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THE Original Usui Reiki Ryoho

THE Original Usui Reiki Ryoho

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Published by James Deacon
Reiki Ryoho as first practiced by Mikao Usui - and other things...

Reiki Ryoho as first practiced by Mikao Usui - and other things...

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Published by: James Deacon on Jun 29, 2011
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THE Original

Usui Reiki Ryoho
- and other things
James Deacon
[Version 1.01]
Copyright © 2011 James Deacon
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THE Original Usui Reiki Ryoho
Copyright © 2011 James Deacon
So many i!!erent peop"e ha#e so many i!!erent be"ie!s as to what $%& 'rigina"
(s)i *ei+i *yoho entai"e.
,ost o! )s are probab"y aware o! the seeming"y en"ess array o! spirit)a" / se"!-
e#e"opmenta" practices. energy-sensing techni/)es. breathing an #is)a"isation
e0ercises. treatment methos. etc. etc. which. accoring to this or that s)ppose"y
a)thoritati#e so)rce. were #ita" e"ements o! $%& 'rigina" (s)i *ei+i *yoho
%owe#er. 1 wo)" o!!er another perception 2an yes. it oes rather epen on which
#ersion o! the 3Story o! *ei+i4 yo) accept5.
Can we perhaps say that the *&67 'rigina" (s)i *ei+i *yoho in#o"#e:
8o Certi!icates
8o 7e#e"s o! training
8o 3$reatment 9)ie"ines4
8o *ei+i :rincip"es
8o %ats)rei ho
8o Joshin ;o+y) ho
8o <yosen *ei+an ho
8o *ei=i ho
8o 8entats) ho
8o %an :ositions
8o *ei=)
8o ;otoama
8o Symbo"s
8o J)mon
$hat rather. it simp"y in#o"#e an emaciate. ishe#e""e. h)ngry man. sitting on the
gro)n on the s"ope o! a mo)ntain
his boy perhaps roc+ing s"ight"y to an !ro
his hans - raiant with the new"y awa+ene gi!t o! >*ei+i> - c)ppe instincti#e"y
aro)n an in=)re toe
his min owning an breathing thro)gh the pain
)nti" the b"oo stoppe !"owing
an the wo)n. a"most mirac)"o)s"y. began to hea"...
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
* * * * * * *
"JAA!E"E" RE#$#%
urer & 'loser to the "ource than ()estern* Reiki++++,
Copyright © 2011 James Deacon
1t is interesting. 1 !ee". how what we term: ?Japanese? *ei+i is wie"y consiere to be
>p)rer> or >c"oser to the so)rce> than soca""e ?@estern *ei+i?.
Aet i! we "oo+ at the #ario)s primary ?Japanese? e0pressions o! the art :
Vorte0 *ei+i. *eio *ei+i. 9enai *ei+i %o. ;omyo *ei+i ;ai. Ji+ien *ei+i. etc.
- we cannot he"p b)t see that whi"e originally stemming from the same source. these
?Japanese? sty"es - =)st as is the case with ?@estern? *ei+i - ha#e. o#er time. e#o"#e
an grown in i!!erent ways:
$hey ha#e o!ten been s)b=ect to #ario)s e0terna" in!")ences.
in se#era" cases. aopting-in practices !rom non-*ei+i so)rcesB
e#o"#ing i!!erent )nerstanings concerning the primary )ner"ying p)rpose o! *ei+i
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
moi!ying the !orm o! the symbo"s.
e#o"#ing i!!erent #ersions o! symbo" names an/or =)mon.
aing new symbo"s.
in some cases. changing the "e#e" at which symbo"s are intro)ceB
b"ening in e"ements !rom i!!erent pre-e0isting *ei+i sty"esB
e#o"#ing i!!erent #ersions o! the att)nement or rei=) process.
in some cases ha#ing se#era" i!!erent #ersions o! the process !or i!!erent p)rposesB
e#o"#ing i!!erent )nerstanings concerning the p)rpose an )se o! speci!ic
changing the n)mber o! "e#e"s within the training !ormat.
an a"so the content o! training at each "e#e".
as we"" as moi!ying the teaching !ormat
C the "ist goes on an on...
So what is it that ca)ses the seeming"y wiesprea tenency within the *ei+i
Comm)nity to be more accepting o! the changes an e#o")tions which ha#e ta+en
p"ace in 3Japanese4 *ei+i. whi"e ecrying simi"ar changes an e#o")tions which ha#e
occ)rre in 3@estern4 *ei+i.
Co)" it be simp"y a case o! ha#ing been aDD"e by the hype...
* * * * * * *
* * * * * * *
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
)#-- THE REAL .HA/A"H#-"T/-E RE#$# TEA'H#!0". -EA"E "TA!D U,
Copyright © 2011 James Deacon
2*e#ise. 201E5
1,:'*$68$ 8'$1C&
$his artic"e has now been eite to correct certain >!acts> 2concerning
the time-"ine o! e#ents. re: $a+ata-sensei>s *ei+i training5 which ha
been pro#ie by - we"". "et>s =)st say. a /)ite prominent ini#i)a" who
ha ha c"ose wor+ing connection with %awayo $a+ata. 1 ha accepte
the etai"s in goo !aith as being proper"y researche !act. %owe#er.
!)rther research into the matter on my own part. wo)" strong"y s)ggest
that the in!ormation 1 was initia""y pro#ie with was /)ite inacc)rate...
1t is common"y ta)ght by many pro 3Japanese sty"e4 *ei+i enth)siasts. that. beca)se
there are i!!erences between the moern-ay Japanese >Ji+ien> sty"e o! *ei+i
2!o)ne by ,rs Chiyo+o Aamag)chi5 an the (s)i Shi+i *yoho sty"e o! *ei+i 2as
practise an ta)ght by $a+ata-sensei o#er a perio o! more than F0 years.5 that it is
(s)i Shi+i *yoho which has e#iate !rom what was act)a""y ta)ght by %ayashi-
sensei in the "ate 1GH0>s
C that %awayo $a+ata m)st ha#e mae changes to the system.
'! co)rse this is not beyon the bo)ns o! possibi"ity.
<)t it is not the only possibi"ity.
6n yes. a co)p"e o! peop"e ha#e pointe to the !act that %ayashi-sensei apparent"y
name his organisation the %ayashi *ei+i ;en+y)+ai 2%ayashi *ei+i *esearch
Society5 an ha#e s)ggeste that perhaps the i!!erences are act)a""y )e to
%ayashi-sensei himse"! C that as part o! his researches. what an how he ta)ght
e#o"#e into new !orms o#er time.
Aet others ha#e s)ggeste that %awayo $a+ata i not recei#e the >proper> training
beca)se she was a nisei 2a person o! Japanese b"oo. yet born o#erseas C an th)s.
seen by some as "ess than p)re Japanese5
%owe#er to ate. !ew it seems ha#e been wi""ing to consier the possibi"ity that it is
act)a""y the Jikiden teachings. an not the (s)i Shi+i *yoho teachings which rea""y
e#iate !rom what %ayashi-sensei ta)ght in the "ate 1GH0>s.
1t is. 1 !ee" important to remember that (s)i Shi+i *yoho>s %awayo $a+ata "earnt *ei+i
before Ji+ien>s ,rs Chiyo+o Aamag)chi.
1n !act. by the time Chiyo+o Aamag)chi too+ her !irst *ei+i c"ass. %awayo $a+ata was
a"reay a !)""y traine an certi!ie ,aster. an ha been practising *ei+i !or
somewhere in the region o! 2I years.
6"so. )n"i+e ,rs Aamag)chi>s training. %awayo $a+ata>s training with %ayashi-sensei
too+ the !orm o! an e0tene. !)""-time apprenticeship.
1n 1GHE. %awayo $a+ata ha tra#e""e to Japan to in!orm her parents o! the eath o!
one o! her sisters in %awaii 2a"so bringing her own "ate h)sban>s ashes to be
interre in ;yoto5.
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
6!ter se#era" months o! e0periencing ai"y *ei+i treatments in the %ayashi c"inic. she
was hea"e o! a n)mber o! serio)s hea"th prob"ems C something that in itse"! wo)"
ha#e gi#en her a #ery eep connection with *ei+i.
She then. thro)gh great e!!ort. manage to pers)ae %ayashi-sensei to accept her
as a st)ent.
%a#ing gone thro)gh 2by her own acco)nt5 a !o)r-ay intro)ctory training an
initiations !or 7e#e" 1. %awayo $a+ata ha been pri#i"ege to be o!!ere a *ei+i
apprenticeship / internship.
She wor+e a"ongsie %ayashi-sensei. his wi!e Chie. an a sma"" n)mber o! other
se"ect st)ents in the %ayashi c"inic in the mornings. an went o)t on >ho)se ca""s>
2sometimes accompanying %ayashi-sensei. sometimes a"one5 in the a!ternoons.
$his was the ai"y ro)tine !or these st)ents. 7earning !rom %ayashi-sensei. !rom
each other. an !rom irect e0perience o! treating the many an #ario)s conitions
that bro)ght peop"e to the c"inic.
D)ring this time. she ha not on"y wor+e on a ai"y basis with her teacher. b)t. a!ter
some months. ha been hono)re by being we"come into the %ayashi>s home.
Jor a st)ent. to in#ite to "i#e with their teacher in this way. as part o! his !ami"y. is
something which has specia" signi!icance C partic)"ar"y !or >o" schoo"> Japanese 2 a
pertinent !act which seems to ha#e either been misse or con#enient"y o#er"oo+e by
those who see+ to promote the >s)periority> o! #ario)s 4Japanese4 *ei+i sty"es tracing
their "ineage bac+ #ia %ayashi-sensei5 an is something we wi"" "oo+ at. be"ow.
1n time %awayo $a+ata was permitte to )nergo the training an initiations which
constit)te entry into "e#e" 2. an ha#ing one so. she contin)e the ne0t phase o!
her apprenticeship.
*et)rning to %awaii in J)"y 1GHK. she set )p her *ei+i practice. remaining in reg)"ar
contact with %ayashi-sensei.
1n 1GHL %awayo $a+ata #isite Japan again. spening a co)p"e o! months with
%ayashi-sensei. be!ore ret)rning to %awaii in September 1GHL.
7ess than two wee+s "ater. %ayashi-sensei a"so tra#e""e to %awaii. where he
accompanie %awayo $a+ata on a "ect)re to)r to promote the art o! *ei+i *yoho.
J)st prior to ret)rning to Japan at the en o! Jebr)ary 1GHM. %ayashi-sensei signe a
Certi!icate be!ore a >8otary :)b"ic> con!irming $a+ata-sensei>s stat)s as *ei+i master.
6n C contrary to some "ater c"aims that $a+ata-sensei. )e to her being a woman
an a nisei 2a person o! Japanese b"oo. yet born o#erseas C an th)s. seen by
some as "ess than p)re Japanese5 ha not recei#e !)"" training - the notarise
certi!icate a"so c"ear"y ac+now"eges $a+ata-sensei as being 3 one o! the thirteen
!)""y /)a"i!ie as masters o! the pro!ession4.
1t was on"y after a"" this. on %ayashi-sensei>s ret)rn to Japan. that he is sai to ha#e
tra#e""e to Daisho=i in the 8orth o! Japan to ho" the short training co)rse where
Chiyo+o Aamag)chi began her =o)rney with *ei+i.
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
6s mentione abo#e. %awayo $a+ata ha been we"come into the %ayashi>s home.
8ow to >western> mins. "itt"e signi!icance is p"ace on this !act 2- other than perhaps
a !"eeting tho)ght that the %ayashi> were +in to gi#e her a p"ace to stay5
6n. "i+ewise. e#en tho)gh she spo+e abo)t her acceptance into the %ayashi
ho)seho" when reco)nting in!ormation abo)t this time in her "i!e. other than to
e0press her gratit)e to the %ayashis. %awayo $a+ata herself i not >ma+e a big
ego thing o! it>.
&#en tho)gh. in Japanese c)"t)re. a st)ent being in#ite to "i#e as a member o! their
teacher>s ho)seho" 2no matter what the nat)re o! the iscip"ine they are st)ying5
has "ong been seen as something o! great signi!icance.
1t is a great hono)r - something )s)a""y on"y bestowe on st)ents who isp"ay high
"e#e"s o! potentia".
$o be in#ite to "i#e with their teacher in this way is to become uchideshi
6n uchideshi 2"itera""y an >insie st)ent>5 is a "i#e-in st)ent who recei#es specia"
training C !re/)ent"y with a !oc)s on becoming their teacher>s s)ccessor.
6n (chieshi has a !ar greater egree o! contact with their teacher than is possib"e
!or other st)ents.
$raitiona""y. on"y st)ents eeme by the teacher to be high"y eicate to their
e#e"opment within the chosen art wo)" be o!!ere the opport)nity to become
1t is sai that "i!e as an (chieshi can be a cha""enging one 2!or a start. (chieshi
o!ten ha#e to p)t )p with animosity !rom other st)ents who are =ea"o)s o! their
5. yet "i!e as an (chieshi can a"so be a high"y rewaring one. as it is be"ie#e
that on"y thro)gh e0periencing ai"y "i!e with their teacher. can a st)ent tr)"y reach
beyon the technica"ities o! their art an "earn its inner essence. 2$h)s. the term
(chieshi can a"so be )nerstoo in the sense o! 3st)ent o! the inner teachings45
6n so. to a"" intent an p)rposes. %awayo$a+ata ha become an uchideshi .
8ot on"y was she wor+ing. ay in ay o)t. in the c"inic with %ayashi-sensei an the
other chosen apprentices. b)t she was a"so "i#ing in the %ayashi home. >breathing the
same air>. in a"most constant c"ose pro0imity to her teacher: obser#ing how he "i#e
his "i!e. how he ea"t with #ario)s sit)ations. how he interacte with othersB an being
e0pose to en"ess sit)ationa" "earning opport)nities: a comment here. a /)estion
there. being as+e to !in her own so")tion to a prob"em or treatment iss)eB a simp"e
con#ersation C its content seeming"y )nimportant at the time - its tr)e signi!icance
an #a")e on"y rea"ise perhaps months or e#en years "aterB perhaps being
cha""enge to "oo+ at sit)ations !rom a new perspecti#e - o!ten "earning by >osmosis>.
a gra)a". o!ten )nconscio)s process o! assimi"ation or absorption.
$o a certain e0tent. a"most e#ery aspect o! her ai"y "i!e wo)" ha#e become part o!
her training.
1n one o! $a+ata-sensei>s iary entries 2,ay 1GHK 5 she wrote:
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
3@hat was more than p"easing was that ,r %ayashi has grante to bestow )pon me
the secrets o! Shinpi Den ...4 2i.e. thir 7e#e"5
1t wo)" seem to s)ggest that %ayashi-sensei ha mae the ecision that %awayo
$a+ata possesse the correct mora" character. an was isp"aying the necessary
)nerstaning. abi"ity an aptit)es. o! a st)ent estine to be initiate an traine
as a master.
@e m)st remember that at the time 2)n"i+e toay5 master-"e#e" training an initiation
was something not a)tomatica""y o!!ere to e#ery "e#e" 2 st)ent.
So. to recap. %awayo$a+ata. a!ter )nergoing se#era" months o! intense treatment in
the %ayashi C"inic:
Jo)ght har to pers)ae %ayashi-sensei to accept her as a st)ent. pro#ing
her etermination an commitment to the art that ha c)re her.
@as o!!ere an internship/apprenticeship in the %ayashi C"inic. with other
se"ect st)ents.
<ecame uchi deshi 2an 3inner st)ent45.
*ecei#e !)"". certi!ie. ,astership irect"y !rom %ayashi-sensei.
6n not on"y ha she "i#e. traine an wor+e han-in-han with her teacher
si0 months
or so in Japan. she was then hono)re by her teacher coming to
%awaii. where the two o! them to)re gi#ing "ect)res an emonstrations.
6"so. she ha %ayashi-sensei>s con!ience in her that she was worthy to be
the sole representati#e o! the *ei+i art in the (S.
@hereas. ,rs Aamag)chi on the other han:
6pparent"y "earnt "e#e" 1 an "e#e" 2 !rom %ayashi-sensei o#er a !ew ays
when he #isite her home town.
@as not o!!ere an internship/apprenticeship wor+ing irect"y )ner %ayashi-
Di not wor+ on a ai"y basis in the %ayashi c"inic.
@as not in#ite into the %ayashi home as a "i#e-in st)ent.
@as not in#ite to ta+e master "e#e" training irect"y !rom %ayashi-sensei.
6n apparent"y on"y later "earnt how to per!orm rei=) !rom her uncle @asab)ro
S)gano. who ha. so we are to". been traine as a master by %ayashi-
So 1 !ee" we ha#e to as+ the /)estion:
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
3(s)i Shi+i *yoho or Ji+ien - %awayo $a+ata or Chiyo+o Aamag)chi C base p)re"y
on the nat)re. /)a"ity an epth o! training recei#e directly from Hayashi-sensei by
each o! these two women. which o! the two sty"es wo)" probab"y more c"ose"y
re!"ect the system o! *ei+i *yoho as act)a""y ta)ght by %ayashi-sensei N4
$hen again. i %ayashi-sensei perhaps moi!y the *ei+i system at some point after
training %awayo $a+ata. his wi!e Chie. an many other st)entsN
'r i he perhaps !ee" some nee to teach i!!erent things to those 3o)tsie
st)ents4 2both in $o+yo an in other areas o! the co)ntry5 than he ta)ght to his
apprentices in his c"inic. :erhaps he a"so !e"t that the inc")sion o! certain aitiona"
techni/)es an practices wo)" he"p to s)pp"ement the training o! those st)ents !or
whom he was )nab"e to pro#ie a greater epth o! ay-to-ay in-person trainingN
'r co)" it ha#e perhaps been ,rs Chiyo+o Aamag)chi who o#er time a"tere what
she ha been ta)ght to s)it her personal pre!erencesN
Jor e0amp"e. can we perhaps !in in!")ences in her teachings rawn !rom her
interactions with one o! the gro)ps practising a #ersion o! the Johrei teachings o!
,o+ichi '+aa N
(n"i+e %awayo $a+ata who was a pro!essiona""y acti#e *ei+i practitioner 2an
5 thro)gho)t her "i!e. ,rs Aamag)chi appears on"y to ha#e beg)n to wor+
with *ei+i on a pro!essiona" "e#e" in the 1GG0>s.
Co)" it be that she ha !orgotten things. or simp"y misremembere some o! the
etai"s o! the brief training she ha recei#e !rom %ayashi-senseiN
'r co)" perhaps the i!!erences between what Chiyo+o Aamag)chi ta)ght an what
%awayo $a+ata ha "earnt. been )e. at "east in part. to the in!")ence o! Chiyo+o>s
)nc"e @asaboro S)gano - with whom she ob#io)s"y ha !ar more interaction than
she i with %ayashi-senseiN
6n yes. o! co)rse it is possib"e that %awayo $a+ata i a"so ma+e changes to the
way in which she ta)ght an practise *ei+i o#er the years.
%owe#er 1 !ee" that the reason !or the i!!erences between the teachings o! Ji+ien
*ei+i an (s)i Shi+i *yoho is not near"y as >c"ear c)t> as many pro 3Japanese sty"e4
*ei+i enth)siasts wo)" "i+e )s to be"ie#e.
1 an it is to be imagine this might this might be e#en harer i! the )chieshi was a woman. an a"so a nisei 2a
person o! Japanese b"oo. yet born o#erseas C an th)s. seen by some as "ess than p)re Japanese5
2 @hi"e it has !re/)ent"y been asserte that it was not )nti" 1GHL 2i.e. in the months she spent with %ayashi-sensei
be!ore ret)rning to %awaii in the September5 that %awayo $a+ata )nerwent her ,aster "e#e" initiation. !rom historica"
oc)ments that ha#e recent"y come to "ight. it seems probab"e that $a+ata-sensei ha in !act been initiate to master
"e#e". prior to ret)rning to %awaii in 1123+
H $he "ength o! time !or the training perio in the %ayashi c"inic gi#en here i!!ers signi!icant"y !rom that s)ggeste in
the origina" #ersion o! this artic"e. $he re#ision is base on in!ormation !rom a newspaper transcript o! a speech gi#en
by Ch)=iro %ayashi in Jebr)ary 1GHM.
F contrary to what is common"y repeate in many boo+s an on many websites. $a+ata-sensei i not on"y begin to
teach *ei+i in the 1GL0>s. 1t is tr)e that it was not )nti" the mi L0>s that she initiate the !irst *ei+i Master. howe#er
we ha#e oc)mentary e#ience !rom the time showing that she ha initiate n)mero)s st)ents whi"e %ayashi-
sensei was a"i#e.
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
* * * * * * *
'On the source of Reiki 'energy'...
@hen as+e what >*ei+i> meant. $a+ata-Sensei !re/)ent"y ga#e a very simp"istic
answer. a"ong the "ines o!: *ei means >(ni#ersa">. an ;i means >&nergy>.
%owe#er. in attempting to transmit a eeper )nerstaning o! the meaning o! *ei+i to
her st)ents. $a+ata-Sensei spo+e o! *ei+i as:
?...a )ni#ersa" !orce !rom the 9reat Di#ine Spirit?
e"sewhere. she escribe it as:
?...a cosmic energy to hea" the i""...?
an yet more speci!ica""y. as:
?9o :ower?.
? 1t is not associate with any #isib"e materia" being.?. she sai o! it. ?1t>s an )nseen
spirit)a" power that raiates #ibration an "i!ts one into harmony. $his power is
incomprehensib"e to man. yet e#ery sing"e "i#ing being is recei#ing its b"essings...?
8ow. it seems that in hearing $a+ata-sensei spea+ o! *ei+i as a "...a universal force
from the Great Divine pirit" an !... a cosmic energy...! . many o! her st)ents too+
this to mean that *ei+i - as an >energy> - was something outside o! o)rse"#es:
something >o)t there> - beyond )s.
- something we >channe"> !rom >o)t there>. rather than something arising within )s.
6n this is the )nerstaning these st)ents passe on to their own st)ents.
3ames 4ea&on5s REI0I (AGE, - ! a e t ! o r $
%owe#er. this iea o! *ei+i as being something e"ternal is perhaps on"y part o! the
1n a iary entry ate Dec. 10 1GHE. $a+ata-sensei wrote abo)t *ei+i being:
"...#nergy within oneself " - an a"so abo)t how we m)st "...meditate to let the
"#nergy" come out from within."
Concerning the ?&nergy? she sai: "$t lies in the bottom of your stomach about % in.
below the navel."
'n "earning o! this. many peop"e ha#e now =)mpe to the conc")sion that *ei+i m)st
there!ore be an e0pression o! o)r own inherent. intrinsic. >se"!-originating> or
>persona"> energy.
%owe#er. simp"y beca)se >energy> is percei#e as coming out from within. oes not
necessarily mean it is >persona" energy>
Consier. !or e0amp"e. the phenomenon o! Johrei 2or Jyorei5 %ea"ing:
Johrei>s >!o)ner>. ,o+ichi '+aa be"ie#e that he ha recei#e the p)ri!icatory.
Johrei hea"ing power !rom the bohisatt#a ;annon.
6ccoring to '+aa 2+nown to his !o""owers as >,eish) Sama>5. ;annon p"ace an
orb or ba"" o! go"en "ight within his hara*. an it was !rom this raiant so)rce within
his abomen that the power o! Johrei emanate.
Jrom: ?$he :rincip"es o! Jyorei?
?$he !)namenta" so)rce o! the "ight energy o! the <a"" is to be !o)n in the
spirit)a" wor". $he 'rb o! ;annon constant"y an in!inite"y rep"enishes its
:ower with Di#ine 7ight rays which are irecte at me.4 C Meishusama
$h)s. whi"e the hea"ing "ight o! Johrei emanate !rom within '+aa>s hara
2at a point which can be escribe as 3in the bottom of your stomach
about % in. below the navel."&' (kada himself was not the )"timate source
o! this "ight.
* 1t has o!ten been sai that the *ei+i initiation res)"ts in the >p"anting o! a see o! "ight> within the st)ent
2tho)gh the initiation itse"! oes not necessari"y in#o"#e s)ch #is)a"isation or intention5 Q
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