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Digital Booklet - God of Victory

Digital Booklet - God of Victory

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Published by Jen Chang

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Published by: Jen Chang on Jul 01, 2011
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Flower Mound. Isaac Wimberley. www. Jeff Capps. go to: www. MY HOPE IS CHRIST 09.thevillagechurch. Texas 75028. O GOD OF OUR SALVATION 03.thevillagemusic. John Warren. Wilson Assisted by: Justin Dowse Mix Coordination by: Lani Crump Mastered by: Dale Becker at Bernie Becker Mastering Recorded at: Blackwatch Studios & Catapult Studios Drums: Michael Walter & Robby Shaffer Bass: Steven Cooper Electric Guitars: David Smith & Jarod Evans Acoustic Guitars: John Warren Additional Guitars (Acoustic & Electric). Lauren Chandler. John Warren and Isaac Wimberley Additional Production: Taylor Johnson at Imagination Station Engineers: Chad Copelin & Jarod Evans at Blackwatch Studios Additional Engineering: Will Hunt Mixed by: Shane D.net ℗&© 2011 The Village Church. MADE US ALIVE 05.net . Jourdan Johnson. GOD OF VICTORY 07. IN MY PLACE 06. GLORIOUS DAY 02. Jen Holm. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Lauren Chandler. Caleb Carruth & Jeff Capps For lyrics and chord charts. John Warren. Keys & Programming: Taylor Johnson Keys: Chad Copelin & Josh Drew Cello: Steven Stark French Horn: Carl Brower Vocals: Michael Bleecker. ONLY THE BLOOD 04. Isaac Wimberley. Jeff Capps. GOD IS HERE Executive Producer: The Village Church Producers: Michael Bleecker.01. Jen Holm & Jourdan Johnson BGVs: Michael Bleecker. YOU ARE FAITHFUL 08. MY KING 11. All Rights Reserved. ALL I NEED 12. TO THE CROSS I CLING 10. 2101 Justin Road.

You are This is all my hope and peace Only the blood of Jesus This is all my righteousness Only the blood of Jesus You are… gracious in saving You are… perfect in loving You are… one day returning. the greatness And the glory due His name One God. You are What can wash away my sin? Only the blood of Jesus © 2010 Blepo Publishing (ASCAP). ADDITIONAL WORDS AND MUSIC BY JEFF CAPPS. All rights reserved. 65:17-25 © 2008 Word Music. Lauren Chandler. He carried my sins far away Rising. Used by permission. LAUREN CHANDLER. Joshua Drew (BMI). my Redeemer is He! One day the grave could conceal Him no longer One day the stone rolled away from the door Then He arose o’er death He had conquered Now is ascended. All rights reserved. CCLI #5876334 . this Jesus is mine! 1 Peter 1:3-9. John Warren. Son and Spirit The blessed Three in One O God.Glorious Day TRADITIONAL LYRICS BY J. blessed Redeemer Merciful Savior. my Lord evermore! One day the trumpet will sound for His coming One day the skies with His glories will shine Wonderful day. King of creation Hope of the nations. great is He From Whom all blessings flow Behold the Son our Savior Who for our sin was slain The Christ Who purchased with His blood The wretched souls of men O God of our salvation From Whom redemption comes O Father. JOHN WARREN AND ISAAC WIMBERLEY One day when heaven was filled with His praises One day when sin was as black as could be Jesus came forth to be born of a virgin Dwelt among men. WILBUR CHAPMAN (1909) MUSIC BY MICHAEL BLEECKER O God of Our Salvation WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER AND MATT BOSWELL Only the Blood ADAPTED FROM THE HYMN “NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD” BY ROBERT LOWRY (1876). my beloved One’s bringing Glorious Savior. MICHAEL BLEECKER. He justified freely forever One day He’s coming. dying. oh church. CCLI #5564684 What can wash away my sin? Only the blood of Jesus What can make me whole again? Only the blood of Jesus Nothing can for sin atone Only the blood of Jesus Nothing good that I have done Only the blood of Jesus O Great God. TAYLOR JOHNSON. Isaiah 4:2. O glorious day! One day they led Him up Calvary’s mountain One day they nailed Him to die on the tree Suffering anguish. The Holy Spirit Revealing Deity The fount of life and love divine Throughout eternity Ascribe unending praises To the God Who reigns on high How matchless is His power His glory how divine Ascribe. Psalm 79:9 © 2009 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). You are O Great God. Isaac Wimberley. One Essence O triune God proclaimed Amen 1 Chronicles 16:29. CCLI #5181287 O God of our salvation Who reigns upon the throne The sovereign Father. my Example is He! Living. Taylor Scott Johnson (ASCAP). Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). LLC (BMI). Dayspring Music. He loved me. All rights reserved. despised and rejected Bearing our sins. JOSH DREW. Used by permission. LLC (ASCAP). One Being. He saved me Buried. Used by permission.


LLC (BMI). no longer we live But Christ lives within You’re crowned with many crowns Our praises resound to Jesus our King He came to a broken world That was yearning for a Savior. MICHAEL BLEECKER. 2 Corinthians 5:20-21. rejoice Jesus is King. 1 Corinthians 15:55-58. CCLI #5433629 O God have mercy. Galatians 2:20 © 2009 Daniel Seth Jones (BMI). He has shown us hope He has shown us joy. All rights reserved. Dayspring Music. O King of all my days Lead me to repentance by Your amazing grace O may my sin be bitter. oh we sing 1 Peter 2:24. Jesus died The spotless Lamb laid down His life The wrath of God was satisfied In my place. bleeding side His body bruised. my God crucified A crown of thorns. All rights reserved. Revelation 21:4. JOHN WARREN AND ISAAC WIMBERLEY In My Place WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER AND MATT BOSWELL God of Victory WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER AND PATRICK RYAN CLARK The weight of all of my shame Released when You came and gave up Your life The freedom You give in your grace Chains broken replaced with Your own life We sing to the One Who has made us alive We sing to the One Who has made us alive There on the cross He bore our sins And we became His righteousness Now we stand here justified Now we live because He died Crucified with Christ. life eternally … life eternally Sing it loud. reveal to me my sin The guilt. He stood condemned He Who knew no sin became sin for us That we might become His righteousness Bearing all my sin and shame The punishment and blame He conquered the grave That we might become the heirs of grace In my place. Used by permission. CCLI #5876341 In my place. innate within The blood of Jesus washes and makes me clean Condemned now I’m pardoned Once bound now I’m free. a wretch like me Aloud I will rejoice O Father of my spirit. moaning for a rescue We came dead in our sins With our blinded eyes just hoping for a breakthrough By His grace. the shame. Hebrews 2:14-15. JEFF CAPPS. Romans 5:8-9 © 2008 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). rejoice. Isaac Wimberley. Jesus died Nail pierced hands. John Warren. Used by permission. my God crucified Hallelujah. Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). victorious Isaiah 25:8. shout it out. Used by permission.Made Us Alive WRITTEN BY SETH JONES. what a Savior! 2 Corinthians 5:17-21. All rights reserved. dying cries His flesh was torn. CCLI #5710256 . LLC (BMI). so Christ will be sweet I trust in Your promise. Job 13:23 © 2010 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). now I’m free To the God of victory All glory be to the One Who’s conquered all Every tongue will sing to the risen King Oh the wonder of it all Just to think that You love me. the darkness. He has given us life And it’s only by the blood of the King that we sing We sing to the One Who has made us alive We sing. Blepo Publishing (ASCAP). Dayspring Music.

to the cross I cling No more am I a slave to sin but Bought with a price Redemption that was purchased through the blessed cross That You bore for me The cross is where I find death. You alone Jesus. I will give You praise You alone can give and choose to take away My hope is Christ alone Even in the night. Dayspring Music. I am not alone With the rising sun. Used by permission. Used by permission. You hold all things together Only by Your power. You alone Sanctify us Lord into Your image Make our whole heart Yours. You have brought me here To see Your love sustain and know that You are near My hope is Christ alone. we are waiting Come. Lord we come Jesus. Isaiah 51:11 © 2005 Lauren Chandler. All rights reserved. Isaac Wimberley. HUNTER HALL AND ISAAC WIMBERLEY To the Cross I Cling WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. No day of my life has passed that has not Proved me guilty in Your sight The best I have to offer are these filthy rags And yet You love me All things in me call for my rejection All things in You plead my acceptance I am guilty but pardoned By grace I’ve been set free I am ransomed through the blood You shed for me I was dead in my transgressions But life You brought to me I am reconciled through mercy.You Are Faithful WRITTEN BY LAUREN CHANDLER My Hope Is Christ WRITTEN BY JEFF CAPPS. come My hope is Christ © 2010 Blepo Publishing (ASCAP). Lord Jesus. Colossians 2:13-14 © 2009. is where I find life Where mercy found me Galatians 6:14. 2010 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). MATT BOSWELL AND ISAAC WIMBERLEY Faithful are You And gracious to us That You would save us A guilty race A name so holy So sweet yet mighty How could You place it On our heads? You are faithful You are gracious You alone are God Forever praised Yeshua Your Name will always be The only covering Over all my guilt and shame Your Name Exodus 34:6. Isaac Wimberley. Even in the storm. Your mercies they are shown My hope is Christ alone. CCLI #5699810 . Used by permission. for Your name Until You return. You will rule the world forever Only by your grace. we come to sing Your name Even in the pain. LLC (BMI). Andrew Hunter Hall (BMI). Psalm 105:3.


Taylor Scott Johnson (ASCAP). Isaiah 29:18. Revelation 4:11. Ephesians 2:4-5. Dayspring Music. O King That You would notice me? Maker of the stars Maker of the seas Nothing in my hand Nothing I can bring Only to the cross I cling It’s only by Your grace I sing O my King Jesus. Hebrews 12:2 © 2008 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). CCLI #5451780 He has shown His mercy Pouring out His fury Laid on Christ our victory He has shown His grace to me Dying on that wretched tree Bore for me my penalty. God is here! Open up your eyes and see [the splendor of His majesty] [the beauty of the mighty King] Covered in Your blood. You get the glory Hallelujah. Psalm 33:18. Taylor Scott Johnson (ASCAP). All rights reserved. CCLI #5710249 You’re all I need. Used by permission. CCLI #5350135 . Galatians 3:13. All rights reserved.My King WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER AND TAYLOR JOHNSON All I Need WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER AND TAYLOR JOHNSON God Is Here WRITTEN BY MICHAEL BLEECKER AND PATRICK RYAN CLARK Who am I. our God and King Humbled at Your feet we sing…oh we sing Let this place echo Your worth Isaiah 53:8-10. 2 Corinthians 5:21. You’re worthy So great and rich in mercy Psalm 51. Romans 5:9. 2010 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). apart from You. holy and righteous You found me You saved me from myself and for Your glory Who am I. apart from You. Used by permission. O King That You would rescue me? Savior of my soul Savior Who redeems Nothing in my hand Nothing I can bring Psalm 8:3-4. 2010 Bleecker at The Village (ASCAP). I can’t breathe You’re all I need. we sing All for You. 1 Peter 2:24. Isaiah 30:20-21 © 2007. Psalm 71:23 © 2005. Used by permission. LLC (BMI). All rights reserved. I can’t see That I’m broken and bent to sin I’m desperate and dirty within You are my hope! You are my joy! You are my reason for living You are my hope! You are my joy! You are my reason You’re worthy. God is here! Hallelujah.

use all your equipment and eat all your candy. Patrick Ryan Clark. Jason Holleman. David Roark. we thank God for the gift of Jesus Christ. Dale Becker. Shane Wilson. Evan. Jarod Evans. Layla. who played and sang on the record. Faith and Natalee. Sarah Myles. Josh Drew. Gilbert Montez. vocalists and A/V teams at our campuses who give your time and talents so freely. We pray these songs “stir you up to love and good works. Josh Patterson. Dru. We cannot thank you enough. Thank you. thank you. Steven Stark. Thank you to our wives. Seth Jones. Josh Drew. Chad Copelin. thank you. Carl Brower. Jude. We pray these songs serve and bless you. . Scott Ballard. 6:4-9). Geoff Ashley. Blair. and our children. Thanks to Caleb “Cubby” and Aina Carruth for letting us invade your home. We want to give a special thanks to Michael Walter. Most of all. David Smith. production and instrumentation. Lauren Chandler. Taylor Johnson. We also want to thank Chad Copelin and Jarod Evans for engineering. Isaac Wimberley . Jesse McKee and Ryan Jarrell – you were all instrumental in making this happen. We also want to thank Matt Boswell.Michael Bleecker. Doug Stanley. Jeff Capps. John Warren.Thank You First we want to thank our family at The Village – it is humbling to lead you in worship each week. Josh Patterson. and Jourdan Johnson. Eric Bowman. You serve and lead the people at The Village well. Thank you to Taylor Johnson who poured countless hours into the preproduction and recording of this record. through whom we have salvation. Emersyn. Will Hunt. We want to thank the elders and staff at The Village as well – it is an honor to serve alongside you. and Hunter Hall for helping in the writing process. Geoff Ashley. thank you. Robby Shaffer. Lauren Chandler. Beau and Olivia.” Thanks for letting us do this record! To all of the players. Thank you for your love and support (Deut. Steven Cooper. Jen Holm.

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