‡ What is your favorite kind of book?

( Fiction, non-fiction, comics, etc) ‡ What makes you like that kind of book?


What is the greatest book ever written?

What is the Bible?
‡ The word bible - from the Greek word ³BIBLIA´ meaning ³books.´ ‡ The Bible is a collection of writings about God.

‡The Bible is also known as Holy Scripture because it was written by men and women who were inspired by the Holy Spirit

The Holy Bible

‡ The Bible is also known as the Word of God. ‡ We learn about the teachings of Jesus Christ. ‡ It is the source of the teachings of the Christian faith and of the Catholic Church.

The Holy Bible

The Bible:
- contains different books and writings. - is written by different authors ± in different places and times.

Two Main Parts: - Old Testament - New Testament

God speaks through the Bible. So, what do we need to do?

‡ Why is the Bible called the Word of God? ‡ Is it still important to read the Bible today? In what way is the Bible important?

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