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Atlanta Eagle Raid: Greenberg Traurig Investigation

Atlanta Eagle Raid: Greenberg Traurig Investigation

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Published by: The GA Voice on Jun 29, 2011
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Patrons in the Pool Room would have been among the first in the bar to see Red Dog

officers coming in through the side entrance. According to some patrons in this area, they heard

the police officers commanding them to “Get on the fucking ground!”318

Because the officers

were moving so fast, they pushed down a dancer near the entrance as they fanned out through the

bar and also directed other patrons to the ground with a firm push.319

One witness observed an

officer push a patron in the Pool Room who was slow getting down to the ground due to a

recently broken leg.320

Initially, some patrons were unable to tell that the commands were being

given by the police who did not identify themselves as they entered.321

One patron noticed that a

Red Dog officer, Officer Cayene Mayes, commanded another patron to get down322

with his gun

drawn together with a shining flashlight.323


One of the dancers, Leandro Apud, had just arrived and was in the process of getting

changed in the Coat Room by the side entrance when he heard yelling.324

As Apud opened the

door, Officer Mague pointed a gun at him and commanded him to get down on the floor.325

Apud went to the ground on a step in the entryway between the Pool Room and the side entrance

through which the Red Dog officers had earlier entered the Eagle.326

After ten to fifteen minutes

on the Pool Room floor, Apud was handcuffed and escorted to the Dance Floor with the other


After the Pool Room patrons complied with the officers’ commands and went to the

ground in the Pool Room, they could hear “police” being announced in other rooms.328

While on

the Pool Room floor, patrons were ordered to keep their hands behind their backs.329


later, a Red Dog officer, Officer Stephanie Upton, went through the Pool Room asking if patrons

had any weapons before frisking and then searching their pockets.330

Upton’s demeanor was

described by patrons as non-hostile.331

One Pool Room patron, Kenneth Keck, had an eyeglass

case removed from his sock by Upton and believes that she opened it without his permission.332

Upton did not search Keck’s pockets,333

however, other Pool Room patrons reported having their

pockets searched.334

After the pat and frisks, the Pool Room patrons were told by Vice officers

moving through the nearby Main Hallway to place their wallets by their heads and to pull out

their IDs.335

According to Kelley, one of the patrons in the Pool Room, “David,” was deaf and could

not hear the commands given by officers upon entry.336

This fact was unknown to the officers,

as well as the other patrons in the Pool Room that night.337

As a result, bar patron Elton Burkes

observed that David initially did not comply with verbal commands from the officers.338


noted, even the other patrons were unaware of David’s impairment. It appeared to them that


David was “really giving . . . a hard time” to officers by being non-responsive to their


Some patrons observed that the officers were being “really . . . forceful” with

David, “looking like [they were] kicking him” in the legs.340

A patron in the adjacent Back Bar

could hear Upton becoming noticeably agitated with David as he tried to inform officers near

him of David’s hearing impairment.341

Eventually the situation was resolved when officers

searched David’s pockets and retrieved his ID.342

IDs were also collected by officers from the other Pool Room patrons.343

During the ID

collection process, one of the Pool Room patrons tried to speak; he was told to shut up and lay


After more time had passed, the Pool Room patrons were called up by their last names to

retrieve their IDs from Officer Noble and told they could leave.345

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