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Debate Lesson Plan

Debate Lesson Plan

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Published by: Boyd Anderson on Jun 30, 2011
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Teacher: Boyd Anderson Time: 40 min Lesson: 3 Date: February 1st. 2011 Number of Students Level: Pre-Intermediate

Today's Theme: Advertising/Marketing Aims_____________________________________________________
♦ Main: Developing writing skills for marketing or advertising products. ♦ Subsidiary: Writing 'hooks' that will attract readership ♦ Personal: I want to concentrate on giving clear and specific instructions. I will to check Sts understanding by having them repeat instructions back to me. When placing samples of the students writing around the room, I need Sts to make a quick and efficient transition. Anticipated Student Problems and Planned Solutions (NB: for Skills only) Problem: Solution:. Problem: The feedback activity may be problematic with Sts not having any ideas on what to write for feedback. Solution: Model for them some examples of what you are looking for in terms of feedback.

Materials (Textbook/ Resource books)___________________________

IH TORONTO CELTA – Lesson plan procedure page

T explains that a good newspaper article answers the 5 W's and even when telling a story. T gives out copies of story. When . Sts mention or guess the 5 W's. Time ELICIT IDEAS Elicit the 5 W's (what. T-Sts TASK 1 T-Sts Sts will read the story for 5 W's Sts-T Compare answers with partners. Why. Will ask them questions about the information on the board. T asks to Sts to tell any bits of information that they remember. why). and the T will try and get Sts to say the 5 W's. Where. explains to Sts that the class is going to read the story individually for 2 min focusing on the 5 W's. Board: T writes students suggestions on the board (hopefully they pertain to the 5 W's) Board: Info from the skydiving story is on the board. The group will then read the story as a group and check answers for What. SET CONTEXT Explain why 5 W's are important. reading IH TORONTO CELTA – Lesson plan procedure page . who. To familiarize Sts with Reading Two and to focus on finding the 5 W's in a written text. where.Stage SET CONTEXT Rationale Get Sts thinking about factual reporting Interacti on T-Sts Teacher Activity T asks students to try and remember the skydiving story at the beginning of class. T-Sts Sts-T Sts throw out word they think of. it is important to tell the 5 W's. T will then put the Sts into pairs and have them share answers on what they found. When the text with the 5W information Student Activity Sts try and remember the skydiving story and give information about what the story was about to the T. when. Who as they come up.

Have Sts repeat instructions back to me. Explain to the Sts that it is very important that their paragraphs be easy to read. Making sure they use the 5 W's. Put on music and let them write.Lesson Procedure Stage Task 2 Rationale To give a model for Sts to follow for the writing activity later on Interacti on T-Sts Teacher Activity Board: Go over the 5W answers from the story using the information as a brief model to show Sts what is expected in their stories. Give 10 min for this activity. Student Activity Write a short paragraph with the important facts from the story. Time IH TORONTO CELTA – Lesson plan procedure page . Make sure to include all the 5Ws. Tell Sts you want them to write a paragraph on the important facts of the story.

Sts learn how to give feedback and they learn how to see mistakes in their own writing in the work of others. Sts circulate the room and read each others work. Interacti on Sts-Sts Teacher Talk T will explain to Sts that they will be giving feedback to their classmates writing assignments that are posted around the room. IH TORONTO CELTA – Lesson plan procedure page . T will elicit from Sts some things that they could look for such as: Content: 5Ws Spelling: Vocab: Give 10 min for this activity. T will demo how to write comments on a sticky note and put it on a student's paper. Student Talk Time Sts will give T examples of comments they could post on their classmates' work. turn on the music and let them go.Stage Task 3 Rationale Peer assessment of writing. Have Sts give directions back to me.

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