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Time Finder

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Published by: Pankaj Rudrawar on Jul 01, 2011
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No impact to reads on source from existence of snap
volume (With no workload on target)

–Workload on target could cause disk contention with source

Write response time to protected tracks (first write to
track) are higher than a normal cached write

–From < 1ms to > 10ms
–Could be slightly faster if protected track is in cache
–Small sequential writes less effected than large or random
writes as track is unprotected on first access

SAV device placement could be very important

–To limit the impact on performance consideration for the
placement of the SAV devices must be made to
reduce/remove physical device contention

EMC Snap has no impact to reads on source from existence of snapvolume. Once there is activity, performance could
be impacted and the target could cause disk contention with the source since it requires the source for it’s point-in-time
view of production data.

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