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SA KVPY QUESTION PAPER -STREAM SA October 31, 2010 THEMATICS le a tinge 4G, Daal £ ave pulsts on 48, AC respectively such thal 99 fe poral BC. Suppose 2, "ADE ad (CDE are} and | resposively, find theares el tretrangle ABC, Wh justia, (Marks) ‘Answer: sea and Mean pooled thir munis CL aad sold ther, They got as many pees foreach CI ashe otal nub oF CD's they sold. They share the meney as follows Lela fast takes 11 ropes, then Madan takes 10 rupees and they eentinue uking 10 rapeesaceriaely ig oft out wih les than 10 rapees to fake, Amount that is leh out for Midan athe ead, witk Justification isira 5 (Q) Show tat for every natural numer a relavely prime t 10, theres another rarural rumbor m allot ‘whose digits art Us suc that w divides n- (3 Marks) (©) Hence er ohersisc show that evry ystive ration umber eae be expresed inthe form ‘some natural rumbers Answer: