Recall Gravin s 8 deminsions of Quality )Performnce, Features, Reliabilty, Conformance, Durability, Aesthatics and Percieved Quality).

Product Specifications of UHU TWISTED & GLUE 
Performance: Ideal for paper, wood, felt, fabrics and cork. It has a Neoprene base which ensures super fast, super strong and highly heat resistant adhesive joints. It can be used in combination with metal ceramic, glass and many plastics.  Features - Acid Free - Non Toxic - Wash able Special features of UHU POWER contact gel like (thixotropic) consistency and its ability to be distributed equally and economically without threads forming.  Conformance Conformance to stated technical specification such as weight is 127 grams and physical dimension within tolerance  Reliability UHU POWER heat resistant gel (up to 125°C) remains elastic and flexible after drying. Post consumer wastage is 0%.  Durability Quantity = 91grams Consumption depending on application and structure of the surface: approximately 200 g/m².  Serviceability Easy available  Aesthetics: Appearance = Yellow, Cloudy Consistency = Gel Like (Thixotropic)  Percieved Quality UHU POWER heat resistant gel contains volatile, highly flammable solvents. Therefore corresponding safety measures are to be taken regarding processing and storage. Brand Recognition Top on the consumer rating 1|P a ge


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