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Descriptive Essayer in Graves

Descriptive Essayer in Graves

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Published by: eg0401887 on Jun 29, 2011
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Graves Erin Graves Mr.

Neuburger EngComp 101-103 20 June 2011 Descriptive Essay Our Day at the Park with Grandma I sat on the top of the monkey bars looking out over the large park; it is covered in lush


greenery with all the beautiful flowers in bloom. It is a gorgeous May afternoon with nothing but crystal clear skies, and we had just arrived at the park. As I am looking around, I see my sister Laura on a gigantic black tire swing. To her left was my grandma, and she sees me too. Not a second goes by before I hear Grandma yelling at me, ³Get down before you fall and break your neck!´ I think about how unfair this is. My mom had allowed me to climb over those same monkey bars just two weeks earlier. But, I do as I am told and slowly climb down off the blue metal monkey bars because you don¶t want to get on Grandmas bad side. My grandma is about sixty years old with gray hair curly from a perm and large rimmed glasses that cover most of her face. I walk over to our little red rider wagon, which has a few sand toys and a large red cooler. My grandma is standing next to our wagon and, despite just getting in trouble, I give her a cheerful smile as if I had done nothing wrong. Grandma raised five children of her own, and after our father died, she stepped in and helped my mother raise us. When we were out of school for the summer, we would spend a lot of time at our grandparent¶s house because our mother had to work. I find what I am looking for a hot pink bucket with my name written in permanent black marker down the side. I grab the plastic bucket and head for the sand.

Graves I see my sister Chrissy has already beaten me there but don¶t mind though as she has always been my favorite sister. She is the only one that would always play with me and include


me even though I am the youngest. Plus my other two sisters always call me a baby. I plop down right next to her and ask her what she is looking for. She has also brought her bucket over to the sand, the only difference being that her bucket is dark purple. She does not answer me right away. As I wait, I remove my shoes and stick my toes into the cool sand. She tells me she is pulling out all the small rocks and is going to make a castle. There were at least thirty little brown rocks in her bucket already; I tried to think of how many she would need for a castle. Chrissy is quite for a few minutes, and then asks me why our grandmother had been yelling. I tell her how I was climbing on top of the monkey bars, and how unfair it was that I had to stop because there is a boy on top of those monkey bars who is at least a year younger than me. After about ten minutes a small collection of little brown rocks has formed at the bottom of my bucket. I say to Chrissy that she can have all my rocks; I am bored and going to go swing. The damp sand is stuck to my feet and I try wiping it off but it¶s not helping. I throw on my pink glittery jellies and head for the tire swing. My sister Laura looked like she was leaving, but sees me coming and jumps back on the swing. I ask her if I could have a turn and she replies, ³No, and tire swings are not for babies like you!´ I just turn around leave knowing she was never going to let me have that swing. As I walk to the normal swings, I try to think of way I could get back at her. There are lots of regular swings at this park; I jump on the first open one I see. The bottom of the swing is dark blue, and over the chain of the swing is a protective covering that is a foggy black color, so that you don¶t pinch your skin. I quickly start pumping my legs so I can go really high as I am not a baby and I can swing as high as I want. I am going so high I can see Grandma on the other side of the jungle

Graves gym. She is has pulled our red wagon over to a great big tree where she is laying out an old quilt. Grandma had always been very crafty; when my mom was growing up she made a lot of


her clothes. The quilt she laid out was my favorite. It was covered in circles intertwined together, and all the circles were made of different colored pink and purple material. Pink was my favorite color, which is why this is my favorite quilt of Grandmas. Mom told me Grandma made it for her when she was a little girl. I stop pumping my legs and begin to slow down on the swing, and once I am not going quite so high I jump off. The second I leave the swing I realize this was not the greatest idea. There were big rail road ties around the section of swings to keep the sand in, and I was heading right for one. I land and hit my left ankle on the side of the railroad tie. It is all scraped up and I try hard not to cry. I sit down in the cream colored sand and hold my ankle like this will somehow make the scrape disappear. The bleeding slows down, so I lick my hand and try to wipe off the blood from my ankle. Once it¶s mostly cleaned up, I decide to continue over to the blanket to see what my grandma is doing. Once I get to the blanket, Grandma tells me gather up my sisters and go wash our hands for lunch. My sister Nicole is now with Laura on the tire swing. I yell to them ³Wash your hands, it¶s time for lunch´ and then stick out my tongue at Laura. Then, I run over to the sand pit and tell Chrissy it¶s time for lunch. Chrissy starts to gather up the rocks from the castle she was building, with a little help from me, and then we start off towards the park restrooms. It¶s a small white building with navy blue trim; women¶s restroom is on the left side and men¶s on the right. Once inside I smell a strong rancid odor like old trash that had not been taken out in a while. I look at Chrissy and say to her, ³Yuck this is gross. Lets hurry up!´ But, as soon as we head for the sinks, I see Laura along with Nicole, and they are staring right at us. We get behind them to wait our turn, but as soon as we do they throw water at us and run out. I look at Chrissy and ask

Graves her why they are so mean to us; she just shrugs and washes her hands. We leave the restrooms and run across the park to where Grandma has our picnic all set up.


Grandma, Laura, and Nicole are already sitting on the pink and purple quilt. We sit down on the quilt as well; and I sit as close to grandma as I can. There are five thick white paper plates sitting on the quilt with five light blue plastic cups to go along. Grandma starts to pull things out of the cooler; there is a bowl of fruit, potato salad, ham sandwiches and a bottle of lemonade. Under the trees near us are several other families gathering for lunch. I pick up the fruit bowl first, as Grandma hands me a big serving spoon. In the bowl, there are watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries. I get two big spoons full and pass it on to Chrissy. Grandma is filling everyone¶s cups with lemonade and placing a sandwich on our plates. Once our plates are full, Grandma says a prayer, and we dig in. I start with the potato salad first because it¶s my favorite, as Grandma always makes it from scratch. We are all talking, and Grandma is asking us if we are having fun at the park today. We all answer enthusiastically, ³Yes!´ We don¶t have a swing or jungle gym at our house, so we really like coming to the park with Grandma. I move on to my ham sandwich next, not my favorite, but I know Grandma would make me eat it anyway. At least she put mayo and mustard on mine like I prefer it. Once my plate is cleaned off, I go for a second helping of the fruit and try to only pick out the yummy red strawberries. Grandma tops off our glasses with more lemonade and stacks our empty plates together. She then tells me to run them over to the trash not but three feet away. When I make it back to the blanket, Grandma is getting out some homemade brownies. Grandma is always baking something, and brownies are her specialty. I love these brownies because she always tops them with delicious chocolate icing. I lie down on my belly and hastily dig into my gooey brownie. By the time I am finished it is all over my hands, but I don¶t care as I just lick it off anyway. We are all still on the blanket



eating when someone walks over to us. We all look up, and it¶s our mom, she tells us she got off work early just to play with her girls. I jump up and yell, ³Let¶s go to the tire swing,´ and take off running with all three of my sisters not far behind.

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