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Atlanta Eagle Raid: Greenberg Traurig Investigation

Atlanta Eagle Raid: Greenberg Traurig Investigation

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Published by: The GA Voice on Jun 29, 2011
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On September 14, 2009, the same day as the APD press conference, thirteen patrons and

employees at the Eagle filed citizen complaints with the APD’s Office of Professional Standards

(OPS). The content of these complaints largely tracks Plaintiffs’ pleading in the Calhoun


To initiate the complaint process, the complainants submitted to an interview with

an APD investigator and in some cases supplemented their complaint with prepared written

statements or photographs of alleged injuries sustained during interactions with police that night.

These complaints, together with an additional complaint filed two days later,696

were combined

for the purposes of APD’s investigation of officers as Complaint # 09-C-0387-MISC.697

Because OPS’s investigation is required to be concluded on the same date GT’s independent

report is to be finalized,698

GT is unable to comment on and is unaware of what conclusions OPS

may independently reach in its investigation. Further, the timeliness of OPS’s handling of its

own investigation of the Eagle Raid complaints may implicate Paragraph 7 of the Settlement


which is beyond the scope of this report. However, as required under Paragraph 8

of the Settlement Agreement, GT has reviewed and considered all statements made by officers

about the Eagle Raid to OPS during its investigation, as cited and incorporated herein.

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