Before I die

Jewels Cartujano Twitter: @jewelsHRH

I wanna swim with White Sharks in South Africa I wanna go to Brazil and watch the FIFA I wanna play with some of the penguins in Antartica I wanna climb the Stonehenge and eat pizza I wanna meet a member of LULSEC and shake his hand I wanna go to the Sahara and walk barefoot on its sand I wanna take a pic of a huge space shuttle as it lands I wanna see the statue of Liberty as it still stands I wanna bathe in the Niagara Falls and shout I wanna skydive in the Grand Canyon, that’s no doubt. I wanna eat in Beijing, China and be stout I wanna play in Las Vegas and just go about I wanna eat a lot of hotdogs in New York City I wanna be in Rio for the carnival and dance silly I wanna check the Dead Sea and float like crazy I wanna climb Cairo’s pyramid and dig some mummy I wanna eat red hot chilli in fun Jamaica

I wanna experience days with nights in Alaska I wanna dig out lots of diamonds in Southern Kenya I wanna take a road trip in old, old Persia I wanna bungee jump in the Eiffel tower I wanna check on the Netherlands and pick a flower I wanna go to Rome to see the Pope’s power I wanna watch the night sky light up with meteor shower I wanna ski in the Alps under its rumblings I wanna lie in the Bahamas’ sweet tidings I wanna be on top of the world’s highest building I wanna go to Scotland and scare bunnies out its hiding I wanna swim in the Great Barrier Reef and find Nemo I wanna go to Brazil and watch people dance tango I wanna go forest trip in Central Congo I wanna chill and paint the sky indigo I wanna lie in Boracay for a great sun tan I wanna be crazy and just have some fun I wanna be in Hollywood and meet the Wayans I wanna go to the Inca and say “in your face, Mayans” I wanna stay at an airport and just miss my flight

I wanna go inside a cave without any light I wanna be in Spain and watch a bullfight I wanna check a haunted mansion and play fright

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