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Korean Conversation Class

We are opening Korean Conversation Classes in July Branch Kangnam Jongro Day of week Mon, Wed Tue, Thu Time 13:30~15:10 15:30~17:10 14:00~15:40 Professor Ha, Jungja Tuition W90,000/m on

You can register at Direct English Kangnam or Jongro branches. We will reimburse 70% of the tuition for Pgoda teachers who attend over 80% of the classes every month. You can register up till July, 4 th (Kangnam) /5th (Jongro). If you have any question, please use the below contact information. * Direct English Kangnam Branch - Registration: Pagoda Kangnam 10th Floor. - Tel: 02-538-4020 * Direct English Jongro Branch - Registration: Jongro 2ga, Dongil BD 3rd Floor. - Tel: 02-738-4020 * Prof. Ha, Jungja - email: - H.P.: 011-9040-4641