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Zend Framework From a-Zend - From Novice ZF Programmer to a Zend Framework Certified Engineer

Zend Framework From a-Zend - From Novice ZF Programmer to a Zend Framework Certified Engineer

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Published by: ngoxuandang on Jun 29, 2011
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Zend Framework from A-Zend - From novice ZF programmer to a Zend F...


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Zend Framework from A-Zend

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Everything you need to go from PHP developer to Zend Framework Certified Engineer (ZCE-ZF) at a reduced price! The bundle includes : Zend Online Training: Zend Framework: Fundamentals Zend Online Training: Zend Framework: Advanced Concepts Zend Online Training: Test Prep: Zend Framework Certification Zend Framework Certification Exam Voucher Zend Framework Certification Study Guide Zend Studio License: a professional-grade PHP IDE Zend Server Development License: a fully-functional copy of Zend Server for use in development Save $870 when purchasing together! View Product Benefits

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Zend Framework has become the de-facto standard for building large-scale PHP web applications. If you have basic PHP programming knowledge, you too can master Zend Framework and stand out by becoming a Zend Framework Certified Engineer with our new bundle. The Zend Framework Certification is an industry-wide standard that recognizes the attainment of a professional level of expertise in using Zend Framework . This certification is also a measure of distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees. Note: After you have purchased your Zend online training course, you will receive an email detailing the registration process. If you have any questions please contact us at itraining@zend.com Registration Information and Technical Requirements Upcoming Course Schedule CLASS OUTLINES & PREREQUISITES

Zend Framework: Fundamentals
OBJECTIVE Upon completing the course, active PHP developers should be equipped to best utilize the Zend Framework, along with the Model-View-Component design pattern, to create robust web applications with more ease and less time. CLASS OUTLINE 1. INTRODUCTION TO ZEND FRAMEWORK 7. ZEND FRAMEWORK VIEW RELATED COMPONENTS

A. Course Goals and Approach

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15/06/2011 2:16 PM

Zend_Db B. Zend_Tool C. Zend_Navigation D. Zend Framework and Views B. Bootstrap Architecture C. MVC Mapped to the Web 4. Action Helpers 9. Zend_Log 10. MVC DESIGN PATTERN A.. Authorization and Authentication B. MORE GENERAL COMPONENTS 3. RICH INTERNET APPLICATIONS A. Zend_Db C. Zend_Cache B.. participants will have a better understanding of how Zend Framework provides a comprehensive. Zend_Registry B. and have successfully created complex PHP web applications. FLEXIBLE. MVC design pattern B. MVC Modules C. AND HIGH PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS 2. SCALABLE. Zend_Exception C. B. PHP Collaboration Project D. Zend_Pdf E. Zend_Layout 8. Zend_Db_Table D. Zend_Db_Select E. Zend Framework: Advanced Concepts OBJECTIVE At the conclusion of the course. Steps to RAD B. Zend_Application B.com/en/zend-framework-training-certification-bundle. Course Projects C. standardized.. Zend _Auth D. Zend_Filter_Input A. best method approach to building more complex. Zend_Validate F. MORE VIEW RELATED COMPONENTS A. ZEND FRAMEWORK MODEL RELATED COMPONENTS 11.zend. Internationalization D. Zend_Dojo B. Zend_Db_Profiler C. Front Controller Plugins B. Zend_Feed C. RAPID APPLICATION DESIGN A. Zend_View C. ZEND FRAMEWORK CONTROLLER RELATED COMPONENTS A. Zend_Search_Lucene 8. What's in Zend Framework 2. LASS TOPICS 1. Zend_Test A. Placeholders and Partials C.From novice ZF programmer to a Zend F.. Zend_Filter E. Zend_Mail B. REVIEW AND EXPANSION OF CORE CONCEPTS 7. ZEND FRAMEWORK GENERAL COMPONENTS A. MVC Elements and Structure B. MORE CONTROLLER RELATED COMPONENTS A. Zend_Config B. Zend_View_Helper B. MORE MODEL RELATED COMPONENTS A. Plugins AUDIENCE This course is designed for people who have a solid foundation in the PHP language and OOP. View Scripts D. http://shop. interactive and scalable web applications.Zend Framework from A-Zend . PREREQUISITES Solid understanding of PHP at an intermediate to advanced level and object oriented programming experience. DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING A. Zend_Session 6. Framework License F.htm. RAD Exercise A. Zend_Acl C. Zend_Queue 3. INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS A. Zend_Controller B. Goals of Zend Framework E. Zend_Form D. Plug-ins A. Controller Execution Methods 5. Zend_Soap_Server 2 of 4 15/06/2011 2:16 PM . Zend_Form A.

com/en/zend-framework-training-certification-bundle. ZEND FRAMEWORK CERTIFICATION FOCUS AREAS A. database tools and testing Zend Studio speeds development cycles and simplifies complex projects. Security N. Windows. Built-in caching and acceleration ensure your PHP applications are delivering optimized performance. Zend Studio + Zend Server Developer License Zend Studio is the only Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for professional developers that encompasses all the development components necessary for the full PHP application lifecycle. installing. Performance L. Through a comprehensive set of editing. and integrated application monitoring and diagnostics enable you to quickly detect. Internationalization I. Mail J. About the Certification 2.Server interaction • Session Management • Authentication and Access Control Mechanisms • Plus all the other topics presented in the Zend Framework Fundamentals course Test Prep: Zend Framework Certification OBJECTIVE Preparation for the Zend Framework Certification Exam. PREREQUISITES At least intermediate-level knowledge of the fourteen topic areas. Filtering & Validation F. Zend Server contains a complete. performance and security. well-tested PHP stack. debugging. CLASS OUTLINE 1. which cuts the time traditionally spent on tracking. PREREQUISITES Participants must be proficient in: • Object-Oriented Programming • Model-View_Controller design pattern Participants must be comfortable creating: • Basic web applications based on Zend Framework • Simple web forms.. Databases D. Forms G.. Web Services AUDIENCE This course is designed for experienced Zend Framework developers (intermediate-level +) who wish to gain information on how to take and pass the Zend Framework Certification exam while being guided through a quick.zend. and Macintosh Zend Server is an enterprise-ready web application server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability.Controller K. AUDIENCE Intermediate to advanced PHP developers who have used Zend Framework to complete at least 1 major web application.htm. INTRODUCTION TO THE CERTIFICATION A. Supported Operating Systems: Linux.. Diagnosis & Maintenance E.. analysis. optimization. Model . Authentication & Authorization B. configuring and testing PHP libraries and drivers.Zend Framework from A-Zend . simple database interactions Participants must be familiar with: • Web Services • Client .From novice ZF programmer to a Zend F.View . http://shop. Search M. intense review of all of the major topics within the 14 certification areas. Infrastructure H. isolate and resolve any failures or performance 3 of 4 15/06/2011 2:16 PM . Coding Standards C.

both x86 and x86-64. http://shop. Apple Safari Zend Studio and Zend Server are designed to work together. tested and supported PHP stack Maintain a complete and consistent environment across development. Supported Web Servers: Apache. testing and production Ensure optimal application performance and minimal resource utilization Solutions Products Services Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Contact Us | Site Map | Behind the Site eCommerce Software by Magento™ 4 of 4 15/06/2011 2:16 PM . From Zend Studio.. up-to-date. Then after deployment time. bottlenecks. Mozilla Firefox.zend. PHP scripts can be deployed onto a local Zend Server.Zend Framework from A-Zend . Supported Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer. Zend Server monitoring captures debugging and root cause analysis information for use in Zend Studio. Microsoft IIS.. Benefits Develop and maintain quality PHP and JavaScript code faster Find and resolve problems quickly using monitoring and debugging capabilities Improve team collaboration by using robust team-oriented features Leverage the latest technologies to deliver advanced applications and a richer user experience Use the same business-grade PHP used in production: an consistent. Supported Operating Systems: Linux and Windows.htm. streamlining the development process...From novice ZF programmer to a Zend F.com/en/zend-framework-training-certification-bundle.

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