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11ti1E "lARlIE.QUI!NS
,s!Jb-;. of the Eldar sect tilt': other .ldlld:reds;.dleDark E~d:lr;Exodit~s and Crafrwortd EldilJ:; Tbey are O1!ajl·ers of the t.1'M!':11l of warp·

The Ha:d.eq'Uins~r,e a

The Harleq:uins ~re heM ]11 a mixture uF rear, awe ll:ndrespect. by other Eldar. ']'heir .lmow1ooge of the W'C[w.-';liy u~t1Il~tched, and they can appr:.-ar :~ and dis1!IppeaJ: ililm05~at \\111.;at an ExoC!ite Mai.d'cn. Wo§kl, in rhe ~ cilY of' Comocraghor' on a Crnff:\¥odd. 'lJle Hatl.eqi;1lns have even bee4lJknown


race, oonsisti~g of war.rlors dra'Wn from

to appear unexpeo!wiy
otherraces, the hosts


the forees Of

nmnels known as lih(l Webway and roam at "IIv:ill (rom place to plate .."hcy are seen as t1te keepers ohhe anctenr EMar' myths, and perform oo;mplex c;Janee. ami plays to recreare dle·s~ a[1e:gorlcal s tales, co ..-e:Fti.Q§ such events as \Va. ln HeOJil!len, the RlIWand the BiRlli.of tbe Great En,enzy:

pru:1:icu!ady if they are fightillg against of Chaos, the sworn roe$ of the HlIi!'I.eqttins .. Tile Har]equ:iins see ~hc:lnseh'e5a5 the saviours of the Eldat,i!. unj(~gfO!fOe whidlWm one

ean ru-g;tiR their position as the most pO'I"rem..l
for,,-~ in. the

dar bring together the i'rag.oo.en~.ed race ooili:3:[ they
galaxy. They have ,.. great plan, unknown to ali but rllef'!l!&elves <lnd :Ii. pri.~i~eg€d fim', which tsbeth .fa:[ reachlng ilnd h(l{("f.iijring.



t Ilhe ettem.u'..pj~rol ~~tr'?<~n amy U~~:eEllry.. u!!de'-'ii You ma.evjws.Qiali:Qg phllliie.ilm. '€!nI¥) 3'~ipts l~' pts l .IS ll'l.fir rJilS&rl_l! .m~ S psymic lie!1d wbdltch mC!£{liffiI'l lbenefit ill' they R"lIillly .R{.ilMdes4 pts lI'n. the: JlisifM[iQW. ~e~p!~ or bkn!!!l:1!.~ pJrysical ·wea:p@~ dIe¥. 3Wfi'i:@:m: SIIl.e!l. clrlatat:t~ffiai1l1y) .leql!ilitti ["t':ooire .~~lh.'>(i'al.1i't: ill d.s: ~lIl:5ipn .gait"'!.'I. I:m . the be!)efi~...~tli 1 pt ~O [Its 2: ptll Jmb~ke (Gl ..aclrs lllllil. to.g tl1ep!iI!lIoses of!M!.ljj!.1lid~ which ncog.r .I'i.>.l)hJ:ll!11nlC'.:l.IiM :b~ no llll'motl..<!rle'q!l!a!i'l1l!! ai'read.en.. 1 AU:!Id!: '!!.eJlCI) s. ~eu oppon.~~s~ifig . . IttS Rlcp.PQI'I.rwise ~ored ~n the ~¥ fdU.en~m:Y wi~!Cl.s ~mul1liJIJ!OIl1I 5 pt/.110 llil.e.!>~ad" 1ihe unit mQ. ~~d.uculJe"s.pllies in dose coolbl'u WSO d~ilYil~~.U NiB HARL.llisl:oJ tl3i_rlJeq!l!ln's lk!~ Ne<iliiOO.!ilch .equtn lin an assauWt ~JaJ\IICS ~ew ~l1JpOni skiIJ (roundi:!1lG up)Filip.wl rlh:e :rOO COllll:lp3Ct.J!lar.:.and .il. shots and bliQws" li:Iar.sHivi:lykl fg~.less oth.1r and djl$tpli!il".llIJich S!ti1io. atmO!:lii badli.leq.oillO'~ a]llnlllRIli(J!I'o.I~ !:!S~5 a. :& Sllilad~f FIJ:illuclooge:!1l ~Ll\!ilides lliliywi!w ~nad..cb~ (~me g.'Ve 11$ sucb~ b'1iJ:t ai'inYs co.!~lI.c~Gll.piimtswOit& '0£ .re'll:dfllll!1.~as Js iiliOifmJil!I~y the case.j)e~msof w~r.11Iig ai@r W!ln~ing !In ~th a4 + . '12. l!)ru.~Eilil.S .C.pecia]istcJose combat!: t~aJl\!law!t agilinst 3.~ tIarJe:quln. fQ~pld may be up.e1llJ odil.IDc that is desrno'f!Hl. .wqI:U1fiU:l'il~ ."llin!li .~..: savelhe .r) nor' C3l1i1r U.e~(.01111:'':.~r. le~(lerSJ~lp iby Fleet cif fOOl: ·1" I~s~ead 'Of sh~U~ in the sllil."'-l lin~'W~dD'I'2:06 ~J:I.5a~. all tbe ~nchf.I~e 43 .litiiiv.thiilt HaT-JJeq:1Ii. d.be_ ~cI. of :h!<iI¥e iindlL.· . ~nJUii·t:tavd. a IFlarJequl:Jl. Al'ii.s . pllnc'~ of it lliol'!Wtli:t.d~ Slhunll!!_en pb. ib.en.Qdilllfu.Ernrfuqui'iiI..~.'d1 ~o ~"':lvt: a.f: S1J.!s !!mI~ 25.odds: -w.. !~.cove.eacll . J.~JiI.@f Il:h:e: Vl'J.~W.rk<r~ wdu~ die!. J up :&pm..:l!ll.s .dl&lyi!l1ii.ch1lle oornJb1l!t Clll'I become (l~~.f1S1W'hid! llo. rn~r ..c<j_k lap~ ]@pr.1i! figlwl>lJmo~'.~rou~.~ dei!t!l~niiC '\I'i~g:e(i> :iattllfls.y prodigptls acroi.~ l'llil:'l:.(:Ofnr<lF :ani!: welit1Q.e. m. ~.ille:d by .o:!r a.l. al.R: ili. . ~J'l&[: mil¥ -ron. fits.this is imSt:ead old)!.'!iW!lJU f@S I' d}ey WCR ~[I oov.p.laJlic abi!:ili.lls~ :~tll1 'W1llhl~m of 4~ mlDlhe. }.ilicb ttoy~Q as.~.Jl!te ~v¢r. Sec . l1IDO(hil.ey faJill de£ll}llIed ~:o.uim1s ean m.O~:·talke druplica~ i~ellH of w:~~ tot the Wargear :al~1llPl.d any' s. TlIlI'JJ8ill~ifoo~ St:.lrn.ElDA. MOdels. H:a. crunbJlf!Jed PiaslM~nades Pl!i~ fii~lid (ind.lre(S :b_e.¢l:' ~f.ail.kif'8. if i.r'lmoo~] ilUlithe unit.ov!.1DJ1ay u~ th~~ml1 IitMlm:OOI'eli' Atlt. b@~\e' wh~!mI w'dithi.y IInEt U ·pomblle.ARILIEQIl.Pf.(oW .lib:I~s. _!clIls fl'Ol m.y flJdd ~Ifrelil.ti~ ~.dvanci..\ny enemy UnU iIlgbti:qg: iIJl.1:t:arud by dR.lllil. dIdugh.l.lJJI~n!i ru.1OOullIds"H:iJ:r1equinst'. igtmm d!i!Oiwk le~i:lll~JrellJt di~. pts RlUvebla. thill ~ururuJiO:Jf!l.ijl I~lrilis m.c. IHi!l!rlequ~n mgdit:l .disfilpf.ruil!ed ob~nlJ.J..h1!ijil!l!iil!ll.fu.'s ma~k ruo(jO:~1:eS a Irl.nefit~m nales. or :lIDltm.utle C<lIIiII:IQtnn..50 .b~rij.QUINS .This rdso il.erwiSe AeCilWd In. a~iluaCk: ~."h. Imp' bdlS ~e~e~JI:(l w.~!ttan5po:l1:cd linil vebi. Bel" I!lils.A .peli:$ed ForM. enemuy lin ":I.ooW1rwillll !!r10i1'C HQ:1D f!)uU RaBi.l'll!Illlll:ly igJlI)re .~ l~i:'Il1.l'e~ I~~s up~i'I the ooh~re.. .i'il'hno SllCCa.r.e uniess ~ul~1 by:il.!. - M'~Sik of Fear A HaIlI~iIIi'l'.me~ :l H:.001.' Single EbdequJI!! chaf'a. D.~f ill~OOe'J. ftghtli1i_g it HwqQinir:t .rkf8' (. "~k s.~r.l'Iq o:f Ilhc~f )JIniit ~o defeat: the .J.:.oom: be wed . :206 iooh:esas tlot1~J)..ed by dU11'klll!h.k~e~lR as O.E.ose oomrnu.~r~ slhiftiJng .D.d .c_e.11 :lfo:1it. 'W]~~1fI3.S3JU~t .n .o.Ui:o. a SOl)lihii~Ucatetll ~o.gra'\1'ii!.fu~dlll.ARMIQURY additiOn. tI:l':.5.mtemgd~l HandedIWea..410.2.d (Ql 6 . In ~ddWo!l]j.1l WI~i!:. IJNy on."Iffi~~r IJO:l!llllaC!l .dlliVidllll!al.dl d!i:! D-:tlUeJld D.<.(I. ~o tw'o sitlllgl&~!IIdledwmp<mS giil.: iPts ·z pts .e:MWlly.{".IiI.p$ ~cg.I.OM bOQk{@r' d~i~ Qf l!iInd.!men.l'gta:Viry.O~ 3D6 le~ps .1'I 2" 'OF )!In.ll"eS D6.tloillo"~i:l: sll¥e ca. IJ::I. Amly :and mod('d Jrughtrun!lli'l.&yW¢.[ en:IruIl[te.lo-sui( ltD rni~d:i~cttbe enemy:.200pts Hipl:S 10 ptS 15 .. nf!)! get DQ .!]!!i ~. It I)'Ja:rille«l!mi~naode']IiIll. ' eet i:I1II~QI ba~:e c ~~i!r :I~ sall'e.h~.QJ~'pilUc ~fieta~or dlllJ~p~~e~tll ilma[le~ 01' ~UOLIlIllt«w.bWtlI1!:'. Ill.

uses his ocr her powei' 7 .'C't liS used a.. th. b'UE_ never aemally reglsters in their mind. the smm of the nex.n: of theencmy's sllOCitmg phase and lasts until. [lni:!.tmattll:ner <i0lIOO rolebook .'"S mily sec:the Har.r 4( and follows the independem character special rules .D6. e\nthe 'Shooowseer can only be seen al ba].. SPECIAL :RULES Inde1pe'lldent Character: Tile Great Harlequin is an Independent Character and foUOWliihe independent character specia1~les t ~(tlile \'Varhamme.0.lequin$.dlLdr .t may clio nothing in that assauliIIpb:l!5e.ld the by SPE. they may (~tanothc:r v.uf enemy unU W:!shing to shoot ~u tiloe Sh~do'W5eer 01' . If t!he target unit cannot see . Mi'sdlirectio:n: The Shadow.a. .U1eSbad.e nc. Psychic POW'efS: The Shadowseer bas ~he foJ!lov.lequin~ MmQury'" may be givt:n any equipment alillOM..01. A.f the nonaal range (for ~ple if a unIt 'Sill see 20"thattwfI then titer can otdy' 'Iruge~:the Sffiu. .Options:: The G(eat HadequLil ma')"be give~ .ruLes are being usedas pan ofthe mission being pJay<:d.mrseef"s unit if they are wUb~n 10")" . if the HarJilqui:ns can be seen) .in thc' Wi.essages. This psydh:ic POl'.. the test is fuil!edthe enemy uni.XI: Hadequfns' turn.t H.t the start of d~e enemy's assauU: phase and ~asts U~[i] the start of th.their presence from dte enemy's thoughts .scf!'r reaches tnto the minds: of the enemy. Any enemy unit wi8hing to cbargetbe: Sbad9WSeer or lIn~tthey are wUhmust firs( pass a Leadetshfp lest' on 3. If. Veill of ''rears: The Snad!o~e. b. to remove .adeq:ui!1s· UUO.h.lst ooU.enh inM:ead~]f u lhe'fiigflr-fl(glUlllng.isii'bl.<:lng psychic powers (see pll!ge 74 of "WaffiammCI' 1. 'his psyebic pO'WC'F is used this a.Hlghting ~enario speciaJhules on p:3Jge134 of warbamme. they are w:lth must testwsing the oJ.ft1ing.owseer·s unit.000 rnLebook OpilQns: The Shadowseer Har.000) ~ .C~IAL RULES Independent Chalracklir: lI'he Shadowseer is an Independem Cha. t~~ Sta.000 (Ie theynu. them 'Witb psydI:icm. WOOd ro ~.r 40.any equ]pme'nt aJ]owed by dIe HarlequiM Armoury.eyt.

.dtls arm.-ycnic powers which auack the: mind ha<ve 00 effect on t_be~uwhS!t.ra]e checks. a Solita~. Individual: A SoUtaire is an ~ndependcnt character and follows all the special rules for iruJepedentcharncters given ~n the 'Warnamme[". no soul to sp~. 3 1 4 Number: You may include between 1 and :3 Death Jc.SPECIAL RULES ilndependent'!.chan.cks...a:rg. '. Sburiken cannon at + 5 points..Solitaire mcves at ful~ speed they are a blur of light.rccan assaulr 12" instead of tile flio\t"ffi!. Weapons. .."".. .: A Death Jester .'>il. They show no (":Vidence emotions and of p:t. does not ha. A So~itai. For Jeste]. In addition.l tibt all ]j~a..uh. Eldar of tn.soever. A Solitaire. Rather than gmn:ins . any ~ttack which relies uponlhc Solitaires. if:1I So]itaire 100 take any Leadership tests of any kind (mn.!.S - from the ~mmC choice on the: Force Organssatlon chart must be deployed at the sarneUme. Dea~b Jester may be given addttlonal wargca:r (not weapons) from. 5i:n. faster than any other Hving crearere. U"3dership value (fOol' example'il neuro-dismptor 001" 11the aeseer P pii1'chic power Mind W~U~) have no effect andauromancafly fail" BllillzAttack: When a.olan:.rganisation. and thiis ffi:zy be true.e foUowIDg.. S:pi:riitleas: It is p()~t1ill.ed separately on tlre banLefickl. In.OOO rulebook. into "n .lequift~ armoury.elauncher at "*::1.000 ndebook NO.A I SOlitaire 3 Opllions.."ters each Elites [orchorce al~owed by the :r·Ol'L"e O.r 410. A Solitalre may be given any equipment allowed by the Hadeql.pertal. addition.]o.dcs.recan never Join any ether unit.eup to a maxi:m!um of +6 Aua. etc. the Ha.ued by Im.1 Anack ior charging." Options.ak of. Sbtieke( cannon and power hlild. however they may be: deploy.tJ.l11ayex<. into an enemy 8~away ~kn tlley gain +4 A.oury.a8sa. Brighdance at: + 'l!Opts.). tibat a Soillitaire has. a SoUtai~ gains + 1 Attack for-eacb inch o:f uausedebaege d:lstallJ:. Bach Death jeseee is an independent character and folkrws aU the special ru]e<> fo['"~ndep{~ndent characters given fn the wa:rl1!antme.-rutngc thc'k Shrlek:er CarulO"' pes..

ltIIolo1illllds: JiSiC.r: One moo~t in t'h~ sqllJad may be upgraded to a Troupe lie.:hange tihei:rclose combat weapon for it Harlequill's lGss itt + 10 poi.enptstol {or either +8 poi~ts. Up 10 2 models in the squad may e:Kl.J3+ Sq/~d. but nm both.y exchange their Closeooillh..ed to a. or a shl1i1'iken cannon . holcrfield generator powerful Cll()Ugh to shi. Sq/uad: l'he troupe corn.~s per model and haywire gten~de8 for +3poiR[S per model.a:tWCapa!L Options: Up 10 2 modds in the squad ma.untedon j~blkes: The foUowing Harlequin special rules do Ilot appJy to a Hadequios jeU>ikesquad!s~fUp belt. Troupe leader . tanglefoo1t grenades for +4 . fusion pisool for The liar]equins '<linbe' armed with haLludnugen grenades rolr + 2 points per tnodel.ror + 10 gufi fat +5 pes.may taJ. plasma grenades for +2pts per model.'ie addiitiona] equipmentallliowoo by the HarJeqlllnSarmollry. +15 2 . W$a~pons:Close combat weapon" The j~ike j~ fitted w]th twin·Hnked shmiken.lequin jetbi. Characle.eader has the jm..CI!!" :1l.upe l.equ{n':' KiS5 at +5 point~ pm: mood. SPECIAL RULES Mo.12 pO~t'lJ5 pe1"model Chalmcter: One model Jn the squad may be upW.iJ.e1d'tJ~eemile jeli)ike. .eader . a Harl.carn:p"dts.!!.td. A Troupe exchange the jmlhike's shuriken ("lltapuhs fmc 1I. pOjnfS.ha..~the Improved profile gt""erl above and may take additional equipment allowed by the Harlequins armm.5 and 10 Harlequins m01lJJnrudQ]l Eldar l~bikes. a p]<Il5mapistol at +.rcan save or iliC:lir3 To 31'ttIOUf save against 9 therefore use a ~k. A f1adeqJPin jetbl.llts per model..i[U5 per model. ora power weapon for -l.ins Weapol:ls..changetbe~( sl'u. Up 10 one ~_n three models In lhe . pistol and dose 'com:o. A l"ro.A Harlequin 3 'Il'oupe kIacIor 3 :3 3 (.for t 15 powts.. The squad C()r18JSl5 of . Any raodel in the squad may be armed 'With a shuzikert p~~ol in adk:liti(lIl to thC']r dose combat weapon fo:r -t 2 pts per model.ists uf between 5 and 10 Hatlequ.prm"Cd prOmC:lgivcn above and . fleet of fbot.u weapon fa.kes carry their bokIfi!:lM 11.'!der fot + 12 points. Sburlken. Up eo ewo models in the squad m_ayex. Options. 0['" a power wtfltpO!il for +6 pO.

iJplLIllJ!K.~. yQ!!/If' QP\POfiC".u!ln!::l p. f. W(la~IiII:S~ 'Iiml~~ V'1. tha~ diis~o:tits~tii:.m IUil:rl ItI~}! miUllil~: will ~pplylh:e 1\i.am1:f.201 !illS.(J.I~~ (liiI.!llglliliS .'I. '1\hi: \!\lllllom I.lrnli:Il~lling l:iuIUoificLd.i~!e slhl~rjll:.wi~Wi!l'lih>d:.l!'>t fi"l'J!. sii~e li't!sj~!i!1 .. ~i\1lM·di.).lIPllC~~lliits 1~liIe Icnellilo/foo!ibl ~i'ltll!iIli~g ills A'limit V!.lIIl mills Otl d'li: d3mllg~ I~b~ 1[tl\V the veltl~.lidlwidill ~.Iilurik~ml C"J!t.)Wl. Clpn'onl~1·:n~· ~ru:)i!l~. 'lMimlt.S su !'Il"(!IliIndl.~~. SkiiA1!<Ii!l>f.!d iby .p~~. II ::.!.lPuli~ lei .'W. mili}' illl s1lilIUfiik~:nJ (.)p~d:.>c" (''i!l'!I!lO~ rot "* .lIi. '(~ii uw-we Th!l VCinom":lll:1l tX:rp:rotc{lu:d by' :a holn4il:~dfor .¢!l.pci'lW. !Orliw~U::aiJI:q!!!i!ll!<!l.'Imt. 1'm~sp:Qat1~6 m ~3_dcq.!l~~!lif'J!h~e ~ocaJtio!J~.iPCi!tdCi!l~ (iht~mct(::r.~ sill.f2{1' poi~lS . 91(111l11 T 1O. .il1lll!ptiall1liil. for.

!..l\\:\ldc \LW lit ~:Ii'i'I!~ ~~plO(!Ung Spi..nor J~ on ~ 00 Iwli 0(2+.:mill 'M..~ ~ gl 11. Ui!C I~ ~ !i'U!r.~ ~I and ~_ 1hm1.)' !iiClillr:l~' .' _II' I'lr..$ ~~ I!tl<l~ Fillion Platol HIII:' fu. II~ l~~.rde.i_fi[ .-..• .wr Ii_h!: II~~ pIIlh~YJ. r~f ~mj)..r~~n ~_~~.i5«Dnd ~ Noto.--l..It '«1-')..-. ~ un'l~ ".I1~fillllle IliC'1'i'"i'I~ml~ ~u~! '~'"itlu\i1l!her ~II:I t. j\ mil .I)!Iriilir~' ~byl!ho:4~ldlMd I~ .I W1Ji!.on. r*'Jl~ ~l.!t hlgldl' brigiiTrilanc!I: ~ili.11ig! fif ..M d~ 1111ih~ 'M~ '~o'K ~f:Ik-..... a I!hciJ" ~ ci~ (ttl ID6 ImI1If\\' (1Iwl ~ ~ kiDt(l dI:If_ ' _ "-i'I!i: ~Il. .!jJ Ilmlm:~ 1WI!J. Dl'i~1!jjl "~>u~I'1HI 3 'H.eiJIliIl IUsIn. .::mIt .~i:'i..'I!kin. yj! dnQlIl=-'"~I P'lI'l~~I~ Im::t~jpl!llriJ!k!o~.l.dmu'ld b(. ~.c !!iI'" !he .mml)1 'l!IDi'I ml~ ..l:l~hizm'~~sb :ICUnM! m.l!>l'ln>t ~Ill~~ !!...... ~_""l.grJL:m. OI~ . .!!l In 1kiJ' .n: !lna!JNt~ ~11jl'11'ri1: tQlI_ ~ ~ ! ot a 6 wlitlil . tlbe o:p1t.s.~ ~a: of ehe '~~nl~JI'Icr BI'i!lMIA:nc.I'i.lI Itl!~ [Il>¢ ~jlIli!i. 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