INDUCTION GENERATOR MODEL: The electrical part of the machine is represented by a fourth-order state-space model and

the mechanical part by a second-order system. All electrical variables and parameters are referred to the stator. All stator and rotor quantities are in the arbitrary two-axis reference frame (dq frame) The voltage equations and flux equations for induction generator are described as follows:

The electrical model suggests that the stator and rotor fluxes are obtained using the numerical integration. However, the stator and rotor currents are obtained using the computed fluxes and the inductance parameters. Further, the above model is a dq variable model and therefore the outcome will be dq axes fluxes and currents. For the clarity, the dq variables are to be converted back into the phase variables. For computing the fluxes the stator and rotor voltages, which are the input, are to be represented into the dq variables. Therefore, the implementation is carried out using the following steps: Step 1 : The vds, vqs, vdr, vqr are obtained from the phase variables vsabc and vrabc through the following sub-steps: 1) the sine and cosine values for Ɵ, ωr and β are calculated where,

cos phiqr.ids Stator U phis.cos vqs .idr irab.vdr vqr .vds w phiqs.phids iqs.phids w dq2abc 2 input thr.phimd vqs . 7) From the mechanical model of the induction generator.ωr is angular speed of rotor Ɵ is rotor angle and β = Ɵ.cos iqr. 3) the mutual fluxes for rotor and stator side are described above in equation no 5 to 8.Ɵr 2) the stator & rotor voltages (vsabc .vds 1 i Rotor phiqr. 1 v v vqr .is Y Y 3 Te U .wr w-wr -K- sin.isab irabc isabc abc2qd sin. vrabc) are transformed into dq axes to form vdqs and vdqr using Park transformation to form equation no 1 to 4.phidr phimq. eqn 10 is formed.vdr w-wr iqr. 6) torque is calculated as shown in above equation (9).ids Mutual fluxes sin.phimd iqs. 5) finally.phidr phimq. 4) the currents for stator and rotor side idqs & idqr are calculated.cos Gain 2 m phimq.phimd phiqs. the rotor and stator side currents are transformed into phase currents.idr sin.

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