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Venkat Curriculam Vitae

Venkat Curriculam Vitae

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Published by: Manoj Kumaran Sadhasivam on Jun 30, 2011
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VENKATESH.S #17/18 8th street , T.V.S.Nagar venkateshs121@gmail.com Padi, Chennai-50 9791161559 (M) Career Objective: Seeking the position to utilize my skills in the field of networking that will improve the upcoming technology for mutual benefits. Educational Qualifications: Examinati Discipline/ on Specializatio n B.E Computer Engineering Year of Passing 2011 %

School/college Maamallan institute of technology, chennai Panimalar Polytechnic College, chennai Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai


Anna University



Electrical Electronics Engineering Maths , Science

Directorate of Technical Education







Computer Skills: Languages : C, C++. Database : SQL, ORACLE. Operating Systems : Windows 9X/2000/XP, Linux, Solaris. Technical Skills:

• • • •

Microsoft certified desktop support technician (MCDST). Cisco certified network associate(CCNA). Hardware & Networking in NIIT Anna Nagar (90%). C &C++ in NIIT Anna Nagar (92%).

Figaro gas sensor GS106. Power Supply. HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: • • • • RFID TAG RFID TAG READER DIGITAL FINGER PRINT READER 1 GB RAM . Won third place on TAMIL ORATORICAL COMPETITION at Velammal -HSC. Project 2: Novel distortion in ATM to avoid trace and counterfeit attacks Language of Implementation Operating System SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT: • • • • • JAVA DEVELOPMENT TOOL KIT SQL SERVER JAVA COMMUNICATION API ONE TOUCH FOR WINDOW SDK. Fire Sensing.Achievements: • • • Won first place for Paper Presentation on DEVELOPMENT OF AI IN HUMANOID at ALPHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE. OS: WINDOW : Java : Windows95/98. the gas sensor used in this project is GS106 FIGARO for monitoring the gas leakage. Buzzer. LM 324. DESCRIPTION: This project aims at monitoring the leakage of LPG gas and opens all the ventilation door with tripping the circuit breaker in main power supply. Academic Project Project1: GAS LEAKAGE SENSOR WITH PROTECTION  Software Complier: RIDE C etc  Hardware Components Atmel 89c51. Participated in JUNIOR RED CROSS. the output voltage sense from gas sensor by using OP AMP IC LM324 the OP AMP output gives to controller driver stage drives the motor and opens the doors. This project uses the 89c51 microcontroller for the control purposes. LCD display. The GS106 has high sensitivity to make it deal for natural gas and LPG monitoring.

Venkatesh M.Swaminathan Male Single Indian Swimming. since it is the matter of money and people are more concerned about it. playing cricket House No: 17/18. The Finger Print Authentication is done by “One Touch for Windows SDK” A finger Print Recognition tool which will capture the image and change it into a binary data.• 160 GB HARD DISK DESCRIPTION: The popularity of Automated Teller Machine has reached nook and corner of every place from villages to city. T. Thus our project provides efficiently secured money transaction using ATM cards by invoking two level of Security. The original data in the RFID tag is encrypted using RSA Algorithm. Hence security plays a vital role in ATM.Nagar .V. 8th Street. The Second level of abstraction is done with RSA algorithm.V. The automated teller machine used in money transaction must be more secure. Many foreign countries started to place these ATMs around the city in an increasing number. Padi . and then it becomes insecure. surfing information. S. The two level of abstraction is invoked by Finger print authentication and RFID detection. And the original finger Print is embedded into fake image by using Orthogonal Distortion Method.S. Personal Profile: Name Fathers Name Sex Marital Status Nationality Hobbies Permanent Address Date of Birth Declaration: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars. The more it reaches the people. Cooking. Ch-50 06-11-1988 .

Venkatesh) Date : .Place : Chennai (S.

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