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LLPOA - Draft AGM Notes August 2010

LLPOA - Draft AGM Notes August 2010

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Loon Lake Property Owners Association Annual General Meeting Saturday, August 7, 2010 Government Dock Draft Meeting

Members Present: Collin Jutzi – West David Atkins – West Annabelle Lees – West Mike Kennedy – South Kathy Jolivet – Sunrise Debbie Gillard – West Norm Emms – West Barb Ewles – West Hugh Love – East Pete Sibley – West Doug Harper – West Joe Harwod – East Mieke Foster – Islands Bob Smith – Sunrise Rob Gillard – West Betty Emms - West Julie Roth – West Fran Love – East Nancy Jones - North Heather Robson - Sunrise John Wylie - Sunrise Stephen Foster – Islands Bonnie Hinchberger – Sunrise Van Holmes – West Linda Ewles – West Susan Atkins – West Ian Burgess - North

1. Welcome Joe Harwood welcomed LLPOA members to the Annual General Meeting. Joe introduced members of the Executive and the shore representatives. 2. Approval of Agenda Joe reviewed the draft Agenda. Moved by Debbie Gillard and seconded by Pete Sibley that the Agenda be approved with any new items that arise to be included under All Other Business. Carried. 3. Approval of 2008 AGM Minutes Joe reviewed the process of distributing an abbreviated form of the draft Minutes through inclusion in the Winter Newsletter. Unabbreviated draft Minutes were made available at the Regatta. Moved by Mike Kennedy and seconded by John Wylie that the 2009 AGM Minutes, as presented in the 2009 LLPOA Winter Newsletter, be approved. Carried. 4. Financial Report Bonnie provided an overview of LLPOA income and expenses to date. There have not been any unexpected expenses and the bank balance is healthy. A summary of the final income and expenses for 2010 will be included in the Winter Newsletter. A question was asked regarding LLPOA Directors and Officers Insurance should an injury occur as a result of an LLPOA action such as buoy placement. Joe responded that the LLPOA carries liability insurance through FOCA for $1 million per occurrence. Moved by Bonnie Hinchberger and seconded by Ian Burgess that the Financial Report be received. Carried. 5. LLPOA Membership Mieke reviewed the memberships received to date and reported that members who may have fallen behind have come forward to pay for past dues as well as current dues. There are 141 dues-paying properties with over two thirds paying their dues. Joe remarked that, compared to other lake associations he has spoken with at Coalition of Haliburton Associations (CHA) meetings, we are doing quite well. He would like to improve the numbers and, to this end, has visited property owners encouraging them to become members. He recognized the support the


LLPOA receives from Sunrise who pay as a group. Joe reaffirmed the practice of sending Newsletters to all property owners regardless of their membership status. 6. Regatta Report Bonnie reported that the Regatta made a modest profit but there is an on-going struggle with knowing how much food to purchase. Responding to a question, the Regatta is not meant to be a fund raiser but to be revenue neutral. Last year, organizers sold out of food while this year they sold leftovers at cost. Mieke reported that the turnout was better than last year and that numbers will be reported in the Spring Newsletter. Income from the Silent Auction, raffle, and other events helps to offset regatta-related expenses such as the ribbons. The Regatta is one of several LLPOA-sponsored events and brings in the most people but more would be welcome. Julie Roth indicated that she has a connection with the food processing industry and would be able to donate food items for the Regatta. Joe reminded members that most of the Regatta preparation is done by him and Mieke and that additional support would be welcomed, particularly with respect to the food. A member commented that it was a fun day and well organized. 7. Communications Joe reminded us of the President’s Message in the Spring Newsletter in which he mentioned how easy it is to have miscommunication between neighbours regarding non-compliance with municipal, provincial or federal regulations designed to protect the integrity of Loon Lake. Issues can be complicated. Joe recommended talking with your neighbours and keeping the lines of communication open. Joe spoke about using e-mails to supplement the two mailed Newsletters. All agreed that quarterly emails would be acceptable. It was noted that not all members have provided an email address. If members are reluctant to give out a personal email, then an alternate email, such as a gmail account, can be used. Users simply redirect those emails to their own personal email. The email addresses of other family members would be another alternative. Mike Grinnell has generously offered to post AGM Minutes and Newsletters to his blog: http://dudmanlake.blogspot.com/. Mike’s blog is an excellent alternative to having an LLPOA website. Joe thanked Mieke for her efforts in putting together the two Newsletters. 8. History Project Joe reported that the LLPOA History Project is not going well. Joe did have an opportunity to read the Sunrise history and found it very interesting. Sunrise began in the 1940s when Max Archer began the resort and rented out cottages. Joe has other tidbits of Loon Lake’s history but would like to have more anecdotal accounts. 9. LLPOA Lake Map Stephen showed members a copy of the Loon Lake map that will be distributed to all property owners later in the summer. A copy of the map was on display at the Regatta and a number of changes were noted and will be incorporated into the final product. In response to a question, the map is not for sale. The map is in digital form and can be accessed at myloonlake.ca. It will be delivered by the shore reps to each property that has a civic address. Most of the information that was used to generate the Loon Lake map came from a publicly accessible data source. 10. Water Testing and Lake Stewardship Pete Sibley has been, and will continue to be, involved with water testing but is not at the lake for enough time to be the recognized Lake Steward. Joe had asked Mike Grinnell to be the LLPOA Lake Steward but he declined. Joe reported from the June CHA AGM that there will be a Lake Stewards meeting at the Fish Hatchery in September and that he plans to attend. Pete will attend if he is still at the lake.


11. Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF) Stephen provided a brief background and update on the work of CEWF. The group wants to hold the Trent Severn Waterway (TSW) accountable for water use and management in the reservoir lakes portion. There are 41 reservoir lakes with most, including Loon Lake, in Haliburton County. However, the importance of these lakes is not generally recognized and they never show up in TSW maps. The Panel on the Future of the TSW recommended a water agency independent of the TSW but nothing has come of it. In addition to monthly teleconferences, the CEWF meets twice annually with the TSW Superintendent. They have had an impact. The TSW website has been updated to indicate when the logs go in and when they are removed. The TSW is also investigating the installation of an automated dam monitoring system to help monitor water levels. Four years ago, the CEWF asked for funding from reservoir lake associations and the LLPOA responded. This year, they are asking for a one time $0.50 donation per lake association member. Moved by Stephen Foster and seconded by Joe Harwood that the LLPOA contribute $0.50 per LLPOA member to support the work of the CEWF. Carried. 12. Lake Plan Joe spoke about the meeting held at his cottage on the Saturday, September 5, 2009 to begin the discussion of what would be involved in a lake plan for Loon Lake. Six people attended. Joe indicated that a lake plan requires 80% support of the property owners. The value of a lake plan is that it provides a 25 year plan or vision for the lake that is based upon the shared values of property owners around it. As an example, most people come to the lake for peace and quiet but noisy neighbours and careless boating interfere with those goals. A lake plan can help to define the values that are important to the lake residents. These are determined through a survey. A company can be hired to develop the plan but it best done by a group of local volunteers. The plan would be a shared vision and would not include enforcement components. Kennisis is one of several Haliburton lakes that have developed a plan. An LLPOA lake plan survey could be distributed by mail but most likely by an email blast. It would be understood that the collected information would be compiled and shared to help the lake plan sub-committee move to the next phase. A champion plus additional support are needed to move this project forward. 13. All Other Business a) LLPOA Donation to Charity. John Wylie reported that Sunrise makes an annual donation to the Halliburton Highland Health Association to recognize the support the HHHA provides to Sunrise members. Moved by John Wylie and seconded by Annabelle Lees that the LLPOA make a one time donation of $300 to the HHHA. Carried. It was agreed that future AGM agendas include making a charitable donation to a worthwhile cause within the local community but doing so will depend on the health of our bank account. b) Concern with online Loon Lake Community Map. One of the members expressed her concern that a map of Loon Lake was posted on a public website and would draw attention to the lake. Joe responded that the map is a means for Anthony vanLieshout to promote his business and that the Loon Lake map is one of many being done. Anthony pays for and owns the map and the website and provides copies of the map to the property owners at no cost. It was also noted that there are many ourlake.ca wooden signs posted on lake roadways throughout the County. Anthony is hoping to attract buyers to Haliburton properties by posting the maps on his website. Any concerns should be directed to Joe who will speak to Anthony. c) Break-ins. One member indicated that there had been three nearby break-ins over the winter. The cottages were entered and chainsaws and gasoline stolen. d) Family Cottages. One member had attended the July FOCA Cottage Succession Workshop. He found the meeting very informative and helpful for his own situation.


e) Gregory Road Culvert. Joe provided some background information. The culvert on Gregory Road is not in good condition and needs upgrading or replacement. This has proven to be a contentious issue among members of the Gregory Road Cottagers Association (GRCA). One option is to install a liner inside the existing culvert while a second option is to remove the culvert and replace it with a larger culvert or possibly a bridge. Both options have pros and cons. Both options also have supporters and detractors amongst members of the GRCA as well as members within the larger LLPOA community. Various views and opinions were expressed in support of, or in opposition to, the installation of a liner. While the culvert is a major concern for the GRCA it can also have implications for the lake as a whole as the channel from Loon Lake through to the dam at the end of Stump Lake is shallow and in need of dredging. Silt build up over the years has resulted in less flow and incomplete annual flushing of the lake. The flow from three lakes passes through the culvert and the current can be quite strong. In order to proceed with the culvert project, the GRCA has requested a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and has also contacted the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), Transport Canada, and the Trent Severn Waterway (TSW). It is complicated and a solution is long overdue. A GRCA sub-committee has been looking at culvert options and costs as the cost will need to be shared by all GRCA members. However, the final decision on the culvert options rests with the MNR. 14. Election of 2010-2011 Officers and Shore Representatives Joe agreed that he will continue in his capacity as President for one more year but he needs a Vice-president to move up to replace him. He will then continue on as Past President and offer his support to the new President. Joe asked and the following people agreed to stay/take on the following roles: President - Joe Harwood Vice-President – Vacant and pending Treasurer – Bonnie Hinchberger Communications - Mieke Foster North Shore – Ian Burgess to take over from Heather Otten South Shore - Michael Miller East Shore & Backlotters – Joe Harwood West Shore – Pete Sibley Sunrise – Roxanne Blackburn Member at Large – Sue Harper to be confirmed Water Committee – Pete Sibley Ice Watch – Mike Grinnell Loon Survey – Mike Grinnell Lake Steward – Joe Harwood Moved by Mieke Foster and seconded by David Atkins that the 2010-2011 slate of Officers and Shore Representatives be accepted. Carried 16. Adjournment Moved by Joe Harwood that the AGM be adjourned.
‘mieke – llpoa agm notes august 2010


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