children? No Humdrum Heaven: An Interview New Maps of Heaven On Not Knowing Everything The Parallel Between Free Energy and Spirituality The Ultimate Failure of Our Current Popular Culture Loss Upon Loss Until at Last Comes Rest All Aboard for a Tour of “Heaven” – Part 1/2 All Aboard for a Tour of “Heaven” – Part 2/2 Unparalleled Free Will What Stops Me? Cosmic Channelings: The Universal Laws Next Question: What is the Truth for You Distinction Karmic Knots and Soul Asignments Sharing – What, How, and Why? A Group Process Has Started (on Galactic Roundtable) Needle Scratches on the Mind Watching a Tree Grow Waking Up from a Dream Within a Dream

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Image Management, Looking Good The Self-Serving Bias Emergence and the Reality Draw Love Thy Neighbor – and Thyself The War in the Human Character CONTRACTS, REVIEWS, AND JUDGMENTS Understanding Soul Contracts – Part 1 Understanding Soul Contracts – Part 2 Understanding Soul Contracts – Part 3 Understanding Soul Contracts – Part 4 Understanding Soul Contracts – Part 5 The Judgment: Evaluating Our Lives After Death The Judgement: Matthew Ward on the “Lifeprint Review” The Review vs. the Judgment SaLuSa: All Souls will Take Their Place in Accord with Their Life Plans The Difficulty of Commenting on Karma THE PURPOSE OF LIFE Who Am I and What Do I Want? The Game of Life Life No Matter Where, No Matter When To Know God is the Purpose of Life What is the Divine Plan for Life? – Part 1/2 What is the Divine Plan for Life? – Part 2/2 SaLuSa and the Soul’s Journey SaLuSa and the ”Greater Picture” This is But a Stepping Stone The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment Ch. 1 Introduction Ch. 2 Is There a Plan to Life? Ch. 3 The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment Ch. 4 When God Meets God Ch. 5 Who Will Know God Ch. 6 What Paths Lead to God? Ch. 7 The Longing for Liberation Ch. 8 Turn From the World to God
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Ch. 9 One Journey, Many Lives Ch. 10 Beyond God-Realization Ch. 11 Enlightenment is Virtually Endless Ch. 12 Epilogue Ch. 13 Bibliography The New Year, the New Age, and the Ancient Mystery The Way Back to God TOWARD A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR EVERYONE Toward a World That Works for Everyone Judgmentalness vs. Good Judgment Werner Erhard: Creating an Idea Whose Time Has Come John Enright Dictionary The Principles of Largescale Employment Projects
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