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intercaste marraige

intercaste marraige

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Published by: danny2100 on Jun 29, 2011
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Planet Rahu plays a very imporant role in bringing an intercaste marriage.

Now, as i mentioned earlier that 8 th house plays a major role in unconventional marraige. if 8 th is afflicted by malefics (not only rahu but malefics as per lagna and natural both) and does not get any beneficial effect, its dispositor is afflicted also or holds in his sign any planet which is related with rahu then also this occurs. Again we should not forget 7 th house, his lord and aspects of all kinds on him. The navamsa here again gains a very major role. If navamsa also has rahu in the 7th or afflicted with rahu or a malefic then also it gets blemished and gives intercast marraige. I remember a colleague of mine who was working with me. The 7 th lord jupiter was in 6 th and 6 th lord dispositor Mars was badly afflicted with Rahu. She had in the 5 th house venus in its sign Libra. She had a love marraige recently she was a maharashtrian & the boy was a christian. Of course the 7 th lord was also afflicted in Navamsa. One point to note. A malefic will not hamper his own sign. For example - it is seen that when saturn is aspecting his own sign aquarius / capricon which is placed in the 7 th then his aspect will not dealy the marraige / afflict him. Also, planets of functional nature and as per moon & Venus should be assessed. Not to forget that Up-pada lagna if gets afflicted with rahu in rashi, navamsa or its dispositor gets badly afflicted can cause terrible problems in marraige.

Those are guide lines to show inclination to choose one's partner on their own. Venus, the planet of love should be associated with malefics like Saturn, Mars and Rahu. The lust , if influenced by such planets, goes highly tamasic in nature. Enjoyment becomes the primary importance. Seventh house shows , ones spouse or partner. Fifth house shows one's furture and higher intellect. Any combo of Fifth house lord / Seventh house lord shows one's desire to choose their partner on their own. Ninth house, the house of dharma , if infulenced by malefics make one to break the rules by not listening to Guru/Adviser/father/Elder(ninth house). But do not be mislead that such combinations in Rasi chart alone can make one marry outside their cast. Within a gap of Two hours, thousands of persons are born. Using internet, just find how many people are born all

inter-faith marriages present a lot of challenges that need to be worked out. Marriages outside of religion are still not accepted properly in our society. .over the world and just find out how many of them adopt caste system. The procedure of marriage is highly ritualistic and the entire family of bride and groom has a part to play. we tend to maintain a very strong sense of “native” vs. If there is no conversion. Lifelong relationship In Indian culture. sincere and devoted spouse is a blessing. but it is not easy to accept a faith or culture that one is not born with. the husband and wife share a destiny. as a society. Compatibility of horoscopes. more often than not. are fairly traditional and high premium is placed on conformance to a set of rules. In a manner of speaking. Caste system is prevalant only in a fraction of the world. collect and analyse charts of a few of your known people who have married outside caste The present guest article is based on research directed towards marriages between bride and groom belonging to different religions or faiths. There is opposition from the immediate family. social stature etc. An encouraging. irrespective of caste or religion. Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam? I think not… We. To understand those rules. “foreign”. couples usually reach a compromise on the faith children follow. marriage is for a lifetime. The ratio of such marriages being entirely successful is also not very high. Throughout our lives. is given a lot of importance. Overall. we find it difficult to accept change and are not comfortable in unfamiliar situations and circumstances. behavior and idiosyncrasies of one have a profound effect on the other. wealth. Spouses are expected to convert. Marriage is one such institution in our society which is subject to lot of customs and traditions. Relevant Astrological Combinations Nitin Kashyap has done this research and he presents the following principles and logic behind the observations. We choose to share our life with one individual and the conduct. As a result.

are in the 7th. Some I have seen include Rahu or Saturn (must be afflicted) in 7th. 5. Principle II: Fifth or seventh house should be afflicted by Saturn. Saturn’s 3rd drishti would be automatically be on the seventh house. or Moon aspect the 7th. Seventh house: Seventh house shows one’s married life. This planet should be afflicted by Rahu/Ketu or Saturn. very strong Rahu in the horoscope (anywhere). Venus. Principle I: For males. or in the Lagna this can counteract this (but it depends on their relative . This is what you would see to judge “religion” in this context. Venus should be afflicted by Saturn. and even a very afflicted Mars in the 7th. Rahu or Ketu.The karakas and bhavas for marriage. 5. They represent the foreign element that we should be looking for. 2. the planet having lowest longitude in a birth chart is called Dara-karak graha (planet representing wife). 4. If Jupiter. 4. Ninth House: Ninth house represent religion and luck. Saturn. Jupiter and Venus: In female chart Jupiter represent husband and in male chart Venus represent wife. Principle V: According to Jaimini System. 2. some principles which have been observed in different combinations leading to inter religion marriages are: 1. Principle IV: Seventh house and its lord should be connected with a debilitated planet or Rahu/Ketu. In charts of females. Principle III: Ninth house and its lord should be affected by Trik bhavas and their lords. there should be some bad effect seen on the ninth house. Additionally. Navamsa plays a role but not as much as I would have liked. Fifth House: Fifth house represent our mentality and love affairs. Saturn in fifth house has a special influence and significance on inter religion marriages because from the fifth house. ninth house should be afflicted by Rahu/Ketu. 3. religion and “foreignness” are: 1. Rahu or Ketu. Since one is going “against” his/her religion. 3. Rahu and Ketu: These three planets indicate the separating influence in the chart. Based on the above. Jupiter should come under separating influence of Saturn.

But everybody is not lucky to marry the one they love. If the lord of fifth house. When both the houses form a relationship. This is my humble opinions on what I have seen in past horoscopes. then two lovers will tie the knot to marry each other. Role of Planetary Combinations in Love Marriage When two people love each other they have the desire to live together and marry each other. Also 7th (incase of 1st marriage) from the Navamsa lagna (or 8th therefrom) would indicate the life after marriage . Some may succeed and some may not succeed in marrying their beloved. According to Vedic Astrology.. Usually 7th in Rasi is what kind of spouse you are looking for (and thereby getting as well). the 5th house is the house of love and the 7th house is the house of marriage. If there is no such combination in your birth-chart then there may be other combinations because of which you will have a successful love-life and will get your love as your life partner. Venus is the significator of love. In my experience Rahu in the 7th in Rasi would give an introverted person (Ketu in lagna) . 7th. two lovers will be blessed to marry each other and live happily ever after. Let us see what role planetary combinations plays regarding love marriage in the birth-chart. social. So I would guess the 7th from Karakamsa would also play a vital role in this person being comfortable with people other cultures/traditions. May be has a Rahu or Sat in the 7th from Karakamsa. and 11th house then the person is very romantic. If there is no such yoga for love marriage in your birth-chart.may be has Rahu indicating differing in perspectives/ideologies/traditions etc. -WebYogiA person who has an intercaste marriage is probably open minded to accepting this marriage. According to Vedic Astrology. Venus is placed in the seventh house or in its own house there is a possibility of love marriage. If the 5th house forms an auspicious relationship with the 9th house. Our Free Services Its not necessary that love marriage will be possible in only these circumstances. If Venus is in conjunction with the Ascendant. Vedic astrology considers planet yogas responsible for this. but there is a combination of the 7th and 9th lord in the Navmansh . dynamic kind of spouse. In addition.strength). love marriage is also possible when Venus is placed in the Ascendant or in the Moon chart it is placed in the 5th house. Navmansh Kundali is considered as the body of the birth-chart.an extroverted. Love is a different thing and its conversion into marriage is different. 5th. In other words at all levels he welcomes this.

Saturn and Ketu are the malefic planets but their combination in the 7th house is benefic for the lovers. Similarly. If the lord of the 7th house is in its own house then its lordship helps in love marriage. Due to the influence of malefic planets on the 11th house. If Ascendant lord is combined with Moon in the Ascendant or the 7th lord is combined with Moon in the 7th house. If the 5th lord is in conjunction or has its aspect on the 7th lord. it creates the yoga for love marriage. then there are high chances of love marriage.kundali. If Venus is placed in the Ascendant along with the Ascendant-lord. there is a very strong chance for lovemarriage. . the person may not able to marry his love but if it is free from the inauspicious influence of the malefic planets. he will marry the one he loves. the person will have a love-marriage.

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