Stem-and-Leaf Display Workbook

Goal: Using a Visible Basic for Applications module to produce a stem-and-leaf display. Cross-reference: Chapter 2

Workbook Contents (four sheets): Overview Sheet Summary of this workbook. Data Sheet Data for number of customers and weekly sales for a sample of 20 package delivery stores. Variable Range Notes Input area A:A Enter values to be plotted here Stem-and-Leaf Sheet Holds output of stem-and-leaf VBA module. VBA Module Module sheet containing VBA code to generate stem-and-leaf plot from data in column A of Data sheet.

(This workbook is marked read-only and cannot be resaved. but do not skip any cells. Click the Generate Plot button below. 2. Print or copy the Stem-and-Leaf sheet to another workbook.) Page 2 . Use as many rows as you need. Enter the data for stem-and-leaf plot in column A. Microsoft Excel generates a stem-and-leaf plot on the sheet named Stem-and-Leaf.Data Instructions 1.

dev. minimum maximum Page 3 .Stem-and-Leaf Stem-and-Leaf Display Leaf unit: n mean median std.

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