Strategic Audit Worksheet: Part 1

Strategic Audit Heading (+) Factors I. Current Situation
A. Past Corporate Performance Indexes B. Strategic Posture Current Mission Current Objectives Current Strategies Current Policies

Analysis (-) Factors

Com m ents

SW OT Analysis Begins: II. Corporate Governance
A. Board of Directors B. Top Management

III. External Environment (EFAS): Opportunities and Threats(SWOT)
A. Societal Environment B. Task Environment Industry Analysis

IV. Internal Environment (IFAS): Strengths and Weaknesses(SW OT)
A. Corporate Structure B. Corporate Culture C. Corporate Resources


R ecommended Strategy V II. Alternatives and Recom m endations A. E va lu a tio n a n d C o n tro l 2 . Finance 3.Strategic Audit Worksheet: Part 2 S tra te g ic Au d it He a d in g (+) F ac to rs 1. R esearch and D evelopment 4. R eview of M ission and O bjectives A. Information Systems An a lys is (-) F ac to rs C o m m e n ts V. Recom m endation Begins: V I. Im p le m e n ta tio n V III. M arketing 2. O perations and Logistics 5. SW OT Analysis Ends. Strategic Alternatives B. H uman R esources 6. Analysis of Strategic Factors (SFAS) Key Internal and External Strategic Factors (SW O T) B.

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