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Beautiful Felts

Beautiful Felts


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Published by AmericanSappho

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Published by: AmericanSappho on Jun 29, 2011
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Beautiful Beauty what more do you seek?

That bounties of beneficence all born From brilliant Bowers Sprung of Being Geeks Or Goblins, Elves of the Harness undone And strength over Sterility; Green Green Green are those Wednesdays gifted from Poets Disciplined, deepened and sharpened, subtle As the finest tuning Incandescent Golden Lutes by Sheen of Unforeseen-Lings. Hello I am glad to meet you My Wings These of Uniquenesses and Simperings Cinders of Kind Kilns and Gentle Tending: My Life I lived well Life I lived well My Upon a Retrospective Sense, my Felts.

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