HAM YUK JUNG (Pork Dumplings

Ingredients 1kg glutinous rice, washed and soaked overnight 30 dried water chestnuts, soaked overnight to soften 100g dried shrimps 15 salted egg yolks 1/2kg pork belly, chopped into slivers 50g dried mushrooms, soaked then quartered 2 garlic, chopped dark soya sauce salt five spice powder Instructions

1. Drain the rice. In a wok, heat up some oil and add in the garlic, stir fry till fragrant. Add
in the rice and 3 tablespoons of dark soya sauce and ½ tsp of salt. Stir fry till fragrant. Remove and set aside.

2. Using the same wok (don’t wash it), stir fry the pork. Add 2 tbsp dark soya sauce, pepper
and 1 tbsp five spice powder. Add some water and let simmer for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside. 3. Using a clean wok, stir fry the dried shrimps (without oil) till fragrant. Then set aside. Repeat with the mushrooms.

4. Now, you are ready to wrap the ingredients into the bamboo leaves. Fold two bamboo
leaves into a cone. Scoop a tbsp of rice into the cone, add 2 – 3 shrimps, half of the salted egg yolk, one chestnut, a quarter of the mushroom (or half) and the pork. Top it with another tbsp of rice. Fold the leaves down and wrap it around. Secure it with hemp string tightly. 5. Cook the dumplings traditionally over coal fire in a large pot of boiling water for about 2 hours (remembering to turn the dumplings after the first hour to make sure all of it are evenly cooked). Alternatively, you can use the pressure cooker to cook it for 45 minutes. You will have to test one to make sure it is really cooked before removing the rest from the heat. This recipe makes 30 dumplings.

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