Hughesville Borough Council Minutes

May 9, 2011 - 7:00, PM
Council members and staff present ± Jeffery Berger, Andrew Mook, Curtis Michael, Jillian Perry, James Savage, Richard Smith, Mayor Walter Reed, Ryan Tira, Dale Cahn, Dolores Moyer and Chief Gill The regular meeting of the Hughesville Borough Council was called to order by Council President Jeffery Berger followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. Guests and Visitors: None Approve Agenda: May 9, 2011 Mook moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed. Approve Minutes: April 25, 2011 Smith moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed. Police Report: Monthly report attached. Chief Gill received a letter of recognition from the DA¶s Office for providing information to the (VCAP) Victims¶ Compensation Assistance Program. Gill would like permission to rehire a previously employed part-time officer to fill the Monday evening time slot. Mook moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed. Name will be announced at the next meeting. Police force is now 2 fulltime and 5 part-time officers. Police officers are contributing toward a bike raffle during the Fireman¶s Carnival. All kids under the age of 16 will be eligible for the raffle. Pearson¶s Bike Shop is working with the department. The chief said the County Sheriff¶s Department will be volunteering to work again at the fair. Mayor¶s Report: Reed said there was a nice showing of participation at the Gas Expo held at the fairgrounds last week. Public Works Report: Cahn said on May 17 the COG bids will be opened for street improvements. Council discussed Mill Street, Cottage Street, Broadway and corner of Broad and Cemetery Sts. Water Report: Accept copy of April minutes. Smith moved, seconded by Perry. Motion passed. Zoning Report: Code Inspections Inc. Attached report East Lycoming Recreation Authority: Request copy of minutes Hughesville-Wolf Authority: Request copy of minutes General Fund - Check# 7046-7065 $ 8,632.02 Payroll - Direct Deposit $ 26,298.48 ACH Debits $ 21,753.57 Michael moved, seconded by Savage. Motion passed.

Treasurer¶s Report:

Borough Secretary: Moyer reviewed a proposal for a new phone system from Teleflex Communications and Comcast; will discuss other options in the future. Business:
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CDBG Funds made available PennDot Infrastructure Bank TCC Delegate Appointment ± Primary will be Walter Reed; secondary Curt Michael. Mook moved, seconded by Smith. Motion passed. County assessment letter citing tax exemption approval for the Borough Memorial Park at their next meeting.



Discussion on making changes to the meter base to service electric on both sides of E. Water Street and the future gazebo at the Memorial Park.

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Shredding of old documents Cancellation of May 23, 2011 Council Meeting

Adjournment: 8:45 PM, Perry moved, seconded by Smith. Motion passed. Respectfully submitted, Dolores Moyer Borough Secretary