Sample Employee Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

Please fill out the following details concerning your job satisfaction. How long have you been doing your job? Less than one year: __________ 1- 3years: _________ 3- 5 years: _________ 5- 9 years: __________ more than 10 years: __________ Do you enjoy your job? Use this key to rate your answers 1. Excellent, 2- good, 3- average, 4- poor, 5- very poor How do you rate the working conditions at your job? ____________ How do you rate your employers? ____________ How do you rate the salary you receive? ____________ Describe how you would want management to improve your job satisfaction? ____________ Do you feel that you are able to communicate any work related issues with management? ____________ Are there fair opportunities to progress within the organization? ____________ What recommendations would you make to your employers about your job? ____________ What would you rate the job incentives in your organization? ____________ Any other comments ____________

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