Effective Aeration and Mixing of Wastewater Lagoons and Activated Sludge Basins


The drives are a.-motor the In mounnns position B 35. Standard material for the hollow shaft. In addi Ion In operation the OXYSTAR Aerators draws atmospheric air through the hollow shaft and discharges it into the water stream created by the rotating propeller Due to high turbulence fine bubble aeration is achieved and the oxygen transfer efficiency is excellent.Description OXYSTAR Aerators are used to introduce oxygen Into lagoons. An extruded seamless steel tube with tight production tolerances IS used for the hollow shaft. The hollow shaft IS connected to the drive motor by means of a specie I conical coupling which can easily be mounted and disassembled ThiS precision-turned component IS produced on numerically-controlled machines. The OXYSTAR Aerators essentially consists of an air-cooled a. to a fine-bubble deep aeration thev also provide for circulation and thorough mixing of the wastewater in tile basins.e. The motor housings are highquality cast Iron or aluminium with an additional coat of protective pain. the propeller and all small parts is stainless steel AISI 304.-motors supplied by well estabhshed manufacturers In the European Community. They are manufactured From non-corrosive materials. equellzatlon tanks or activated sludge basins. adequately rated and equl pped with permantly-Iubrlcated grooved ball bearings. Materials and Design OXYSTAR Aerators are of a intelligent but Simple design and Very sturdy. If required stainless steel AISI316 Ti IS available as well The protective housing is made of Slass fibre reinforced plastic.c. a coupling wi h The hollow shaft rotates at motor speed inside a protective housing. which is Dyntlmlcol balancing or coupling and propeller III coramcnon with the motor ensures smooth operation The nnrnersion section does not contain any seals or bearings and thus the OXYSTAR Aerators tenance. The protective hOUSing prevents any spray. appropiate in most cases. The aerators are either installed on flotations or mounting brackets. which is flange-mounted to the drive motor. a hollow shaft and a refined designed three-blade propeller. They are highlyefficient. are almost main- OXY5TAR~AERATOR alr flow air intake ports ------\ .

The sophisticated design with no immersed seals. bearings or gears. with the immersed parts being made from stainless steel or fibre-reinforced plastics. proven in the field for more than 35 years.FUCHS Aerators FUCHS Spiral Aerator The Spiral Aerator is well-known. . OXYSTAR Aerator The OXYSTAR Aerator is the latest in the continuous development of FUCHS Aspirating Aerators. Thousands of units in hundreds of applications worldwide prove the ongoing success of this robust and reliable aerator. by FUCHS spiral propeller tenance. All materials used are resistant to corrosion. The units are designed to provide the highest aeration efficiencies and mixing capabilities in their class. requires no regular maintenance work. Sophisticated Design The FUCHS Spiral Aerator and the OXYSTAR Aerator are used primarily to aerate and mix activated sludge tanks and wastewater lagoons. whilst requiring no regular mainFine bubble plume created. It embodies the highest quality standard of wastewater management in its class. This outstanding unit with its high aeration efficiency and mixing capability has been designed and adapted to meet the Principle of FUCHS Aspirating Aerators' dual performance: fine bubble aeration and strong directional current most stringent and challenging requirements of today's international markets. High production standards and constant testing ensure the outstanding performance of FUCHS Aspirating Aerators. being the original FUCHS Aspirating Aerator.

Wide·Ranging Applications OXYsrARAe:rators for effective aeration only of mUnicipal rivers. sludge bssms tanks Almost sll shepes of basins will mainly be fixed with be equipped.g. OXYSTAR Aerators stalled food In wastewater precessing are typically applied paper wastewater. mammoth surface aerators. of can be handled There In 18900rl5 or equalization basins on and mixing not wastelakes and easily due to their low weight. ating efficiently brushes. and equaliare preferably inlagoons. retrofitting are Ideal or replarotors. is OXYsrAR Aerators sturdy mooring Aerators pontoons galvanized flotations cables. weirs. Due to easy installation. The flotation consists of the OXYsrAR of two hot-dip plastic foam which OXYsrAR or bssm with the treatment consists essentrally combined frame be Interrupted and no basin be a as well as pulp and ernpttied If an existing aeration needs to be retrofitted or upgraded. covers and plant Will has to held into oosltion by water but also of ponds. are outstanding and Industrial units All OXYsrAR Aerators no need for buildings compressed adjustable not the operation air pipes. concentric basins (donuts) and circular In addition OXYsrAR Aerators for he upgrading. The pontoons are made of glass fibre reinforced and are filled wilh a special makes them float In activated Aerators mounting walls unSinkable. tanks such as oval oxidation brackets to bridges ditches. Furthermore for activated zation can OXYsrAR Aerators sludge are ideal basins. diffused systems and inferior esplretor OXYSTAR qg AERATOR on flotation water level side wall OXYSTAR® I AERATOR at side wall . These for municipal. are Installed For blowers. im aerators) cing of aeration devices no longer oper(e.

corn .800 r. +49-2.0 20 11.p m. Thallill1d Aeration River. Otner voltages. Installation. Negllgibl'e noise level Easy handling and mounting due to law weight. 50 Hz.0 3.erators have a hiShly competitive performance In mixing. Fuchs Gas~und WassertechnikGmbH Stockta12 56127 Mayen . • Almost maintenance-free.5 75 5.0 5. 400/690 V.170 2.0 30.270 700 700 800 BOO 235 290 421 150 345 Data lor sta ndard motors 400 v!SO Hz.The OXY STAR Aerator: Advantages • Efficient oxygen transfer • Self-cleaning propeller ensures permanent high performance.800 1.4 15. 60 Hz as we! I iI5 larser un its on request The data aresubjecl to technical chanSe.500 r.510 31 38 44 68 mm 400 400 500 as as 05 30 4.750 1.0 5.0 fuchs-germany.990 10.Gerrna. at 50 Hz resp.9 8. Different voltage and 60 Hz are available.0 as as OS as as 5.m.651-8004135 info@fuchs-germany. :S 1. Standard motors are 2301400 V resp. 3-phase.5 22.0 15 18.2 21.0 15.460 1. calm water surface.2 kW) to 30 hp (22.0 15. high-quality OXYSTAR Type Nominal Power I'Ip Hominal Current A Weight Immersion Depth kW 22 kg 1.530 1.170 2.0 20. In comparison to other aspirator aerators theOXYSTAR A.1 550 550 92 110 120 135 170 205 a as 25.0 25.3 6. • • • • High efficiency mixing and circulation.5 10.0 ° 29.0 30 4. No spra.1 354 2. airflow and oxygen transfer • Unsinkable pontoons.5 7.3 78 86 113 133 1. at 60 Hz. of Chaophraya Bangkok. OXYSTARAerators are available with alllEC motor sizes from 3 hp (2.ny phone +49-2651-80040 fax e-mail WNW.5 75 11.y water.0 kW). Motor speed IS :S 1.0 3Q.p.