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Atlanta Eagle Raid: Greenberg Traurig Investigation

Atlanta Eagle Raid: Greenberg Traurig Investigation

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Published by: The GA Voice on Jun 29, 2011
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On September 10, 2009, officers were briefed that patrons no suspected of commiting

any wrongdoing at the Eagle would be detained on the floor and their IDs run. Several officers

also admit to frisking and searching the detained patrons. To this day, many officers, especially

within the Red Dog Unit, are still under the impression that they were told by their supervisors

that there was a search warrant for the Eagle and conducted themselves as they normally would

under such circumstances. Notwithstanding the officers’ belief, even if the Raid was conducted

pursuant to a search warrant, the wholesale detentions, frisks and searches of the Eagle’s patrons

violated the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.386

In total, the facts support the

Calhoun court’s finding that “each of the . . . Plaintiffs was unlawfully searched, detained, and/or

arrested on September 10-11, 2009, at the Atlanta Eagle . . . and that none of the Plaintiffs was

personally suspected of any criminal activity.”387

However, with respect to many of the other

grievances raised by patrons and employees of the Eagle, officers at the Eagle detail offer a

significantly different version of events that occurred that night.

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