List of Guides doing yeoman service on Sports Day

Competitor's Steward Name Sophia Sng Sarah Ng Chia WeI Neo Rui Qian Melanie Loy Lau Yee Jing Laiu Yan Yee Felicia Wong Fiona Liauw Madelene Yeo Clara Koh Shu Ting Prize Steward Name Ho Hui Zhen Hannah Toh Loh Jin Yi Debby Chan Ethel Foo Jie Ying Jennifer Wong Track Judges Name Law En Tian Michelle Ko Grace Tan Jazlyn Ang Time Keepers Name Soh Yun Man Lee Hui Ying Amanda Quek Ong Sze Teng Marshals Name Sharlene Lee Lee Jin Pin Hannah Phua Nicole Chong Xin Hui Tan Yen Xin Lau Ka Kei Patrol Sunflower Flowerpecker Kingfisher Mynah Oriole Swallow Bougainvillea Hibiscus Ixora Jasmine Class 1 Loyalty 1 Purity 1 Grace 1 Grace 1 Grace 1 Truth 1 Hope 1 Charity 1 Grace 1 Purity

Patrol Jasmine Dove Morning Glory Sparrow Oriole Hibiscus

Class 1 Grace 1 Hope 1 Grace 1 Justice 1 Faith 1 Truth

Patrol Sparrow Ixora Oriole Jasmine

Class 2 Faith 2 Purity 3 Wisdom 2 Faith

Patrol Swallow Jasmine Orchid KingFisher

Class 2 Diligence 2 Purity 2 Diligence 2 Grace

Patrol Jasmine Flowerpecker Kingfisher Mynah Swallow Bougainvillea

Class 3 Hope 1 Grace 1 Justice 1 Charity 1 Purity 1 Purity

Clara Sheng Nicolette Wong Lane/Zone Judges Name Sheryl Yang Myra Si Rui Ng Kimberly Ann Loo Ying Woon Xuan Ru Gladys Cheng Goh Min Yi Starters Name Ng Wan Ting Audrey Ng Jing Ting Samantha Lim Jia Qi Clean Up Name Sarah Ng Chia WeI Lee Jin Pin Neo Rui Qian Hannah Phua Melanie Loy Nicole Chong Xin Hui Lau Yee Jing Kimberly Ann Loo Ying Ethel Foo Jie Ying Laiu Yan Yee Tan Yen Xin Felicia Wong Lau Ka Kei Fiona Liauw Clara Sheng Jennifer Wong Madelene Yeo Nicolette Wong Clara Koh Shu Ting Ho Hui Zhen Sophia Sng Gladys Cheng Woon Xuan Ru Hannah Toh Loh Jin Yi

Hibiscus Ixora

1 Hope 1 Hope

Patrol Morning Glory Sparrow Oriole Dove Sunflower Orchid

Class 1 Charity 1 Hope 1 Grace 1 Faith 1 Charity 1Faith

Patrol Oriole Oriole Bougainvillea

Class 2 Faith 2 Faith 2 Hope

Patrol Flowerpecker Flowerpecker Kingfisher Kingfisher Mynah Mynah Oriole Oriole Oriole Swallow Swallow Bougainvillea Bougainvillea Hibiscus Hibiscus Hibiscus Ixora Ixora Jasmine Jasmine Sunflower Sunflower Dove Dove Morning Glory

Class 1 Purity 1 Grace 1 Grace 1 Justice 1 Grace 1 Charity 1 Grace 1 Grace 1 Faith 1 Truth 1 Purity 1 Hope 1 Purity 1 Charity 1 Hope 1 Truth 1 Grace 1 Hope 1 Purity 1 Grace 1 Loyalty 1 Charity 1 Faith 1 Hope 1 Grace

Sheryl Yang Goh Min Yi Debby Chan Myra Si Rui Ng Ong Sze Teng Audrey Ng Jing Ting Ng Wan Ting Soh Yun Man Grace Tan Samantha Lim Jia Qi Michelle Ko Lee Hui Ying Sharlene Lee Amanda Quek Law En Tian Jazlyn Ang

Morning Glory Orchid Sparrow Sparrow KingFisher Oriole Oriole Swallow Oriole Bougainvillea Ixora Jasmine Jasmine Orchid Sparrow Sparrow

1 Charity 1Faith 1 Justice 1 Hope 2 Grace 2 Faith 2 Faith 2 Diligence 3 Wisdom 2 Hope 2 Purity 2 Purity 3 Hope 2 Diligence 2 Faith 3 Truth

*The ones in red are the IC for each segment * Audrey and Serene will be the two Overall In Charge's for this whole yeoman service. *All guides except for those involved in ASG will be in charge of cleaning up the venue after the event

yeoman service. ng up the venue after the event.

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