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Nealy Responsibilities

Nealy Responsibilities

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Kathy Nealy memo.
Kathy Nealy memo.

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Published by: DallasObserver on Jul 01, 2011
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Background Information of Kathy Nealy’s Role In The Campaign: Established in 1982, Kathy Nealy & Associates is a high-profile, Dallas

-based consulting firm specializing in public affairs and community relations. The firm has advised many corporations and helped organize presidential campaigns, tours for foreign dignitaries, and support for community initiatives on a local, state, national and international level. Recent political clients include Elba Garcia for County Commissioner, Clay Jenkins for County Judge, the Dallas Convention Center Hotel Campaign, the Parkland Bond Campaign, Max Wells for Mayor Campaign and the Dallas Cowboys stadium election. The firm has also served former Mayors Ron Kirk and Starke Taylor. Kathy Nealy was retained by the Mike Rawlings for Mayor Campaign to handle political consulting and to build and manage a grassroots organization for the Mike Rawlings campaign in the Southern Sector. As a grassroots consultant to the campaign, providing political strategy, message development and creating a timeline and budget for the Southern Sector grassroots campaign, Ms. Nealy was paid a monthly fee in the amount of $15,000. Upon approval of the strategy and budget, Ms. Nealy was responsible for overseeing the development and execution of a grassroots effort that included: • Neighborhood walk program, including hiring and managing of 40-50 paid walkers to contact 100,000 voting households over a 6-week period in City Council districts 4,5, 7 & 8. These walkers would also be responsible for delivering door hangers and collecting yard sign locations. • Paid phone bank, including hiring and managing for a phone bank of 8-10 live phone callers to call approximately 80,000 targeted municipal and presidential voters in the City Council districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8. • Sign distribution, including the delivery of yard signs that were identified via walkers, phone calls, internet and direct mail reply devices, and including the placement and installation of large 4X4 signs at key high-traffic areas and intersections. • Outreach to community leaders, including religious leaders, who may endorse on a personal basis (but not on behalf of their organization). This included setting up one-onone meetings and briefings to educate Mr. Rawlings on key issues, scheduling visits to existing community meetings like HOA and Crimewatch groups, and key stakeholder events (like the African American educators dinner and similar events) • Assisting with earned media, including gathering community and religious leaders for a press event, and earned media placement on targeted venues like the Robert Ashley Show on KHVN. • Early voting and election day GOTV, including making contact with voters identified via the walk and phone programs, and hiring and overseeing poll greeters for the top polling locations.

The budget breakdown for these services for the May 14 election was as follows: Walk Program - $65,000 (includes printing of 100,000 door hangers and walkers to distribute to 100,000 targeted households in top 100 precincts in Southern Sector) Sign Distribution - $15,000 (includes yard sign delivery of more than 2,000 signs and installation of more than 100 4X4 signs) Phone Program - $50,000 (includes completion of 80,000 live phone calls in to targeted voter households) Community & Religious Outreach - $15,000 (setting meetings, handling follow-up, securing endorsements, assisting with organizing press event and other earned media, and vehicle rental and staffing for early voting and election day GOTV programs) Early Voting GOTV - $15,000 (includes live phone calls and robo calls, walking in targeted areas, poll greeters and rides to polls) Election Day GOTV - $15,000 (includes live phone calls and robo calls, walking in targeted areas, poll greeters and rides to polls) Misc Expenses - $5,000 (includes office expenses, phones, couriers, mileage reimbursement, food / refreshments for walkers and other staff)

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