QUESTION # 1: Mohawk Valley Furniture Warehouse has purchased a retail outlet with six departments, as shown below. The anticipated number of customers that move between the departments each week is given in the load summary chart: a) Calculate the non–adjacent loads for the layout shown below. b) Revise Mohawk’s layout such that non–adjacent loads are minimized. A D From / To DEPARTMENT A B C D E F A – B E B 70 – 70 60 C

F DEPARTMENT C D E 100 – 80 – – 100 30 – F 50


QUESTION # 2: Professional Image Briefcases is an exclusive producer of handcrafted, stylish cases. The company assembles each case with care and attention to detail. This laborious process requires the completion of the six primary work elements listed here. WORK ELEMENT PRECEDENCE TIME (MIN) A Tan Leather – 30 B Dye Leather A 15 C Shape Case B 10 D Mold hinges and fixtures – 5 E Install hinges and fixtures C, D 10 F Assemble case E 10 a) Construct a precedence diagram for the manufacturing of briefcases. b) Compute the lead time required for assembling one briefcase and the cycle time necessary to assemble 50 cases in a 40–hour week. c) Balance the line and compute its efficiency. d) How would you change the line to produce 80 cases per week? QUESTION # 3: The Speedy Pizza Palace is revamping its order–processing and pizza–making procedures. In order to deliver fresh pizza fast, six elements must be completed. WORK ELEMENT PRECEDENCE TIME (MIN) A Receive order – 2 B Shape dough A 1 C Prepare toppings A 2 D Assemble pizza B, C 3 E Bake pizza D 3 F Deliver pizza E 3 a) Construct a precedence diagram and compute the lead time for the process. b) If the demand for pizzas is 120 per night (5:00 PM to 1:00 AM), what is the cycle time? c) Balance the line and calculate its efficiency.

d) How would the line change to produce 160 pizzas per night?

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