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Pink & Tina (Vintage Teenage) Magazine - Issue 50 - March 9th 1974

Pink & Tina (Vintage Teenage) Magazine - Issue 50 - March 9th 1974

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Popular 1970s teen magazine, with pop, fashion & romance.
Popular 1970s teen magazine, with pop, fashion & romance.

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Published by: Rosefairy100 on Jun 30, 2011
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BE tNTtgoing to press.

AU prices in this issue were correct at time of

Are al~ you pop experts 'ready ... ? 'Cos here's

another pop puzzler to
keep yauguessing.l


·.:ruJ.LIR3uaploo .(q .mPtlH .. :H:ilM.SNV

talk of the lovely Jacksons' return here next month (be assured you'll have any venue dates at the earliest possible mo!), just to whet your appetites we're featuring the five super lads alive and well on stage. . . turn to page 22. We know it's hard to think of a day when "he" (be it Michael, Donny, David ... ) won't fill your every thought and move, isn't it? . Still, such a day may come ... page 17 gives food for thought. Ed.

o celebrate

I danced wildly to the dynamic Ike and Tina Turner single. Nutbush City Limits and then rushed out and grabbed copy of their album. But at least two other tracks were pale imitations of
'UI ....


BURSTING ..,....... Here's an idea up that cluster of dowdy looking school books you've got - a brightly coloured plastic folder. Stick all your odd notes, or even a project you maybe doing in it. In nI01,..,'h.7of different n"t-tor""

The everlasting Canned Heat are doing a British tour right now, and will be at the Top Rank, Swansea on March 25, Floral Hall, Southport on the 28th, and finish their tour at the Rainbow, London on the 30th.

Gloss 'em up ... those smiley lips of yours with Boots 17 Lip Gloss,.in six smooth colours, costing 15!p ... and make sure you put it on perfectly with this lip brush with a neat little screw-on top, also from Boots, 24p.


that song and, for me, the

other numbers were sadly disappointing. Kim

Love Bug", then there'll be no holding you back from rushing out to see your favourite Volkswagen, Herbie, star in another Walt Disney gem, "Herbie Rides Again"! As you can see in our piccy above, Herbie's looking as athletic as ever. I mean, when bad a wooden fence ever stopped him before ... ?

LOVE BUG CRAZE If you enjoyed that crazy, rip-roaring car-screeching film. "The

SHAPER! Fling off those sensible winter warmers that you've been hibernating under for the past few months and go to that


next party shoulder-bare and bold. Decorate your arms with slave girl bangles too so you really wow 'em! From Dorothy Perkins in .many different colours, costing £1.99.

IN Texas four men broke into a petrol station and sold £80 worth of petrol and ten cases of beer before anyone realised there was something wrong. You learn something new every day, don't you? ... Is Dave Lee Travis thinking of joining Mud? He seems to spend most of his time on stage with them nowadays . .. Is Jamie thinking of doing some work? He's actually.put a ribbon in his typewriter ... Lulu's "Man Who Sold The World" is said to be one of the fastest rising singles from a girl singer. Just shows you what a touch of the Bowie's can do Goodbye New Seekers, who's going to teach the world to sing now? . . . Barry Ryan now has an exhibition of paintings and various other things at the Chelsea Gallery, London. Also on exhibition, his gold TV ... Paul McCartney currently producing brother, Mike McGear's album Stomu Yamash'ta first Japanese to receive Grammy Award - for his sound track to Man From The East ... Jilly first person to receive OhGolly - Gosh - What - On Earth - Am - I - Going - To - Do - Now - Award ... Wonder if Kim will ever have any? ... Keep up the good work.


The friend in flory's footsteps

A fantastic night for Flory

lory Gates Ftho ugh of had always a hersel f as

nobody with nothing going for her. She lived with a surly aunt and uncle. worked hard at a laundrette all week and never did anything on Saturday nights. Until a mysterious. fr iend had started Ieav i n9 notes and parcels for Flory. As a result, on this Satunday night, Flory was wearing. new outlit and going into a dance. But was there sam .... thing wrong?









NflMEIJIRIJ. fJR tIBER r;IRl .. ..
So you're about to step into the big wide world, or thinking about it, at any rate. What straight and narrow path are you heading for? Do our quiz and see!
c. Where's that meal in a packet? You h.app .ento be .. .. and 3 baby-sitting·little horror suddenly the
house down. You've a sneaky suspicion it needs its nappy changed. What .do you do: a. Keep your fingers crossed that the parents come home soon. b. Do your best to change thenappy. \ c. Stick its bottle in its mouth and hope for the best?!

starts screaming the

·1 Which rather

would you do to earn yourself some extra cash: a. Help Mum around the house. b. Work in a shop on a Saturday. . c. Do baby-sitting for neighbours? Mumasks you to get the dinner for the family. What's your first reaction: '


4 ladybut it to . coming school,

a careers


Take-Away. b. Where's my cook book.

a. Where's the nearest

means staying late to see her. Do. you .. a. Stay to see her. b. Regret missing her, but you've got to meet your boyfriend.



Next \Veek: A strange night for Flory
1. 2. 3.. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

a. 0 b.lO

c. Forget all about it. You're not bothered about seeing her anyway? Wh.iCh would you 5Take a dress-making rather do: a.

money's good. c. Take a job with lots of chance of promotion? The thought of getting up for school every morning is pretty bad, but how would you feel about getting up for work: a. You'd probably hate it just as much. b. At least you'd be earning money, so it won't be that bad. c. You think you'd enjoy the thought, well most of the time anyway?


a.10 a. 0 a.10 a. 0 a. 0 a.lO

a.10· b. 0 c. 5
b. 5 b.10 b. 0 b. 5 b. 5 b. 0
c. 0

a.lO b. 0 c. 5

c. 5


c. 5 c. 5 c.lO c.10 c. 5

You're certainly going to make someone a lovely wife, because it seems that you would .dote on pottering around the ' house and having meals ready for your man when he gets home. And why not? But remember, not many people meet a prince charming with pockets spilling over with silver coins! You'll probably have to take some kind of job, at least for a while, and you know there are some interesting jobs around, even ones you'd .like doing!

course. b. Take a secretarial course c. Neither? . Does the thought of running a house and home: a. Scare you to death. b. Excite you. c. Frighten you, but you think you'd like it?


Miss Happy Medium, that's you. You-quite like the idea of running a home, but need a job to keep you occupied 'at least part of the day ... We don't think you'll be a big career-minded person, but will enjoy doing a job where the people are nice and the work isn't too demanding.



thing comes along, the money is of secondary importance. b. Take the first thing that's offered if the

When you start look7Wait untila the right you: country: .theinidea of a 9 Does the ing for job, will cottage a.

a. Thrill you if you had a flat in town too. . b. Thrill you anyway. c. You couldn't bear to be cut off from the big city?

seems that you'd like to be doing something that , you can really get your 'teeth into. You won't be very satisfied otherwise! We~re not saying that you don't want a home and a family, because you're the kind of person that can run both if necessary, But remember, if you intend to do both, you can't neglect either ... something to think about, eh ... ?

A nine-to-five job just isn't in your line is it? It

In swirly skirts, the type that makes a girl feel like a~l ... full and frfle. This one comes from Laura Ashley. £5.50. Delicate white cotton blouse -- £1.75 - has pin-tucked front -- Paris says that pin tucks are new, too!

Feel. Free

Got q touch of thatol' Spring fever - when you can't wait to get out of that old winter lookinto a new and beautiful you? Wel~ JiUy's been gazing into her crystal ball and here's the low-down on what you will be wearing and what you won't - all the facts on haw you're going to look this spring

'n' summer!


With cuts that are reminiscent of the "Gatsby" look ... short and shiny ... Or a head of bouncing curls. And there're going to be lots of super slides to pin it all back with, too!

Heads Down
In little pull-ens in cotton, some with turn-back brims with flowers on them to make 'em sunny!

Mix 'n' Match
That's what our fashion buyers at Marks & Spencer told us, the super go-anywhere, do-anything-tvpe clothes.

Be a Smarty ...
With the return of the suit, with matching or contrasting jacketS. This one is made in plain and striped Tncelon/Tricel Crepe ..Jacket £7.25. Trousers £8. Made In Courtaulds fabric by St Andre.

Are the denim jeans and jackets worn everywhere last summer! This year it's the turn of blue faded cord lneverything from baggy trousers to coats. But denim won't disappear. altogether - it's too versatile r'

Pin On ...
a creepy-crawly, an cld-tashioned tie pin .... to your lapel, shirt pocket, . your hat Find them in Woolworth's, or a junk shopc-- the older the better.
A fun brooch, a tin badge,

Foot Notes. _.

Small, dainty platforms are going to be teamed with thm, elegant heels. Stompers have got the boot!

Making Up ...
With soft, feminine colours to go with all the nostalgic, floaty dresses coming S<?O_D • There'll be ice cream-coloured Ii.ail polishes, dreamy new lip colours, pearly pastel eye . crayons. Look out for Mary Quant's new Beautiful Dreamer look, , setting the mood for Spring. Also Miners' new soft and very pearly eye shades,with nail polishes to match ..Plus ten new crayons to re-shape your face with. Availablearound mid-April.


They're making lots of things in rich heavy creamy linens. Lots of swing back jackets "With square padded shoulders ... Cute little sun dresses in denims, polka-dot cottons with halter necks, plunging backs! Lots of slinky, shiny satin to make you feel pampered.

Biba Says ••.

The Long and Short of it
Hems are going to be just the right length to show a touch of leg, pretty ankles and elegant shoes. Knees are out! Ankles are in!

That's what necks and backs are going to be (assuming we get some sunshine, that is!). With lots of halter, cut-away and bando styles. Fingers crossed, then, for a lovely swruner! added touch of colour in the red buttons and underneath the collar. This dress comes from Mary Quant and is typical of many of her '74 dresses.

Bared ...

Easycare, washable. soft and clingy fabrics, like crepe de chine, soft voiles and delicate pretty cottons with an added touch of shine from Tricelon and Trieel Surah. Feminine fitted dress (below) really flares at the bottom. Underneath the detachable bolero collar there are two straps going over the shoulders. Buy it with or without the collar. From Laura Ashley,

About The Cloth ...


Dressing Up .,.
With dresses that are figure-hugging at the waist and full at the hem . ... like the two we've got here. Vivid blue cotton seersucker dress with an

Toppings ...
Are going to be in all the colours of the rainbow, with lots and lots of stripes, like this one from Emreco (about £3). Oh, and there are going to be plenty of cardi and jumper sets around, too, but this year cardisare longer, often with a swing back and elbow length, wide-flaring sleeves. Underneath you'll find a narrow tube with wide straps, a tiny halter there'll be lets of bare backs ...
WHERE TO BUY Laura Ashley clothes from her shops in Fulham Road, London SW3; Bath; Shrewsbury; Oxford;



Edinburgh. St Andre suit Dickens & Jones, 1 Spy, Oxfard Street, London; Kint. Supplies, Cheshire; Cameo,. PenTith; and Kendal; Barns; Southsea; Riceman, Canterbury; Sittingbourne Ccrop; Ban Marche, Joan Barrie, Manchester; Babel Boutique, Nottingham; Regalia, Stoke-on- Tren t; Samantha Jane, Hove;

Brouths Boutique, Coventry; Go Gal, Fatkirk; Ruth

Aristokats, Ireland. Mary Quant dress - write to JilLy, Pink Magazine, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London EC4, for nearest stockist.

Solway, Dumfries; Lisburn, Northern

Spots hate clean skin ...that's why you need New Formula pHisoHex.


Does what no ordinary soap,lotion or cream can hope to do.
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Available at chemists and only at chemists.


i!veiOPed fromthe cleansersurgeons use
Wl1.te for a. free booklet on "Teenage Spots" to Mrs. C. Holmes, De.pt PIO, Winthrop House. Surblten-upon-Thames, Surrey.


FIVE is a very early age to make ... nevertheless this was about the time a little girl called Cherry donned her dancing shoes with a determination that, come tired feet or opposing parents, they were there to stay! "1 always wanted to dance and sing," says lovely Cherry Gillespie, at just nineteen, the latest and youngest addition to the brilliant Pan's People dancers. "From a very early age I took tap and ballet lessons." Still,. this didn't mean that Cherry tapped and pas-de-deux'd her childhood away entirely. "My parents made sure I took a normal education - by normal I mean C?nvent School and Boarding . School - so it was up to me to follow the thing I was really interested in." And follow she did ... then, at thirteen, Cherry joined the Bush Davis School of Dancing at East Grinstead, where she studied each and every aspect of dance until she left at seventeen to live in London. "I knew I really needed to move to London if 1 was going to get anywhere. Luckily, my parents were marvellous - they let me go without question because they knew they couId trust me." Cherry, who had won leading roles such as Swanhilda in Coppelia at dance school, found her' original instincts led her towards ballet. "So I auditioned for the Festival Ballet - although I was told 1 was too small. Later they did ask if I would come back again because they wanted another look, but things had moved so fast. "As it happened, I was in my flat just four days when a friend asked me if I was going along to the Pan's People audition. Well, you know, I'd been thinking about the Young Generation maybe, but this ... Well, everyone said, 'Go on, Cherry - at least the audition experience will be good for you' .... so 1 did ... and no one was more surprised than I when I got it!"
big decisions about your future

And since Cherry had had no professional experience, it was a fantastic achievement. Whicb just goes to show that constant practice and determination can win through. Although the Pan's People dancing routines are the brainchild of choreographer Flick Colby -every girl has to put her all into the act. Otherwise it just wouldn't work with the verve' and slickness that it does. And, of course, practice makes perfect ...

"At the moment, we're working seven days a week," says Cherry. "But obviously it depends how many shows we've doing at one time. "Usually we start at 10 or 11 and go right through to 5.30 or six." An ultra-busy, even restricted life though it seems, Cherry didn't sound as if she'd give it up for the world. "I love it - absolutely love it," she szys. But what are the chances of just any enthusiasticdisco ... dweller becoming a professional dancer? "1 know that not every girl could be as lucky as me. Not every girl has parents who couId pay for her tap and ballet lessons. Not every girl has the advantage of dance school training. But you know there are ways ... "It depends where you live really - obviously. London is the best place . ... there's the Dance Centre in Floral Street - they constantly hold auditions, which gives everyone a chance - and you can study everything there. "And there are always grants obtainable if parents can't pay. It's really always a matter of determination. "There's a lot of glamour attached to my sort of job - and it is glamorous when you're meeting exciting people and things. "But girls should know the dismal side too. The long, long hours in dirty, dusty rehearsal rooms ..The knowledge that you've always got to be your best ... it's mentally as well as physically exhausting. "For my part-I love every minute of it. But 1 would say that it's best for every girl who's keen on dancing to think sensibly-always have something to fall back on. Take your education seriously-get your exams in case the worst should happen. And above all-work at it." But Cherry knows that if you're as devoted as she is-you'll never call it "work"!


"I'cant cance'_alessonjust b ecause 0f·apeno. d" I·. . 1 • __ . _.

Lesley Bound isa tpacher at a'girl's school. And as she says: "they're not going to alter the school's timetable because of my time of the month:' Lesley uses Panty Pads. The new slim towels from Dr. White's.
Panty Pads' new formula has more absorbency to the cubic inch than any other sanitary towel.

place. They have a longer adhesive strip than any other pad. So you'll find that they stay secure. Whatever you're doing. Lesley comments: "Panty Pads never let anybody guess I'm having a period. They don't affect my coniidence in the slightest possible way:' . Panty Pads. As safe as a towel. As invisible as a tampon. What more can you ask of your sanitary protection?

No other towel has a longer adhesive strip.

And it's not difficult to see why. Panty Pads are exceptionally absorbent Because we wanted them to be slim,we had to create a special blend of ultra... absorbent materials for them. So they're not only smaller than conventional towels. But just as safe. And Panty Pads remain snugly in

Dr.White's Panty Pads. As safe as a towel.As invisible as atampon,

We just love reading your letters, whether they're funnies or great big moaners ... so just keep sending 'em in and we'll keep sending you those pound notes! Write to: Pink Post, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AD.
BIG SURPRISE Recently, my boyfriend came struggling up the garden path carrying a great big parcel, for me! As soon as he gave it to me I started to open it There was layer upon layer of paper wrapping and I was convinced that it was' a prac tical joke and that eventually I'd find a piece of coal or a smelly old sock. After fifteen lengthy minutes of hard unwrapping I finally came to a little box and when 1opened it ... there was a lovely silver ring! So much for my suspicious mind! Rebecca - Wolverhampton PUZZLED! One night my mum let my little sister stay up to watch the television programme 'Alias Smith and Jones' for a special treat. Half way through the programme she turned to Mum and said in a puzzled voice, "I can see who Smith and Jones are supposed to be, but which one's Alias?" . Lesley - Farebam Bet that took some explaining, Lesley! NUITY NOTICE Here's a weird notice I spotted on the local notice board: "WANTED: BATH FOR BABY WITH ENAMEL BOTI'OM." Jane - Corwen LUCKY STRIKE Recently, I wrote to a finn asking for some information on tinning meat for a school project. They took so long to answer that 1 had to finish my project without their information and give it to my teacher. Two davs after I'd handed it in, a large parcel arrived containing four pages of information and a tin of Irish stew, a tin of spam, a tin of beef and a tin of tongue. Mum couldn't believe her good luck! JuJie - Reighley

... to brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face. Here are
some interesting and nonsensical . facts about anything in general and nothing in particular ...

LINDA: Did you know that the average Pink reader is seventy-three, balding and likes playing dominoes? Good grief, what are the rest of you like ... ? (Perhaps we shouldn't ask ... ) JIILY: Did you know that Brigid no longer loves David Bowie? Max Bygraves is the latest heart-throb . . . (We hear, that he's a dab band at cards ... ) V ALL!: Did you know that the character for Sugar Jones was drawn from our very own Linda? Her girdle is killing her ... (And I'll kill you, you little ratter - Ed.) ANDREA: Did you know that I'm one of the very few people to have sung back-up on a smash flop record? (Are we meant to be surprised?) JAMIE: Did you know that despite what the others say I really am handsome and charming? I knew you did ... (If you believe that, you'll believe anything.) SALLY: Did you know thatthe most common problem amongst Pink readers is rheumatism? BRIGID: Did- you know that Jilly is a compulsive liar? (So, what else is new?) KIM: Did you know that all that stuff about me eating aniseed balls is absolute rubbish (munch, suck, gobble)? I hate the things . . . (slurp, crunch) ...

EMBARRASSING I saved up and bought myself a super curly wig. Proudly, I wore it down to the local PINK EXPERIENCE! . youth club to show it off to all Getting on a pay-as-you-enter my mates , .. but to my horror bus, I dropped my five pence they all started laughing as bit just as I was putting it in soon as I walked in the dQOT. the machine. With a long Surely I didn't look that queue behind me I desperafunny? tely scrabbled on the floor No ... it was -il:!st that I'd looking for it ... to eventualforgotten to take the price ly find it in the turn-up of tag off and it was dangling a good-looking fella's down the back of my neck! trousers! Jenny - Brighton Lizzy - Boumemouth


I'm glad my mum's a secret hoarder! She's kept practically all the clothes she wore when she was young, and no they're the perfect thing for today's nostalgic look ... and they're a perfect fit! Jenny _ Hull.

If you have any interesting 'did you /maw's', please send them in. AU contributions will be sent on to the Guinness Book of Recards who wiLl no doubt have a good laugh ...

Sugar lives it up in Jamaica -


hought that Sugar veryone t the best-looking. Jones was ed star on the ~V warmest-heart istant Susie, scene, Only her a~~at S~9"r was knew the truth-ad' forty-year-old f a sel 'I.h . concert like twenty. One k me de up to 100 unced what night. Sul!'l' an~~UIOUS new sounded like .• contest. _.









Next Week: Sugar -the

Goddessof Kung-Fu!

What does the word "love" really mean to you? One thing's for sure - it's a word we all use so often that it's become habitforming. How many times have you said; "Oh, I just love that dress," or, "I love chocolate cake," or, "I love that new record," etc. Love comes in all colours and relates to almost anything. But what we're zeroing in on now is love, between people - meaning you. and that certain boy who causes your t;,eart to miss a bea t, your eyes to shine and your fingernails to be bitten. Is it love you really feel - or are those overwheLming sensations just signs of a crush, something ttlat will pass away in time? It's the easiest thing in the world to say you love. someone - almost too easy - but to really and truly love takes a great deal of strength, courage, tenderness, understanding and responsibility.

That Certain


Of course, love must begin with a feeling - and what awakens this feeling only you and you alone know. Usually~it's something physical, something in the way he looks.. smiles, walks, looks at you. Suddenly - and it's often sudden - you feel somehow "in tune" with him and everything else in the .. world is blotted out for a moment except him. "I love him," you say to yourself, "and I'll never, ever, love anyone else." But, really, that's just the .beginning. The real test is just starting.For in the beginning you tend to see just what you want to see and 'nothing else. However, the testing goes on and on. If it's to last, the next and most important thing you must say to yourself is, "I accept him completely - faults, and 'all." If you can say this sincerely and completely without any doubts - then you'r well on your way to passing the first hurdle. This is the stage when

and there must be something more solid, more lasting and real underneath - and that's what liking is aU about. For it's from liking that real love begins to grow, when you begin to feel comfortable and relaxed, can laugh easily and naturally, can look good and not-so-good at times . and it doesn't matter. It's when you can be eal friends, say almost anything and talk about your ups as well as your downs. It's really a hundred and one things - and more. It's when :you're open and free, and the fear of losing him has gone. Your beart may still miss a beat when he looks at you and your eyes are still shining, but funnily enough, your fingernails have begun to grow again: You're thinking now about ways to make him happy instead of worrying what he thinks of you, At this stage, you can be very certain' that what you feel is real and true, If you haven't got this far - if you're still dreaming and wishing and wanting him to notice you. and if you're miserable, depressed, tearful - then, sorry, what you feel just isn't love. It's a crush - a good old-fashioned crush.

A Two-Way Street ...
Sally helps you sort out those swift, fleeting fancies fram the kind oj deep and devoted
feelings which stay with you for the rest your life ...
That's what it is. It has to do with you and him. And when both your feelings are similar, then you've got a fondation to build upon. Love doesn't make you miserable. Love makes you feel happy and bubbly and gtad-to-be-ahve. Love is being unselfish and caring about someone more than you care about yourself - it's an allembracing emotion. It makes you want to share this feeling with others - to help them feel happy, too. It's such a great big beautiful thing - this love is - that no one nor anything can stop it. I hope aLL of you find it ne day.


you'll begin to see whether Or not that strong feeling you had was as strong and deep as you thought it was. , If you can't accept him if you find yourself thinking, "Oh, if only he were like this or that or otherwise, if he'd only dress better or cut his hair - if, if, if!" then you'd better stop for a moment and consider that the love you feel may not be for him at all but what you. want him to be. .

As Loving

liking As Well

Conquered this? Then you're ready for the next chat with yourself, and the question now is, "Do I like him?" Yes, that's right, Uke him. I don't mean just liking to do the same things, but really liking him as another human being. Tbat first rush of intense feeling can't last forever,


A strange boy • • • and a voice behind a door • • • shock Patty

Patty's World



N otiling did. u nti I after

rea, whim ...


Next week: Patty discovers the awful secret' about the girl in Simon's room.!


Snakes alive - it's the Jacksons! All five of 'em'! We caught them in action and then Michael Iooiting real dreamy offstage! It's a while since the Jacksons came to England but we're keeping our fingers crossed that a tour of Britain planned sometime next month will take place, The Jacksons are noping so too, but then before they come here they're under contract to tour Africa first.

on theJ5 front recently - fora start Jermaine got married (but we hear from our spies tho' that Michaelisn''t too interested in girls yet - so there's no danger of him getting They've been doing much TV work - appearing on the Sonny & Cher show, singing and acting. And also in the Redd Fox show - the equivalent of our Steptoe & Son which sounds quite a riot! But don't forget us, will you, Jacksons?!
any marriage ideas!)

TV SPOTS Much has been happening


Widen your horizons in a worthwhile job
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Date of Birth "... . Applicants must be aged I7-33





Hannah hatches her latest plot

to get Nina arrestedl
annah Brill's wealthy father was working abroa.d and Hannah had moved in with Nina Todd. Ufe for Nina was pretty miserable because Hannah never tired of playing the dirtiest tricks. The two girls, who were at Drama School, had got holiday jobs in Garry's Stores. fIIow, a friend there had been sacked, and the gi rts were feel in9 rebell ious ...





Mr Sweeny in trouble

but Hannah's .in a tight spot, too!

"I just love a speedy life . . . if I hadn't become. a drummer I would have been a racing driver!"




IF you can get hold of the elusive Cozy Powell, then you're lucky ... because be's been so busy in the burly rush of top-ten hits that time has become his only enemy. . "Last week, I did twelve interviews in one day," Cozy grinned. And I felt a tiny inkling of guilt as I sat fingering my notebook loaded with questions. Still, curiosity winning over guilt, I swiftly asked him how it felt to have the fi.rst drumming top ten hit for fitte.en years ... "Great! At last I'm getting full credit for what I'm doing, and I don't mean that in a big-headed way. You see, I've been in the business for quite a long time, and although I've been in various bands I'm basically a session musician. I've played on many different artistes' records, including Hot Chocolate, Donovan and Peter Sarsted." But, y'know; we're very lucky to have ever heard the talents ,of our COZy on such gems as "Dance With The Devil," 'cos it seems there's another love in his life. He explained: "I just love a

speedy life in every form of sport, and if I hadn't been a drummer, I'd certainly have ' been a racing driver." So yOU see, COzy certainly isn't the sort of fella to sit around twiddling his drum: sticks. "I can't sit still for a minute. If I'm not drumming, I'm zooming around the sports. scene. I love water and snow skiing, football and riding. I'm a country lad at heart. I feel all closed in living in the town." Still our Cozy'lI always find time for girls too! "But," he says, "I'm getting a bit fed up with seeing all those EngliSh legs covered in jeans. I like girls one hundred percent female." And Cozy's sure not letting success go to his head. Although, like all of us, he's got dreams for the future .... "Of course, I'll just see what turns up. But my favourite dream is that I'll make enough money to be able to retire . . . to motor racing." But please, Cozy, don't retire too soon - we've kinda grown accustomed to the sound of your drums ...

A few weeks ago I wrote a fantastically Interesting and helpful column for the sake of a girl called Ann Onymous who had written in for advice on how to get her boy back. He'd been snatched from her When she wasn't looking by her best friend Well, I don't know if my ideas worked for Ann Onymous,. but I do know that they didn't please a certain Miss Ann Oyed. how many girls are "Please don't waste my valuable time with useless advice," wrote Miss Dyed. "1, and I'm sure most other Pink readers. don't need help to gel boys back. . ··Quite simply, my problem is getting rid of the rmserable Fang, on him but the poor rats when I'm tired of them. fool thought it was only I've got so many blokes beg- . playing. ging to see me that I'm be".Assoon as the let him out ginning to feel like Brigitte of hospital he came right Bardot, back to me and, apart from "H you must offer advice, the limp, he's just the same try suggesting ways I can get as before," rid of my current boyfriend. At first, I thought the letBeing kind-hearted, I can't ter might have been written bring myself to push him by my girl as a sort of hint, under a bus. I did try setting but she doesn't have an my Alsatian dog, White Alsatian called Whit~ Fang.


use it generously eV.ery time you go out. ACter a few dates he may begjn to get the feeling you're not the girl for him, Her mother has got a On the other hand, he may miniature poodle who sometimes mistakes my ankles tor get to like you even more that way. . Prime Pal but he doesn't Call him 'Albert',. 'George' scare me. Well,. not a lot. And or even 'Myrtle'. It'll at least five handwriting' experts make him feel uneasy. Unfrom Scotland Yaro assured less his name is Albert me the handwriting of the George or Myrtle, of course: letrer wasn't my girl's. So here's your advice, Miss in which case it won't. Or you could try being inAnn Dyed. sanely jealous. Accuse him of You could buy him a red coat and then send him off looking at other girls all the with a basket of goodies to time and start flaming rows in public places, like under visit his granny in the woods. the 'Silertce Please' notice in But he's probably read Red Riding Hood and won 't be the Hbrazy. I know it sounds ridiculous, fooled by the wolf when it Ann, but there is one other puts on Granny's nightdress. way you eanget rid of him Anyway, after wrestling with short of tying a weight to his your Alsatian, an ordfuary foot and throwing him into old wolf isn't going to bother the local duekpond - and himmuch. . Try being nauseating in- that is to tell him you've had some good times together but stead. Mix your lipstick with now it's over-and maybe you Heavy .Duty axle grease and should go your separate i!lsist on kissing the guy pas.ways. That way you could . sionately. Ore'ven make your own e~et1 end 'up still being perfume out pi . farmyard Inends. But maybe ;you don't manure and dandelions ana need friends, huh?




Hi! We're aU looking forward to lots of Spring sunshine (and madly digging out our sun specs!) - s? if you're h_aving troubles shaking off those unnter Looks,Just wnte to me, Valli. Must make the most of the bright 'n' bre~zy season,mustn't we?
water-proof mascara but I just can't get it off at night without really scrubbing at it and even then it doesn't all come off. Should I use something special? Lynn, Sussex. Dear Lynn, Yes, waterproof mascara generaLly needs an oily cleanser to remove it. Try using cotton wooL soaked in baby oil or eye make-up remover pads like those by Almay, Boots .17 or Quickies. It may aLso be a good idea to check to see if there's a special eye make-up cleanser in the brand of make-up that you are using. If there is then this would pmbably be the best one ·UJ use.
WON'T BUDGE! Dear Valli, I've been using a

anything that is very expensive. Could you suggest a cheap, but nice smelling perfume that I could try? Jennifer, Halifax. Dear Jennifer, Eastern Oils are very popular at the moment and 7IWst of them are pretty cheap too! We' especially like the ones made by Max Factor, called Wild Musk Florals. There's the ordinary Wild Musk or the flqrals come in fragrances Uke Heather Jasmine, Lilac, Rose and Lavender. The range starts from 8Op. Dear Valli, A few wiys after I've plucked my ~yebrows these awful blaCK bits appear. They look like blackheads, but they are not. What should I dn? Janet, Tunbriclge Wells. Dear Janet, You obviously aren't tweezing your eyeOrowstheright way. Instead of pulling out the whole eyebrow hair you are breaking it off at the root. . Before you start tweezing them put two squares oj damp cotton wool, or dab a little bit oj cream over your brows. This wiLl help those stubborn hairs to come out more easily. Then tweeze them out, one at a time, gripping each hair firmly at the root ,and pulling it out in the direction of growth. Don't forget, just tweeze away unwanted hair from below the brow - NEVER above. After tweezing, take away any redness by dabbing your eyebrows with cold water or skin freshener.

HAIRY Dear Valli, Help! I've got very hairy arms; I feel like an ape sometimes, because they look so awful. Should I shave them? Dear Jane, No! Please don't . shave them. If you do they will grow back an ~tubbly, and that'll look even worse than hairy arms! The best thing to do is to use a hair lightener on them like Inecto's Cream Bleach, so they are light in colour and won't be so noticeable. FRINGE FActS Dear Valli, I'm trying to grow out my fringe, but my mum says, I'll have to have it cut if it keeps getting in my eyes. I don't want to do that but how can I keep it out of the way? Gillian, Herts. Dear Gillian, You can- keep your hair hack with an alice band, or why not buy yourself a few pretty hair slides? (Boots, Peter Robinson and most large stores have wide selections.)

Use these to keep your hair out of the way while it is going through this awkward growing oui stage. You can either make a side parting and just pin your fringe to the side with one sUde, or make a centre parting and matching sUdes. TONE-UP TIME! Dear Valli, I've recently put on weight around my hips and bottom. Can you suggest anything to help me get back into shape? Dawn, Lewisham. Dear Dawn, You've probably just been sLacking on e.xercise recentLy. It's surprising just how much difference this can make! Why not do a couple of toning up exercises? Such as: lie on your back, raise your legs up and pedal-push 50 times in the ail'. 01', trY walking on your bottom" your Legs straight out in front Of you - this 'U work wenden at demo"lishing that flab!



shampoo gives you really beautiful hair with extra
Clean hair Is easy, S~I If you still need 'HAIR BODY' • • • • atrer shampooing. wi thout Ihe bother 01 seltlng lotions. use i.INCO·.BEEAShampnu. LlNCD·BEER has Its own Buill·in Seer·Se! and Rinse 10 g,ve clean halt beauty, body and bounce! People once rinsed their hair in Draught B~er 10 put back the body shampooing (oo,k out We/ve saved you that bother by adding the Seer to LINeD-BEER and b~auty perfu me as weill So you get. hai~. body and be. uty every lim_ wlth nothi ng exira to dol H. ve you, "'SI S nampoo-plus " on us, For your FREE SAMPLE of L1NCO:BEER send a stamped p.c. with you, name and U~d~~:8TEJ.,~6 894). Inte,lab. Sunbury-

l·Inco- Beer


SUPER SMELLIES Dear Valli, I love wearing perfume, but due to lack of money can't really afford


S-end your beauty problems to: Valli, Pink Magazine, Fleetway House, Farringdon St., London, EC4A MU.

A"ailabl~ from Chemists In 5p sachets 0, the unique 161' barrels.


Give yours a spring-clean - the real scrub-up, face-pack treatmentl This is an important time for your skin - it needs care. Constantly it's been in and out of hot and cold temperatures - out in chilly, bitter winds then into warm, often stuffy rooms. For dry to normal skins try a treatment like Boots Orange Blossom Face Pack. Greasy skins can invest In Lem-Pak. And always give skin an after-cleansing splash with cold water to close up lazy pores. Now, you want a sudden, natural transformation for your skin. If your complexion is clear - be bold and don't wear any foundation! Otherwise, choose Mary Quant Jellyl:labies or Almay's Near Nude - both give a light, smooth look. Hazel blushes give a gentle, sunnyfe~ to cheeks. Try Rimmel's Tawny Transfuscent Blush, Outdoor Girl's Tawny Glow On in Dry Corn


SLim dYinG •••
In readiness for lighter, more revealing clothes is the ticket I No more stodgy, heavy foods ... instead, fill yourself up with fruit, extra green veg instead of potatoes, and protein-giving goodies like fish, meat, eggs and cheese.



Now that you've stripped off all those winter woollies, try taking a cold shower ... ooooh, it may sound drastic, but it does wonders for bringing your skin to life! Next, soak yourself in a warm bath, filled with Radox Herbal or Boots 17'9 Fruity Essences, to soften you up all over. Okay, it's time to get out now and rub in some body lotion. Try Marks & Spencers', or Boots Baby Lotion. Don't forget to keep this up regularly!

Need and instant brightener! If your make-up has been heavy fately, clean it off both outwardly and inwardly ... use an eye-bath like Optrex and give 'em a complete rest from mascara, shadow, etc. for a couple of days. You'll be amazed how refreshingly beautiful they' I! lookl For make-up, choose shadows in clear, flowery colours to bring them to life! Boots 17 Lid Lustre in Yellow, Mary Quant Violet Eye Tint, Outdoor Girl Tawny Pink Liquid Shadow, Boots Love Eye Polish in Almost Lilac. Pick out colours to match

your clothes - and kiss heavy eyebrows and socket lines goodbye. Any lines must be thin and soft - with toning colours only.

A change of style would never look better! Maybe you're getting a bit tired of that out-grown bob? Why not wear your hair away from your face - take it up in two pretty bunches. Try a chignon, with gentle, curly wisps, or a part ponytail just with the top section of your hair. Soft curls will look lovely and romantic for Spring, too!

Keep them smooth and free from thick, heavy lipsticks Miners Honey Up Gloss will make them glisten with dewy, honey-tasting colour I


To make you feel like Spring and smell like a bunch of fresh flowers choose a perfume or cologne that's light and subtle like Cachet (this one smells diHerent on different people ... makes it a sort of individual perfurne.] Or how about Kiku by Faberge? A scent with an oily texture is nice for making skin soft ..• try one of the Wild Musk Florals by Max Factor . like Violet or Lavender . and you'l! be set for Springl

Introducing the perfec~d sap.i~~towel. It's SImplicIty Itself.
New Kotex Simplicity. The newest sanitary towel available. Simplicity has all the advantages of a press-on towel, with the softness and absorbency you expect from Kotex products. The full length safety-grip-strip. The special safety-grip-strip runs the entire length of the soft absorbent towel. The strip secures the towel safely to your fi tted panties, so there's no chance of slipping. Removal is easy too. No fiddling with pins or belts or loops. Simplicity simply peels away. Comfort And Kotex Simplicity is so easy to wear. Simply position the towel to suit you, and the gentle softness of new Kotex Simplicity keeps comfort close to you. And because Simplicity fits so neatly into your very own panties it's almost no different from any other day, No tell-tale bumps or bulges to Show either. Absorbency Then there's the uniq ue structure of new Kotex Simplicity, designed so the flow is absorbed evenly along the length of the towel. And deep inside each towel is the special poly-film backing to ensure absolute safety wben you need it most. So you stay comfortable and confident all the time.

Completely ftushable Disposal is so easy with Simplicity too. No separating or shredding, Simplicity is completely flushable. The whole towel simply flushes cleanly away.
So next time, try the perfected sanitary towel. It's Simplicity itself.

feminine towels

Sweet inspiration ... that's what's tumbling out of this jar! Baubles, bangles and beads in every delicious-looking shape and mouth watering colour ... so make that outfit look extra. special with an individual touch of sweet-tooth [ewellery!

Falling out of the sweety jar are: Extra long pink beads. £1.25 with a dark pink chunky necklace, £1.50 and short paler pink beads, £1.25. On the right hand side, the pale green necklace is £1.25 and the spring green bracelet, 55p. Oval shaped green beads are 75p. .

Thick-banded pink bracelet, 45p; yellow pineapple chunks necklace, 75p; oranges and lemons necklace, 55p; pale blue oval shaped beads, £1.25. Purple viotets-on-a-chatn £1.25; violet pin-on brooch, 4Qp; daisy pendant, £1.50 add daisy earrings 99p. "I care" badge, 75p; slender enamel bangles, 75p and matching rings, 65p. All made by Corocraft and available from most major stores.


HNR. CXSI/1'¥tl'II1;!S',



Jentl'y took tryiip' - a sooiallife~on~

I.,tn mp gear ~

remove lInwaYltail hair.
11'1 Creal'l"l,Lotiol'l

u,e femhihe. WfJY 10
ana N9ISpra.J




Big Brother Bowie is off to the States to start work on his adaptation of George Orwell's "1984" which is to be called The 1980 Floor Show. He is also starting work 'on an album of the show with numbers like "Big Brother". Meanwhile, we hear that the U.S. TV special of Bowie's concert at the Marquee has been acquired for British screening by ITV- so .keep watching!

All Dolled: Up The New York Dolls really are different - at least, they seem that way. Who else would take the opportunity of doing a Alligator Rock Rock 'n' roll fans watch out for Bill Haley and the Comets who will be making their first British tour for almost 16 years, They're also releasing a maxi-single which will consist of 'Rock Around The Clock', 'Rip It Up' and 'See You Later Alligator". ' . In a while, crocodile . . .

concert at Biba's to whip in and change ali the price tags on the clothes. Fun, eb? And who else" whilst on tour with Mott

the Hoople, would have the nerve to answer boos and "get ofis" with "listen, i! you think we're bad just wait'll you see Ian Hunter!" Real cool.


Beat-in-time With the rise of the Beatlesand the Mersey sound, you may remember the Mersey Beats: Their bass guitarist was a young lad called Billy Kinsley. Later, Billy and friend had a big hit with "Sorrow". He's on his own now with a single called "You Make My Day".

Pink Pets Our Pink Pop Reporter discovered a new group last week - Grebe. They are bov-nest -door-types, and we wished they lived next door to us! The band play a lot of light, melodic original material, spiced with Elton John arid Steely Dan numbers. The

boys are all firm friends, they were at the same school and now .a1J live together in a big house. They've only been playing together for three months and because we look on them asa Pink discovery - we hope they'll go far! Write and let us know what you think of them, i! they play in your town.

especially if it's a soft, gentle drizzle-type rain. This seems to help clear the cobwebs from my brain so I can answer your letters. Keep writing; and I'll keep walking ...
FRIGHTENED Dear Sally, I just cannot get to sleep at night As soonas I get into bed, I just lie there and feel frightened about nothing. Please, would you suggest something. I'm 11. Barbara, Kent.
Dear Barbara, [remember when I was about your age, I experienced the same thing on occasions. And what I did was to switch on the light and read or listen to the radio until 1 became so sleepy I jnst couldn't keep my eyes open. I don't recall when this frightened feeUng left me, but it did, anq, 1 haven!t experienced it far many years (well, not that many). Fear can come from many sources, and 1 don't know where yours comes from. But I do know that it's not an uncommon feeling for girls around your age. One of the deepeT reasons may be that it's a kind of fear 01 growing up. Be/ore this time, you were a little girl, content to play, eat, go to school, sleep, etc. Slowly, now, changes are beginning to take ptace wtthinyou as preparation for the next stage of development. When you get into bed at night and everything is still, you're suddenly 71Wreaware of yourseLf than ever before, as if sensing these changes. So a kind of feaT of the unknown creeps in. Just know,. Barbara, that you're really and truLy all right inside - more than all right, reaUy. You're growing up, and it's as simple as that.

DO you like to walk in the rain? I do,

Recently, Janine oj Kent wrote that aLthough her boyfri,end Loved her, she was unhappy because she was flatchested. We've had many responses to her letter. Here are two.

FROM A BOY: Dear Sally, This letter is in response to the girl who said she was flat-chested. (By the way, Sally, I'm a boy). Let me say this, if your
other boys and this is why your boyfriend is jealous! 1 think you will have to reassure him a lot that he is YOUR number one, so why not make a point oj showing the other boys that he is, by always consulting him when they are around, and making sure you're with him? If you find you don't want him around, then he's cause to be jea/,ous. As you grow older and mature, you'll be able to cope with this situation. In the meantime why not concentrate more on schoolwork than boys you'U learn more about Life that way. .

boyfriend didn't love you the way you are, why on earth is he still there saying that he loves you when be could be out with another girl? My girlfriend is flat-chested, and sometimes I wonder how her front door stays standing with boys outside trying to get in. If your boyfriend loves you, that's enough! Occasional Pink Reader
Dear O.P.R., Thanks for dropping us a lirze. It's nice to know there are boys o!it

can't stop sucking my thumb. I'm so scared that I will ruin my teeth with this bad habit but I can't seem to help myself. Sarah, New Zealan~. Dear Sarah,
Sucking your thumb cannot only spoil your teeth· but can end up giving you lots oj other ailments such as, thToat infection, tummy upsets and mouth ulcers. Germs coLlected on yOUT hands can be passed, without your reatising, to your mouth with some rather nasty resuUs. WiUpoweT is the only answe1'. 1 realise it could be difficult if you've been sucking your thumb since you were a baby, but you

ebris, I've got blonde wavy hair, big brown eyes and a good tan. It's no use being modest about it - I'm pretty, and people tell me so every day. The trouble is, aU the boys in school keep mooning round me and my boyfriend doesn't like it. He's afraid I'll prefer them to him, which is nonsense; some of them just annoy me. Sometimes I wish I were fat and ugly. Cheryl, 8FPO 42.

Dear Cheryl,
You don't know how lucky you are! 1 can assure you that 71Wstfat people don't think they're having such a good time, so I'm sure you don't really wish that. I think you prpbably like all the attention that's paid to you at school, but you don't know how to handle it yet. Whatever you do, don't let aU the campliments go to your head - that way you'll lose a lot oj friends. Maybe you, unintentionally, flirt with


Dear Chris, I am nine years old and


is not necessarily (l big bust - and 1stick to my gU!bS! Sally. TO EACH HER OWN Dear Sally, I:n answer to Janine, I have this to say: We each have our own builds and if Janina had a 36 inch bust, I should expect she'd look stupid. Anyhow, I wish that I had a smaller bust than 1 have now. I'm 14 and have a 34 inch bust and I'm 5ft 4io tall. Sometimes I worry about what size til be when I stop growing. So stop worrying, Jaoine. Your boyfriend says that be loves you the way you are. Accept it. David Essex Fan, Brighton. Dear D.E.F., And you stop wo-rrying about what size you'll be. okay? I believe we make entirely too 'much juss over these . physical things. Fat people faU in love with skinny people, short people with tall people, gorgeous guys with flat-chested girls, big-busted girls with boys who wear thick, horn-rimmed glasses. What's most important is what's inside the person, and the sooner we get on with this side of ourselves, the better. you feeL It's nothing to be ashamed aj - everyone~s afraid of something, although some wouldn't admit it. I'm sure neither your parents nO-I" school the would force you into doing something they knew really frightened you. But you could find yourself missing out on a lot oj fun through not jOining in the pool activities. Perhaps if you could go with someone ~ou felt secure with, say your Dad, and just paddle about in the shallow end of the pool you'd get. used to the water and eventually lose your fear of it?
Address your problem to either Sally or Chris. Pink Magazine. Fleetway House. Farringdon Street. EC4A 4AO.



there in Pinkland, tooboys with (l lot of sense! STOP WORRYING Dear Sally, I have the same problem as Janina does. I'm 15, 5it lin and have a 3lin bust. I haven't started my periods yet. My advice is to stop worrying and getting upset and to be patient because you're bound to grow one day. An Understanding Pink Fan. Dear Everyone, 1 still say that whether you grow or not doesn't reaUy matte,.. Beauty must try to break the habit. Cou/,d be you'LL just naturally graw out of it as more confidence and security comes with growing older. Dear Chris, My parents have been nagging me for ages to learn to swim. Our school has just had a pool installed and now we can have swimming as an alternative to games. The thing is, I'm absolutely terrified of water and can hardly bear the thought of literally being plunged in at the deep end. How do 1 convince Mum and Dad that swimming's the last thing I want to do? Tina, Liverpool. Dear Tina, By telling them e::::actLy how


UN/)E~If ~/yElt.'



SAiiYk' wT TO S4Y.




IN 64/1 (!(){fHlR.

Glll£KT A/lPP",YIP8

1Jrn~ rnw[ffij~ Wm

Jilly tries

'0 escape the trap

\2JmJrnrnrnillffi~1J rn~~~~

he._ Cr,afth.ill M9t,el s?emed a typinal, mode.m mO,tor lnn=- but Jil:ly J~mes, "",.no __wor:ked there,had dls-covered~methlng dl.ffe~ent ... that somehow It was tied up with witchcra,ft. Mrs. Silas, a local who also worked there, had been th~ O!l~ p.erson t~ere who hadn't laughed ~t her and together they had, set out for the Village< and safety. But they we ra not gOIng to be all owed to go ....• '





Next week: The secret of the motel guests

SOMEONE once said, 'People who bloto kisses are just hopelessly lazy. ". which is just another way oj saying . ... off, it's

PISCES (Feb I9-Mar 20) Make up your mind about that puzzling' decision, Miss Pisces · .. and then you'D feel much better. ARIES (Marc.h 21-April 20) This is the time fot; you to push abead, career wise, so don't just sit back and be trampled over, stand up and fight for yourself! TAU.RUS (April 21-May 20) You're being a bit bossy where friends are concerned, so don't be surprised if they get slightly shirty! GEMIN1 (May 2I-June 20) Things are going to be rather delicate at home 'for a few days · .. so try and play it oooL CANCER (June 21-JuJy 21) This isn't your lucky week, moneywise. so watch out for obvious calamities like Ioosmg your purse. LEO (July 22-Aug 21) Your social life could be improved if you put yourself out a bit and meet new and different people. VIRGO (Aug 22-Sept 22) If you're feeling a bit dreary · . ,get yourself a super new spring hair-cut and go and make eyes at that fella you've always fancied! LmRA (Sept 23-0ct 22) This is definitely your lucky week, Miss Libra . . . so make sure you get your money's worth out of it. SCORPIO (Oet 23·Nov 21) Somebody you really care about will give you a lovely surprise, any day now ... ! SAGI1TARJUS (Nov 22-Dec 20) Feeling stuck in a rut? Pluck up courage and do something completely different! CAPRICORN (Dee 2J.Jan 19) Remember to lend a hand to others sometimes ... you're not the only person who's madly busy. AQUARfU'$ (Jan Looks like you're doing a lot more the near future. sui teases out. 2O,Feb 18) going to be travelling in . . so get those


notice anything the ads on after Christmas? happened to the tingle of the latest tootn-easte, the thrilling, adventures Man in Black, the antics of the 'like ... frothy man' bear? They'd that's what. And in

place wesaw ladies splashing in bluer than blue you've got colour telly) Caribbean waters and sun-tanned young men prancing Charles Atlas-like across sun-drenched sands. folks, it's holida:,' time.! almost, and ad aren't taking any chances, they're going to get us now while we're suf,fering crisis blues and any looks better than But, gadzooks and och, aye the noo, what's wrong with good old Britannia? Why visit these lstranae and primitive lands the sea when you can just as much fun a bus, or even hovercraft, away? What's wrong the local park - it's and roundabouts is more than you'll one of those desert l~jldlJlU;). And, in the summer, even take their and things off and ''''''''''''''~ their pale (but !) limbs to the potent of the sun, (or rain, or or i?DOW ..• ). Then Why go all the way to for fish and chips you can pop down the and get the real thing? I don't know about I'm backing Britain ... well, at somebody gives air fare to




Pu'blisi'lBd B .... or~ MOIld'IIIiYby lPC ,M,.,gilU:lnes LID. fleetwj!J)" Houso. Ferring don Stre.Bt'~ london EC44 4AQ. Plnk.. must 110t be sold at more t,hall ttle fecomme-_nded seliino prlee shown on thO C:O'l,llsr. ole Agent's.: Austl'llia end Now ~eal.and. Gordon &. Got-clJ ltd: South A.rrjc3~ Central News Aga'ney S Ltd.: Rhodesia ,and _Zamb,I.~ Kinon.on Ltd. Subs.c:ription faIEoS; [5 fQr 1,2 mon.~h-E!i. £2.60' for B mcntha, Suhecrtptton enquirfe,a, should bo' Sitf1l![, 10 IPC M.guln •• Ltd (Subscription Dept), -rower ~au •• , Sou,hamPton Str•• t. london WC2E 9QX. A'IL rI~ht. renr •• d end rap,aduellon without ".,.

minion .trlclLr fa.bhlden,

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