Directions for questions 1 to 29: Each question contains six statements followed by four sets of combinations of three. Choose the set in which the combinations are logically related. 1. A. B. C. D. E. F. All vegetarians eat meat All those who eat meat are not vegetarians All those who eat meat are carnivorous All vegetarians are carnivorous. All those who eat meat are vegetarians. All carnivores are vegetarians. 2. ABE 3. ACD 4. ACF

1. BCE 2. A. B. C. D. E. F.

All roses have thorns. All roses have nectar. All plants with nectar have thorns. All shrubs have roses All shrubs have nectar. Some roses have thorns. 2. BCF 3. BDE 4. ACF

1. BEF 3.

A. No spring is a season B. Some seasons are springs C. Some seasons are autumns D. No seasons are autumns E. Some springs are not autumns F. All springs are autumns 1. DFA 2. BEF 3. CEB 4. DEB


A. All falcons fly high. B. All falcons are blind. C. All falcons are birds. D. All birds are yellow E. All birds are thirsty F. All falcons are yellow 1. ABC 2. CDF 3. DEF 4. BCA Page 1


A. No wires are hooks. B. Some springs are hooks. C. All springs are wires. D. Some hooks are not wires E. No hook is a spring F. All wires are springs 1. AED 2. BCF 3. BEF 4. ACE


A. Some abra are dabra. B. All abra are cabra C. All dabra are abra D. All dabra are not abra E. Some cabra are abra F. Some cabra are dabra 1. AEF 2. BCF 3. ABD 4. BCE


A. No plane is a chain B. All manes are chains C. No mane is a plane D. Some manes are not planes E. Some planes are manes F. Some chains are not planes 1. ACD 2. ADF 3. ABC 4. CDF


A. All dolls are nice B. All toys are nice C. All toys are dolls D. Some toys are nice E. Some nice are dolls F. No doll is nice. 1. CDE 2. CEF 3. ACD 4. BEF


A. Some buildings are not skyscrapers B. Some skyscrapers are not buildings. C. No structure is a sky scrapper D. All skyscrapers are structures E. Some skyscrapers are buildings F. Some structures are not buildings 1. ACE 2. BDF 3. FDA 4. ACF Page 2

10. A. All bins are buckets B. No bucket is a basket C. No bin is a basket D. Some baskets are buckets E. Some buckets are baskets. F. No basket is a bin 1. BDE 11. 2. ACB 3. CDF 4. ABF

A. Some bubbles are not dubbles. B. Some dubbles are not bubbles C. None who is rubbles is dubbles. D. All dubbles are rubbles. E. Some dubbles are bubbles. F. Some who are rubbles are not bubbles. 1. ACF 2. DEF 3. ABC 4. BDF


A. Some men are bad. B. All men are sad. C. All bad things are men D. All bad things are sad E. Some sad things are men F. Some sad things are bad 1. AFE 2. BCF 3. BDA 4. BCE


A. All toms are bright. B. No bright Toms are Dicks. C. Some Toms are Dicks. D. No Dick is a Tom. E. No Tom is a Dick. F. No Dick is a Tom. 1. ABC 2. BEF 3. ABF 4. CDA


A. All witches are nasty. B. Some devils are nasty. C. Some witches may be devils. D. All devils are nasty. E. Some nasty are devils. F. No witch is nasty. 1. BCD 2. CDA 3. DEC 4. FEC Page 3


A. No tingo is a bingo B. All jingoes are bingoes C. No jingo is a tingo D. Some jingoes are not tingoes E. Some tingoes are jingoes F. Some bingoes are not tingoes 1. ABC 2. ACB 3. DFA 4. BDA


A. Some pins are made of tin. B. All tin is made of copper. C. All copper is used for pins. D. Some tin is copper. E. Some pins are used for tin. F. Some copper is used for tin. 1. ABC 2. CEF 3. CDA 4. ABE


A. An ostrich lays eggs. B. All birds lay eggs. C. Some birds can fly. D. An ostrich cannot swim. E. An ostrich is a bird F. An ostrich cannot swim 1. BEA 2. ABE 3. DEC 4. ECB


A. Some paper is wood. B. All wood is good. C. All that is good is wood D. All good is paper E. All paper is good F. Some paper is good 1. BED 2. BDF 3. FAB 4. FBA


A. All bricks are tricks. B. Some tricks are shrieks. C. Some that are shrieks are bricks D. Some tricks are not bricks E. All tricks are shrieks F. No tricks are shrieks 1. EAC 2. BCD 3. ABC 4. EDC Page 4


A. Some sand is band B. All sandal is band C. No band is sand. D. No sand is sandal. E. Some sand may be sandal F. Some band is sandal 1. BCA 2. AFE 3. DEC 4. CEA


A. No wife is a life. B. All life is strife. C. Some wife is strife. D. All that is wife is life E. All wife is strife. F. No wife is strife. 1. BEF 2. FCB 3. ABF 4. BDE


A. Some crows are files. B. Some files are mosquitoes. C. All mosquitoes are files. D. Some owls are files. E. All owls are mosquitoes. F. Some mosquitoes are not owls. 1. ABC 2. CEF 3. ADE 4. EDB


A. Six is five. B. Five is not four. C. Some five is ten. D. Some six is twelve. E. Some five is twelve. F. Some ten is four. 1. ADE 2. ABC 3. AEF 4. EDC


A. Poor girls want to marry rich boys. B. Rich girls want to marry rich boys. C. Poor girls want to marry poor girls. D. Rich boys want to marry rich girls. E. Poor girls want to marry rich girls. F. Rich boys want to marry poor girls. 1. ADE 2. ABC 3. BCD 4. DEF Page 5


A. No bird is viviparous. B. All mammals are viviparous. C. Bats are viviparous D. No bat is a bird. E. No bird is a mammal. F. All bats are mammals. 1. ADC 2. ABE 3. FBA 4. AFC


A. No mother is a nurse. B. Some nurses like to work. C. No woman is a prude. D. Some prude are nurses. E. Some nurse are women. F. All women like to work. 1. ABE 2. CED 3. FEB 4. BEF


A. Oranges are sweet. B. All oranges are apples. C. Some sweets are apples. D. Some oranges are apples. E. All sweets are sour. F. Some apples are sour. 1. DAC 2. CDA 3. BCA 4. EFC


A. Zens are marutis. B. Zens are fragile. C. Marutis are fragile. D. Opels are fragile. E. Marutis are opels. F. Opels are stable. 1. ACB 2. FED 3. CEA 4. ABC


A. Dogs sleep in the open. B. Sheep sleep in doors. C. Dogs are sheep. D. All indoors are sheep. E. Some dogs are not sheep F. Some open are not sheep. 1. AFE 2. DCA 3. ABE 4. None of these Page 6

Directions for questions 30 to 39: Each question consists of five statements followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order. Choose the option which indicates a valid argument, that is, where the third statement is a conclusion drawn from the preceding two statements. 30. A. All software companies employ knowledge workers. B. Tara Tech employs knowledge workers. C. Tara Tech is a software company. D. Some software companies employ knowledge workers. E. Tara Tech employs only knowledgeable workers.. 1. ABC 31. 2. ACB 3. CDB 4. ACE

A. Traffic congestion increases carbon monoxide in the environment. B. Increase in carbon monoxide is hazardous to health. C. Traffic congestion is hazardous to health. D. Some traffic congestion does not cause increased carbon monoxide. E. Some traffic congestion is not hazardous to health. 1. CBA 2. BDE 3. CDE 4. BAC


A. Apples are not sweets. B. Some apples are sweet. C. All sweets are tasty. D. Some apples are not tasty. E. No apple is tasty. 1. CEA 2. BDC 3. CBD 4. EAC


A. Some towns in India are polluted. B. All polluted towns should be destroyed. C. Town Meghana should be destroyed. D. Town Meghana is polluted. E. Some towns in india should be destroyed. 1. BDE 2. BAE 3. ADE 4. CDB


A. No patriot is a criminal. B. Bogusdas is not a criminal C. Bogusdas is a criminal. D. Bogusdas is not a patriot. E. Bogusdas is a criminal 1. ACB 2. ABD 3. ADE 4. ABE Page 7


A. Ant eaters like ants. B. Boys are anteaters. C. Balaram is an anteater. D. Balaram likes ants. E. Balaram may eat ants 1. DCA 2. ADC 3. ABE 4. ACD


A. All actors are handsome B. Some actors are popular C. Ram is handsome D. Ram is a popular actor E. Some popular people are handsome 1. ACD 2. ABE 3. DCA 4. EDC


A. Modern industry is technology-driven B. BTI is a modern industry. C. BTI is technology-driven D. BTI may be technology-driven E. Technology driven industry is modern. 1. ABC 2. ABD 3. BCA 4. EBC


A. All Golmal islanders are blue-coloured people. B. Some smart people are not blue-coloured people. C. Some babies are blue-coloured. D. Some babies are smart. E. Some smart people are not Golman islanders. 1. BCD 2. BEA 3. CBD 4. None of these


A. MBAs are in great demand. B. Ram and Sita are in great demand. C. Ram and Sita are MBAs. D. Sita is in great demand. E. Ram and Sita are not MBA. 1. ABE 2. ECD 3. AEB 4. EBA

Page 8

Directions for questions 40 to 53: Each question contains four arguments of three sentences each. Choose the set in which the third statement is a logically derived conclusion of the first two. 40. A. Some Xs are Ps. Some Ps are Ys. Some Xs are Ys. B. All Sonas are bright. Some bright are crazy. Some Sonas are crazy. C. No faith is strong. Only strong have biceps. No faith has biceps. D. All men are weak. Some weak are strong. Something are weak. 1. A and D 41. 2. C only 3. D only 4. None of these

A. Some icicles are cycles. All cycles are men. Some icicles are men. B. All girls have teeth. No teeth are yellow. No girls are yellow. C. No hand is foot. Some feet are heads. Some hands are heads. D. Every man has a wife. All wives are devoted. No devoted has a husband. 1. A,B and C 2. A and B 3. C and B 4. All of Those


A. B. C. D.

No sun is not white. All moon is sun. All moon is white. All windows are open. No open space is allocated. All window is closed space. No German can fire. All Americans bombard. Both, Germans and Americans can fight. No X is Z. No Z is Y. No X is Y. 2. B only 3. C only 4. D only

1. A only 43. A. B. C. D.

All Ts are squares. All squares are rectangular. All Ts are rectangular. Some fat are elongated. Some elongated things are huge. Some fat are huge. Idiots are bumblers. Bumblers fumble. Idiots fumble. Water is good for health. Health food is rare. Water is rare. 2. C only 3. Both A and C 4. All of these

1. D only 44.

A. No cowboys laugh. Some who laugh are sphinxes. Some sphinxes are not cowboys. B. All ghosts are florescent. Some ghosts do not sing. Some singers are not florescent. C. Cricketers indulge in swearing. Those who swear are hanged. Some who are hanged are not cricketers. D. Some crazy people are pianists. All crazy people are whistlers. Some whistlers are pianists. 1. A and B 2. C only 3. A, C and D 4. D only


A. All good people are knights. All warriors are good people : all knights are warriors. B. No footballers are ministers. All footballers are tough. Some ministers are players. C. All pizzas are snacks. Some meals are pizzas. Some meals are snacks. D. Some barkers are musk deer. All barkers are sloth bears. Some sloth bears are musk deer. 1. C and D 2. B and C 3. A only 4. C only Page 9


A. Dinosaurs are prehistoric creatures. Water-buffaloes are not dinosaurs. Water-buffaloes are not prehistoric creatures. B. All politicians are frank. No frank people are crocodiles. No crocodiles are politicians. C. No diamond is quartz. No opal is quartz. Diamonds are opals. D. All monkey like bananas. Some GI joes like bananas. Some GI joes are monkeys. 1. C only 2. B only 3. A and D 4. B and C


A. All earthquakes cause havoc. Some landslides cause havoc. Some earthquakes are landlines. B. All glass things are transparent. Some curios are glass things. Some curious are transparent. C. All clay objects are brittle. All XY are clay objects. Some brittle are XY. D. No criminal is a patriot. Ram is not a patriot. Ram is a criminal. 1. D only 2. B only 3. C and B 4. A only


A. MD is an actor. Some actors are pretty. MD is pretty. B. Some men are cops. All cops are brave. No brave is a man. C. All men are brave. Some men are cops. Some cops are brave. D. All actors are pretty. MD is not an actor. MD is not pretty. 1. D only 2. C only 3. A only 4. B and C


A. All IIMs are in India. No BIMs are in India. IIMs are not BIMs. B. All IIMs are in India. No BIMs are not in India. Some BIMS are IIMs. C. Some IIMs are in India. Some BIMs are not in India. Some BIMs are IIMs. D. Some IIMs are in India. BIMs are not in India. Some BIMs are IIMs. 1. A and B 2. C and D 3. A only 4. B only


A. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Citizens of Yes Islands are young people. Young people speak only the truth. B. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some Yes Islands are in Atlantic. Some citizens of Yes Islands are in the Atlantic. C. Citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some young people are citizens of Yes Islands. Some young people speak only the truth. D. Some people speak only the truth. Some citizens of Yes Islands speak only the truth. Some people who speak only the truth are citizens of Yes Islands. 1. A only 2. B only 3. A and C only 4. D only Page 10


A. All mammals are viviparous. Some fish are viviparous. Some fish are mammals. B. All birds are oviparous. Some fish are not oviparous. Some fish are birds. C. No mammals is oviparous. Some creatures are oviparous and some are not. Some creatures are not mammals. D. Some creatures are mammals. Some creatures are viviparous. Some mammals are viviparous. 1. A only 2. B only 3. C only 4. D only


A. Many singers are not writers. All poets are singers. Some poets are writers. B. Giants climb beanstalks. Some chicken do not climb beanstalks. Some chicken are not giants. C. All explorers live in snowdrifts. Some penguins live in snowdrifts. Some penguins are explorers. D. Amar is taller than Akbar. Anthony is shorter than Amar. Akbar is shorter than Anthony. 1. A only 2. B only 3. B and C 4. D only


A. A few farmers are rocket scientists. Some rocket scientists catch snakes. A few farmers catch snakes. B. Poonam is a kangaroo. Some kangaroos are made of teak. Poonam is made of teak. C. No bulls eat grass. All matadors eat grass. No matadors are bulls. D. Some skunks drive Cadillaes. All skunks are polar bears. Some polar bears drive Cadillacs. 1. B only 2. A and C 3. C only 4. C and D

Directions for questions 54 to 66: In each of the following sentences the main statement is followed by four sentences each. Select a pair of sentences that relate logically with the given statement. 54. Either Sam is ill; or he is drunk. A. Sam is ill. B. Sam is not ill. C. Sam is drunk. D. Sam is not drunk. 1. AB 55. 2. DA 3. AC 4. CD

Whenever Ram hears of a tragedy, he loses sleep. A. Ram heard of a tragedy. B. Ram did not hear of a tragedy C. Ram lost sleep D. Ram did not sleep. 1. CA 2. BD 3. DB 4. AD Page 11


Either the train is late; or it has derailed. A. The train is late. B. The train is not late. C. The train is derailed D. The train is not derailed. 1. AB 2. DB 3. CA 4. BC


When I read a horror story, I have a nightmare. A. I read a story. B. I did not read a horror story C. I did not have a nightmare. D. I had a nightmare. 1. CB 2. AD 3. BC 4. AC


Either Sita is sick or she is careless. A. Sita is not sick. B. Sita is not careless. C. Sita is sick. D. Sita is careless. 1. AB 2. AD 3. BA 4. DA


Ram gets a swollen nose whenever he eats hamburgers. A. Ram gets a swollen nose. B. Ram does not eat hamburgers C. Ram does not get a swollen nose. D. Ram eats hamburgers. 1. AB 2. DC 3. AC 4. CB


Either the employees have no confidence in the management or they are hostile by nature. A. They are hostile by nature. B. They are not hostile by nature. C. They have confidence in the management. D. They have no confidence in the management. 1. BA 2. CB 3. DA 4. BD


Whenever Ram reads late into the night, his father beats him up. A. His father does not beat Ram. B. Ram reads late into the night. C. Ram reads early in the morning. D. Ram’s father beats him in the morning. 1. CD 2. BD 3. AB 4. None of the above Page 12


All irresponsible parents shout if their children do not cavort. A. All irresponsible parents do not shout B. Children cavort C. Children do not cavort D. All irresponsible parents shout. 1. AB 2. BA 3. CA 4. All of the above


Either the orangutan is not angry, or he frown upon the world . A. The orangutan frowns upon world. B. The orangutan is not angry. C. The orangutan does not frown upon the world. D. The orangutan is angry. 1. CB only 2. DA only 3. AB only 4. CB and DA


Either Ravana is a demon, or he is a hero A. Ravana is a hero B. Ravana is a demon. C. Ravana is not a demon. D. Ravana is not a hero. 1. CD only 2. BA only 3. CD and BA 4. DB and CA


Whenever Rajeev uses the internet, he dreams about spiders. A. Rajeev did not dream about spiders. B. Rajeev used the Internet. C. Rajeev dream about spiders. D. Rajeev did not use the Internet. 1. AD 2. DC 3. CB 4. DA


If I talk to my professors, then I do not need to take a pill for headache. A. I talked to my professors. B. I did not need to take a pill for headache. C. I needed to take a pill for headache. D. I did not talk to my professors 1. AB only 2. DC only 3. CD only 4. AB and CD

Page 13

Reference Material for this Assignment: Previous Years CAT papers (1993-2008)
Answer Key: 1. 3 6. 2 11. 4 16. 3 21. 4 26. 3 31. 4 36. 2 41. 2 46. 2 51. 3 56. 4 61. 4 66. 4 2. 3 7. 3 12. 2 17. 1 22. 2 27. 1 32. 1 37. 1 42. 1 47. 3 52. 2 57. 1 62. 1 3. 1 8. 1 13. 3 18. 2 23. 1 28. 1 33. 2 38. 4 43. 3 48. 2 53. 4 58. 2 63. 4 4. 2 9. 2 14. 4 19. 1 24. 1 29. 1 34. 2 39. 3 44. 3 49. 3 54. 2 59. 4 64. 4 5. 4 10. 4 15. 1 20. 2 25. 2 30. 2 35. 1 40. 2 45. 1 50. 3 55. 4 60. 4 65. 1

Page 14

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