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Pink & Tina (Vintage Teenage) Magazine - Issue 61 - May 25th 1974

Pink & Tina (Vintage Teenage) Magazine - Issue 61 - May 25th 1974

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Popular 1970s teen magazine, with pop, fashion & romance.
Popular 1970s teen magazine, with pop, fashion & romance.

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Published by: Rosefairy100 on Jul 02, 2011
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Help! The office has been taken over by the summer bug!

First it was Sally - dancing round the maypole! Then we heard that dishy David Essex was in Spain for his latest film - read about it on p33! Next we found Kim rushing round like a little ray of sunshine dizzy doin' our quiz, y'see - pages 7-8. Phew, what a week!
Palm Tree Dreams What could be lovelier than lying on a golden beach, listening to the palm trees swaying in the breeze? Mmmm, it's easy to get carried away, isn't it? But if you're not reckoning on jet-settin' it over to the Caribbean (who is"), don't despair, 'cos Evette have brought out a super new Caribbean make-up range that'll make you feel halfway there! Their perfume comes in two lovely summer pangs, Sun for day, and Moon, for those balmy, holiday strolls. From Woolworth, 3Op.

Three cheers for British Home Stores! They're bringing out a new range of bikinis that'll enable those of us whose figures ignore the British standard 32 bust 34 hips, and insist on being an awkward 34 bust, 32 hips (or thereabouts) to wear a bikini that actually fits. They are selling tops and bottoms separately so that nothing need bag or bulge out of anything! You can even buy a different colour top and bottom outfit if you fancy the jester look!



An prices in this issue were correct at time of going to press.

This is a desperate plea to our Jilly from all the rest of the jean-cladded tatty 01' Pink gang ... Please stop all those gangly, slender, cool-cat models from wandering into OUI office to see you ... it makes us feel like something you find on a Corporation dump!


In The Shade Don't spend those sunny days in a permanent squint-come-wink from the glare of the sun, 'cos there are -somany smashin', eye-catching sun glasses

around in all shapes 'n' colours now, The dolly girls in our pice}' are wearing (from Jeft to right) dark lensed glasses, with rainbow coloured plastic rims, 7,5p; thin-rimmed mock

tertolse-shell specs with sky-blue lenses that make every day look sky blue. costing-75p, And space-age specs with a 2001 look to them, 95p, in lots of crazy colours! All from Boots,

The Great Escape For all you Colditz addicts here's an exhibition you just mustn't miss . , , the showing of origmal equipment collected during a special mission to the genuine Colditz camp in Germany. There are all sorts of weird contraptions that the prisoners used to try and • escape, ondisplay, and some of the things used in the TV series too. It's on !'lOW until September 29 at the Imperial War Museum, London BEland is open from lOam· 5.30pm. But ehack times for Sundays.

WE'VE been sitt:i.hg here thinkin' out another tune twister to get your brains tickin' over , .. so get to it n-ow!The answer to each question is a number, 50 when you've worked out the answers cross off the corresponding number in the seale below. Then change the REMAINING numbers into letters according to their position in the alphabet (A·I, B~2) ... and hey presto ... you've got the answer!
Noted Names 1). Aprtl- St George's Day. 2). Charles Dickens' "A Tale of - Cities". 3). How many years for the Topaz Wedding Anniversary? 4) ..Sheets of paper in a quire? .5)" David Livingstone explored Africa ill the =-thcentury. 6). M.L-.


9 '(9


IT'S as good as holiday time folks, and holiday time always means raiding the piggy bank of all those hard-saved pence! But hold on ... don't despair if only a few eoins roll into your anxious little hand ' .. 'cos here's one kind of holiday that's cheap AND very enjoyable - Youth HosteDing! There are over 250 Youth Hostels in England and Wales alone and another 80 in Bonny Scotland! These hostels are nothing glamorous; dormitories and the use of a kitchen (you can buy hot meals there as well) '. , but then what can you expect for about 40p a night! The main object of these hostels is to enable country ramblers to be accommodated at very low costs, so if you're a country lass and fond. of walking or cycling (smashin' for the figure. apart from anything elsel) here's just the job! You must become a member of the Youth Hostel Association before you can use these hostels, tho', $0 write here for details: Y B,A. Trevelyan House, St Albans, Herts,


61 '(9

fZ ·(t 91 '(f:


&Z 'CT

Bright Spark!
Slender blue-eyed lady singer,.Joni Mitchell, has really hit the jack-pot with this new album, "Court and Spark", Her clear voice bounds gracefully from one octave to another, making it

all sound as easy as pie, and the lyrics ... well, of course, they're pure poetry, A smashin' album, with plenty of fast rock 'n' rQlly kind of numbers as well as the heart tingling lovey-dovey onesl

Flory meets her friend face to face - in the greatest surprise of alII


last Flory Gate5, a I au nd rene gl rl, thinks she has discovered who her mysterious friend is, the one who has been helping her

all tMs time. Bu.! her

surly auntand uncle also know - and they have found a very expensive necklace in the laundry bag of Mrs Fon,tain". Now Flory and he, aunt and uncle have taken a taxi to visit Mrs Fontaine._ . ,

The friend in flory':i foot:itep:i

...----------- ..





.",()UA LI
ARE you the kind of gal' who keeps smiling whatever the situation, and who makes everyone round feel like things are always rosy
Your best pal . staggers round to see you after a banaria skin............ skidding, tights_ ripping, purse-losing, thoroughly disaster-ndden day, Do you: a, Have a good laugh as she unravels her Laurel 'n' Hardy kind of day? b. Console her by recounting days that you've had "just like that"? c. Take her out for a Slap-up, moral-boosting feed, down at the local hamburger house?


your bedroom window. Doyou: a. Jump up anyway and, although postponing your picnic, go to the fair in the evening, enjoying the added bonus of puddle jumping? b. Wriggle further under the blankets and stay there in a sulk for the rest of the day? c. Get up, but hang around at home all day, hoping the weather's going to cheer up? Sauntering nonchalantly by the river, twirling your parasol in the breeze and dressed in your super Laura Ashley-type white dress, a small, grubby looking boy whizzes past you on his bike, splashing mud all over your flowing robes. Do you: a, Charge after him,



It's Ban. k Holiday Monday and you've planned a sunny picnic and a tri,p to the visiting fair, but when you wake up, you hear the rain pounding steadily and unrepentantly against



,.' or are you a sulker and moaner when things aren't gain' quite the way you want? Try our quiz, and find out , .. !
(i t

even scares youl) war cry?

screaming a terrifying

b. Brush' the mud off and put your nasty experience down to "playful scampers"? c. Grit your teeth, but carry on trying to look perfectly calm and normal? You've just washed you hair and slapped a honey and egg yolk face mask on your chops when a friend (?) comes round to try out her new Polaroid camera on you! Do you: a. Rush sullenly into a spare room and lock the door? b. Make the best of a bad job and pull such a grin that your face Rack crumbles into a million pieces? c. Let her just take a back view?

It's the school sports day and you're ready to put your many hours of hurdling practice into action, but as you're running out to the field you trip and sprain your ankle, Do you: a. Stagger off and have a good sulk round the back of the pavilion? b. Give your pal, who's also running in the race, a healthy slap on the back and wish her the best of luck? c. Sit and watch the race muttering, "Of course, if it hadn't been for my ankle I would have .. ."?



been raining for the past two days. Do you: a. Jolly your 'pal along by suggesting a trip to the nearest cream tea cafe? b. LIe around in the tent getting more cramped, saying "I told you we should have hired a caravan."? c. Stick around prewing constant mugs of steaming hot tea on your fast-faltering primus stove? That runnynosed little fella, commonly known as your brother, bounds into your room one sunny morn to tell you some madly interesting (to 'him) news. Unfortunately, you're in the middle of a luscious dream, Do you: a. Pretend you haven't heard his squeaky cries and disappear under the blankets'! b. Slt up brightly, saying, "What fabulous news"? e. Tell him to go away?

1. a 2. a 3. a 4. a 5. a 6. a 7. a



You're under canvas with your best fliel'ld (a sure way to make or break a friendship) and it's

0-20 You really are a bit of a kill·jOY aren't you? The slightest inconvenience . throws you into a head-on sulk that affects everyone around you. Be a bit more cheery for sveryene's sake! 25-45 There's a weeny ray of sunlight peering through, so don't cover it up! You'll be much happier if you let mini disasters just ride over yow' head, and laugh them off! 50-70 You're that great big beaming, streaming ray of sunshine that everyone loves to have around. Come rain 01' shine you are bright 'n' breezy, makin' folk round you feel as happy as you!

0, b 5, C 10 10, b 0, C 5 5, b 10, C 0 0, b10, C 5 0, b 10, C 5 10, b 0, C 5 5, b 10, C






Next Week: Meet Hayley Donlan -

in a great new PINK serial!

Lil-lets.The tampon that knows its working in a very sensitive area
thinking of changing from towels to tampons, thinkof Lil-lets first. Because as well as protecting you better than towels, Lil-Iets have a unique way'of working that makes them ideal for first-time users. Quite simply, once it's inserted a Lil-Iets tampon blossoms out widthways ina controlledway to give you perfect protection-so there's no risk of embarrassment. Yet-and this is the big difference between Lil-lets and other tampons-while this protective widthways expansion is taking place, there's no lengthways expansion. Because a tampon that extends lengthways can cause discomfort. So that's the unique benefitof Lil-lets: complete protection in perfect comfort.And that's what makes them the natural first-time choice for so many girls today.


Lil-lets WidthwaysExpanslon protects you perfectly inperfect comfort.





A natural part of • growmg up
A Smith & Nep.hewProduct.





(;Pol'' ' PC







THINK of summer and we think of warm, sunny beaches, a shimmering blue sea ... and plenty of time to just laze ... and swim ... and sunbathe . .. Ohl It all sounds too good to be true! But wherever you're going for your summer hols we hope you have a great timeand we've got just the things to wear in our fantastic summer wardrobe designed just for you! There's everything, from a bikini to a soft voile evening dress. a cheeky t-shirt and shorts outfit and a handy tote bag (which we'll be showing next week!)



- I..,'"
1"'" WII ,







~'U;/JS', fI

eu fTl2.

This week -and during the next three we'll be giving you patterns and instructions for the wardrobe - so watch out for them, won't you! You wiU etten need a small amount of this for waistband,. collar, etc. So it wouW be advisable to buy a yard or so of medium or lightweight (depending on the thickness of the fabrics you are using) souou always have some handy. S.a = seam allowance. W.s. = wrong side. R.s. = right side. C.b. = centre back. f::' t-::::



ISA. iii


. ~-.


I ...























Ie. I...




We made them in heavy gaberdine (Bushbaby, £1.30, Style No. RF 5571). Size: 34in hip, 26in waist (adjustable) 341nside leg. Materiajs Required: 2iYds x 36in, 45in wide fabric, 7in zip. Thread. Hook and bar. Stiffening for waistband (Iron on vilene). Pattern: Ellt one waistband, two pockets, two fronts, two backs. 1n stiffening cut one waistband and two strips lin x: 8in for pockets. Making Up: Press and neaten all seams as you work. 1. Iron lin x8in strips onto w.S. 01 the diagonal pocket facing. 2. Fold facing into w.s, of pocket along "fold line" . Machine stitch. 3. Tum under to w.s. each of the four edges of the pocket - tin and tack in place. 4. Position pockets on front pieces as marked on pattern and machine round four edges leaving diagonal edge open. 5. Sew side seams and inside



leg seams, fronts to backs. Sew back darts. 6. Sew round crotch seam, leaving a ?lin opening for zip. 7..Insert zip (fellowing' instructions 'on pattern). 8.. Try on trousers and adjust waist if necessary, 9. Iron stiffening onto w.s. of waistband. 10. Sew waistband onto trousers, with lin wrap to wrap under on the left hand side of the zip. 11. Fold waistband along "fold line" right sides tog. Sew up ends Trim COIners. 12. Turn r.s. out. Turn in seam allowance of lin on inside of waistband and catch down by hand to row of machine stitching round waist. 13. Sew hook and bar to top of waistband. 14. Try on trousers and turn up hem - or measure the inside leg on a pair of trousers you already wear, and put up hem to that measurement.




.... tot ,"" b....


r'D lA, !"oIfI







I ~,I,"
' • ''6







~ ......


a: ~~


We used navy and red gaberdine (Bushbaby). At £1.30 per yard. RF 5571. MateriaLRequired: iin yard x 45in wide fabric in each of the two colours. Or lin yard x 36in wide in each of the two colours. Pattern: From each colour cut one brun and six cross sections. Cut one brim in vilene if you are using it. Making Up: Press all seams as you work. 1. Join cross sections make two crowns, one in each colour. The easiest was to do this is to sew three together, then the other three together and then sew the two halves together to 'make one crown. (Try. the hat on and if it is tight sew the last seam again with less seam allowance), 2. If you are using vilene, iron it on to the w.s. of the brim piece.



51 .~ .. 1M':

PA ~



Nv't" t.


<, III! 1"11- ~ l!i::'I' leHT 12 1"'Iit:-.. ..... 10;;:: c..! ~~

IQ"-C ~







-J /t'

3. Place the ends of each brim piece together and join with tin s.a. to make a round. 4. Sew both brims together (right sides together) around the outer edge. 5. Trim brim right side out and press. 6. Sew the brim to one crown piece so that the same Colour crown is against its brim. 7. Tum inside out and sew the second crown in to the hat (like lining). If you sew this (turn lin under all round) to the line of stitching that joined the brim crown, it will hardly show. One reversible hat.











' ':



lSI ,,,< I'-...

ll,;., Ii'll Me. ~



L ,.,




I!llIe I'" ,:5~ oR:l ~






BRA with tie strips. (*Remember the fabric we used is OK for sea - but not for swimming pools!"). Size: 32in bust. 34in hips. Materials Required.: tyd x 40in fabric. ! yard x 36in wide cotton lawn for lining. fyd x tin wide elastic. Thread. Pattern Pieces: In fabric - two bra cup pieces, four bra strap pieces {two for shoulder straps, the other two pieces are joined for the undercup drawstring"). One shorts front. One shorts back. In cotton lawn Iinrng - two bra cup pieces. One shorts front. One shorts back.









/. V


I, t

'I -:




III 1.11 if/( IA



.-. "


,\. \

.\ f!:



c ~T





I;j I~


I-~ Itr. 1

»: V


I\. i\'

'FpLP I-'~Ie:



IZ I"'




!I'll r!n "J

6. Machine around each leg about tin or less from the edge. Tills will hold lining to shorts. Sew another row lin in from this. 7. Fold upper edge of shorts (i.e, waist) in tin to w.S. Then fold in a further tin. This forms the channel for the elastic. 8. Stitch close to both edges of the channe1, leaving a gap of jin between both rows of machining. Leave an opening in the lower row of stitching for the elastic. 9. Thread the elastic through the channel (safety pin again!), pull ends together and pin. 10. Try on shorts, adjust length of elastic, sew ends together with a tin overlap and trim off surplus. Sew gap in channel.

Making Up: Press all seams as you work. BRA: 1. Sew straps. Join two lengthwise to make the under-cup drawstring which should be 45tin long. Fold each piece lengthwise Tight sides together and sew. Turn r.s ..out and press. (Use a safety pin to pull fum'). Neaten ends. 2. Place each triangle of cup lining right sides together with each cup and machine top edges, leaving lower edges open. Trim seam allowance down to tin, tum r.s, 0\11 and press. 3. Fold lower edge tin under to w.s. then fold again lin on "fold_line". Sew down at top edge, leaving ends open for drawstring.

4. Sew each of the. shoulder strap pieces to the Inside top of each cup. 5. Thread the under-cup drawstring piece through both cups in the channel you left open. (Again use safety pin!). SHORTS: 1. Stitch front to back ag side seams and crotch on both shorts and lining. 2. Stitch along seam line on leg edges of shorts, (i.e. tin. 3. Press seam allowance to w.s, using this Me of stitching as guide. Clip curves and trim to about tin. 4. Repeat for lining. 5. Place lining into shorts, w.s. together and pin around leg edges, matching side and crotch seams. Tack round leg edges and waist (at about lin from top).



I fOi 0 L.


~ ~

'i 'L

-I}.4 IA

i i'i





Ia: Il'
I~ ,



-r: :::.~II'

" t'-.:



... ...




I~ I ~ i~

... "" D


r-..: It"

WE made ours in a "bright sunny yellow cotton seersucker printed with tiny red roses (fabric by Bush Baby, £1.22, yd). You can wear it with practically averythmg else in the wardrobe' - the trousers

and short skirt, as well as with the long skirt and super shorts we'll be showing you next week! Sizes: fits all sizes. Materia1s required: !yd x 4()in fabric. Thread. Pattern: Cut main piece







and halter tie piece. Halter tie pie~ measurements 40in x 2in .. (Finished width fin). Making up: Press fabric and cut out pattern pieces. 1. Tum edges on sides and bottom in tin to w.s.; turn over a furt.ber tin and hem down (by hand or machine). 2. Turn top edge in tin to w.s, Machine down. Turn over lin (or "fold line") to w.S. and sew down, leaving both

ends open for the halter tie to thread through. Press. 3. Sew up the halter tie, fold the piece Iengthwise right sides together and sew with a lin s.a. Pull right side out (using a safety pin is the easiest way). Neaten ends.






To wear the halter top, knot the tie round YfJu1' neck andtie ends 01 the triangle· behind your waist.

~ryone thoughtlhat ,~ Sugar Jone was th., besklooklng. 'warm.st· heartedstaron the TV SCene, On'ly' he, asslstan t, Su .ie, knew the truth - thai Sugar was a sel fish" 'ConteilEd forty·yea,'·ol d mad. up 1,0 100 I<c lik., One day; when Sugar was ,mQdell'~ .,g' fo r 2! n advert •..


"Happy Farmll, they call it - but it has Sugar in tears.!









--- - ----- - - -- -----




Next Week: Sugar's out to make a bomb -

from a beard!

Gerry and the Pacemakers haven't made much of an impact since the days of the Mersey . sound. But now they're right back and ready to rock with their new SPECULATING! single, 'Remember (The What kind of birthday Days of Rock and Roll)'. . cake would you give a guy and if you can't who had over 25 pairs of remember what Gerry looks like, you can have a specs? Well the people at good gander at him if you the Room At The Top, llford, decided to give tune in to 'Sooty' or Elton John a cake shaped 'Hold the Front Page' like - you've guessed both on Thames. TALENT SPOTTER? Gilbert O'Sullivan isn't a talkative man. He rarely gives interviews (hint, hint, Gilbert, if you're reading thisl) and when he does he's not over-enthusiastic, says people don't really want to know about him as a songwriter: In fact, he doesn't seem very impressed by the current pop seene at all, he wishes that people would give more publicity to the young unknowns rather than the established


the occasion of his 27th birthday. Elton was performing there at a private testimonial party in aid of Ian Morgan, former QPR winger who was recently transferred to Watford Town, of which Elton is a director. greats. Well, Gilbert if you're interested, our Andrea's got a passable voice, Kim's quite good on the bongos and Brigid ... SECOND GENERATION Who is this charming young person? (Right). Well, to give you a clue, he's the son of a Very Famous Person and he even has his own fan club. In actual fact, it's Zowie Bowie, son of You-Know-Who. Wonder if he'l1 ever be as famous as his dad ...

a pair of specs to mark

TOO MUCH Latest band being promoted by Mickie Most (the man who discovered Suzi Quatro amongst others) is Arrows. The band consists of three pretty tasty felIas, Alan Merrill, Jake Hooker and Paul Varney . . All three lads have had a lot of experience in the music business - so they shouldn't have too many surprises in store ..Watch out for their single, "Touch Much".


A bi;t hard up this week? Well write to Pink Post, Fleetway House, Farrtngdcn Street, London EC4A "AD. You eouldearn yourself a qUid.!
Dad sure got :me into trouble the other day.,.! I rushed down to my newsagent only to find! that he'd given my Pink to somebody else .. After a heated row I stormed out and went home .... to find .my Dad sitting in his armchair reading my Pink! Yes, it was he who had nipped down to the shop at the crack -b:&· dawn so that be could read it first! Janet - Doncaster HOLLON Sauntering past a cafe window 1 saw this inviting notice in the window: Drop in. for a coffee and roll downstairs. Katrina - Manchester Sounds a paiitjul kind of

going to receive a prize for good attendance ... trouble was, when the teacher called out her name there was no response yes, she was absent! Sarah - Plymouth LOCK UP THOSE BULLDOZERS! How about this for acrazv label on the side of a bottle of medicine: FOR CHILDREN DO NOT DRIVE OR WORK ANY KIND OF MACHINERY AFTERTAKlNG A DOSE OF THIS MEDICINE! JaqueUne8t Ildens STRANGE WARNING Couldn't help wondering whether this advertlsement I saw for a certain brand of cigarette was meant to put folk off buying them instead of making them want them - "When you taste one of

tty another!"



never want


GlynisCo Dublin BIG OFFER! Mulling through the underwear department "Of a big store hoping for a bargain I spotted this notice: FANTASTIC REDUCTIONS ON WONDER BRAS REMAlNING STOCKS SHRINKING RAPIDLY! I didn't risk it! Meg - Falmouth SrOTfY PRANKS! Cleaning my teeth the other morning I glanced into the mirror and saw that my face was covered in hundreds of little red spots. . .J From bebind me I heard someone laughing _.. it was my little brother! Yes he bad painted the red spots on the mirror! Laura - New Malden

sn.ack to us, Katrina!

1300D ATI'ENDANCE It ~as presentation time at school, and my friend was


k nOWW_3.





] bought a moped about six months ago for nipping here and there on . ., . and oh boy, how my dad and brother used to laugh at me as Ichug-chugged off into the distance, Now "it's.my turn to laugb! Angela _ Aberdeen

You're probably finding out that the worst thing about periods is having to put up with all The aches and pains that scmerirnes go with them. Your head hurts. Your back aches. You feel depressed. You don't want to go out or do 'anything. Jr doesn't seem fair. And a lot of women just won't put up with it. They might not tell you, bur they take something [0 help them over those bad days, They take Anadin* Tablets, the all-round pain reliever, ·'Anadin,e contains four medically approved ingredienta, to relieve paine and so leave you feci ing bright an d cheerfu J again. 'That's why the 'Anadin' fOrmula is es.pedillysuitable for perio d_ pains. Next time you go to the chemist's get some 'Anadin' Tablets. You'!! find like so many women, that 'Anadin' can make one day of the month seem jllS! like any other. * Trade-mark


questions you'd like to ask a pop star? Like: "How old are you, grandad?" Yeah, welt we feel that way too. We know e;.cactly what we'd like to ask same of the
superstars - and

EVER had any reaUy searing

we wilL too, when

we next see them ... well, maybe ... LINDA: To David Cassidy: If you're a health hazard, does that mean you're infectious? And if so, is there an antidote 'cos Sally thinks she's catching it ... JILLY: To Robert Redford: Seeing as Barbra Streisand and Mia Farrow weren't supposed to be too keen on you, how would you feel about coming over here and doing a film of "NOddy Loses His Clothes"? You can be Noddy, I'll be Mr Plodd ... VALLI: To Alice Cooper: As you're :really such a nice guy, why did you have to bother with all those snakes and 'orrible make-up? Come to that, why do I bother

Suzi Quatro: Please will you marry me? I'm only a struggling journalist but I'm trying ... ANDREA: To Gary Glitter: Are you really as short as your cardboard cut-out? Are you really as thin as your cardboard cut-out? Are you reaUy (be truthful now) a cardboard cut-out? SALLY: To The Man In Black: What happened to that box of chocolates you were going to send me? I'm hurt - not to say darned hungry. 8RIGID: To David Bowie: Please will you send back those lurex stockings I sent you, I'm going to a party next weekend and I'd rather like to wear them. Hope you haven't laddered 'em ... KIM: To Paper Lace: Is the chap who sings "keep your pretty bead low" sitting on a very large hat pin or is he justin training for Female Vocalist of the Year?
last winter. But apart that, the wardrobe contained only some moths and a few bits and pieces which I laughingly pass off as clothes. Strange1y though, I could still hear the crying. It struck me then that the crying came from the next room. So I went next door and tapped on the weepy lady's door. She wasn't keen to let me in but she did to avoid having me hammer her door down and maybe wake the landlady up. The landlady in her rollers in the middle of the night is not a pretty sight. Funny thing was, in two weeks I'd never seen my next door neighbour. And she was a dish! She'd only been in London a few weeks and she's lost her job and her boyfriend had given her up and she was lonely and she didn't have a coin for the gas to make a cup of coffee. Well, I made her a cOffee and we talked half the night. Her name is Jane and you've got to believe it Jamie is in love again. There's a lot to be said for having a ghost in your wardrobe.

with all that 'orrible make-up ... ? JAMIE: To Olivia Newton-John or

LIVING on your own in a bed-sitter isn't bad. Not once you get used to it. I've been in my pad a couple of weeks now. I've got to get used to a lot of new night sounds. There's the creaking floorboard outside my room that wakes me up rigid with fright. I'm convinced it's the landlady's brother, Count Dracula, coming to get me. There's a wire that taps a~ainst the window when it s windy, like somebody wanting to come in. But each time, just before I die of fright, I tell myself there's a logical explanation for each sound. Or I did until I heard someone in my wardrobe. It's a pretty eery feeling to wake up after midnight and know there's someone in your wardrobe. The first thought that struck me was that the accommodation problem in London had got so bad that my landlady had let off my wardrobe to some homeless person without telling me about it. I decided

to complain to the landlady fU'st thing in the morning. But then whoever was in my wardrobe made a strange little noise and it was a girl's voice .. I decided not to complain after all. By then I was just about wide awake and I realised that the chances of finding a Teal girl in my wardrobe were about nil. Therefore, it was a ghost. Trust me to get the only haunted wardrobe in Britain. I stopped being quite so

scared when I realised the ghost was crying. In fact, I got to feeling sorry for her and finally summoned up the courage to creep out of bed and turn on the light. Ghosts don't like light so I opened the wardrobe door and was attacked viciously by a Government surplus Army overcoat that I bought

The camera with the strange power flashes -' for the lait timet

olly Fortune, caratvsed after an accident, had got hold of. st'range camera that took people Into another, weird world which seemed to exist simultan&ouslywith the real world. In this other world, Polly could walk, but her friends were all changed In unpleasant ways. Now Polly's friend, Ian, had been involved in accidents in both worlds and Polly believed that the only way to help him was to use ihe strange camera
once more.



As Uncle Jack closed the door.



As Po lIy pressed the bulb ...

Donlt miss the great new PINK serial that begins NEXT WEEK!

Most oj us have done something we were ashamed of and bitterly regretted afterwards. (Go an, have a think, I'm sure at sometime or another you've said to yourself, "On, if only I hadn't done . . .") Sally talked to three Pink readers who faced this problem, and this is what they had to say . . .
Luckily. Liuie was found out before things reaUy got out of hand. But if ever you are tempted to take something that isn't yours, just stop and think how you'd feel if someone was steating YOUR things.

'I WasSo

LIZZY: "When I look back now I really don't know why I did it. I'd always had everything I wanted and I was never short of money or clothes. "But it seemed so easy at the time. "It all started when my friend at school asked me to get something for bel' from her blazer pocket. When I reached into her pocket I found some money there - just loose change, a· 50p piece, some lOps and 5ps teo. . "There was nobody else about so I just quickly slipped the 50p into my pocket, and went back to class. I knew it was wrong at the time, but I just couldn't help myself. ''From then on I took little things - sometimes it was 5p from my Mum's purse, or I d slip little things into my pocket without paying when I was out shopping. But at school it was easier, 'cos I could always go to the cloakroom when there was nobody else about. "Nobody ever said anything about their things missing - but it was at a school that I was eventually found out when a. girl's watch went missing. ''WeaJI had to go into the head's office one by one, and when 1 got there she found the watch in my pocket, and I just started crying and told her all about the other things I'd taken. , "She was very kind to me. She didn't tell anyone who it was who had taken the watch - just returned it to the girl saying it had been found. She gave me such a talking to tho' that I'll never do anything like it again. And when I think back now, I just don't know why I ever did it in the first place ... " SALLY SAYS: The
temptation to steal is something that hits aU Of us at sometime in our lives - a thought which most of us manage to fight.

SARAH: "Cath and I have been best friends ever since we were little kids but when I started dating her boyfriend I felt a real traitor. "I COUldn't tell her I was gOing out with him either, 'cos if I had she'd have hated me. She was so upset, You see, when he broke it off with her. "I felt really awful, because it happened while she was away on holiday. She got back - and Phil (that's his name) just told her it was all over, and he was going out with someone else, tho' he never said who. "Cath told me all about it and I felt such a heel, 'cos all the time 1 knew it was me making her so unhappy.

"But really I wasn't enjoying myself much either. I liked going out with Phil but I was always anxious in case someone saw us and told Cath, so we didn't go out together for very long. "I've never told Cath it was because of me Phil broke up with her. 'Cos I know if I did we'd never be such good friends again."

SALLY SAYS: Sometimes it's best to
knOW the truth wiLLhurt them very much. And Sarah realized the

keep things from our friends, when we

happiness she found with Phil would always have been tarnished by Cath's shadow.

JANE: ''We were always up to tricks in our class - playing jokes on our class mates and sometimes the teachers. But when a prank misfired and left one of the teachers very angry - I really let myself down. "I'd been the one at the head of that particular trick and tho' whoever had done it was given a chance to own up, I let someone else take the blame. ~'Icould feel everyone's eyes on me when the Head asked who was responsible, all wondering why I didn't own up - but still I sat there. "Afterwards it was awful, 'cos they sent me to Coventry and I could hear them whispering how awful I was for letting someone else be punished. "I felt very guilty and later I did own up - tho' it was too late really, it didn't make up for my behaviour."

SALLY SAYS: Jane did have the courage to own up - in the end, But how much better it would have been for her, and how much mOTe respec: he?' dassmates would have had tor her, it she'd awned up in the first place. But it does ta7w couraqe to admit you were wrong - so we shouldn't judge Jane too harshly,-We all make mistakesJ



__ ------Patly

wulks happily - right into a clevei' trap

Patty's World

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Take a drop of sunshine, a andfuJ of flowers and what ave you got? That light bright, golden feeling that summer's in the air. And with a few sunny hints You'lJ be shining all the way ... TART your day by wearing a oral perfume like Boots 17 erfume Oil, a range of six ummer flowery smellies to hoose from including Sunflower. Or try Max actor's Musk Florals, and smell like a bunch of fresh flowers! T ... about your air? Herb shampoos are uil of natural goodness that 't do anything but good or it. Mary Quant does one alled Gentle Berb Shampoo which leaves your hair shining and smelling really lovely. BATH ... goodies are a luxury you can afford when you make them yourself! Try taking an ounce of lavendar flowers (without sterns and leaves) and putting them in a pot with one pint of water. Beat gently and then take it from the sto.ve and leave to brew for at least three hours. Then strain this exotic potion into your bath - you'll smell and feel fantastic! H you can't be bothered to go to all that trouble, try something from the Country Lover bath range - they're full of country goodness, too! There's nothing like a natural facial steam to cleanse the skin. Take two bandfuls of marigold, lavendar or nasturtium petals and -put them into a bowl. Add two pints of bailing water (careful, though) and with a towel covering your head and the bowl to shut the steam in (keep your face at least eight inches away from the water - don't want any red-tipped, swollen nosesl) and steam for about 10 minutes. But., of course, if your skin is sensitive to heat or you have trouble with breathing it's best not to try this! FOR ... thorough cleansing and moisturtsing ror your skin Sunflower and Wheat cream must be a winner. (Write to Beauty Without Cruelty, 1st Floor, Martha Hill, 140 Marylebone Rd, London Wi). Also, not forgetting Evette's Country Beauty range which has everything

you need for cleansing and toning your skin, to keep it alive and fresh-looking, GET that sunflower shine in your eyes with colours like Primrose by Outdoor Girl, Harvest Lid lustre by Boots 17 or Buttercup by Cutex. LASTLY ... how about making a pot pourri to give your clothes and room a

lovely floral fragrance which couldn't fail to make you feel cheerful in the mornings? Put in a glass jar layers of dried petals like rose, lilac, lily of the valley, marigold and lavendar with herbs such as sage> rosemary, whole cloves, sticks of cinnamon and orange and grapefruit peel.

(You can dry the petals in the airing cupboard). Remember to keep your pot pourri in a dark place, though, as the sunlight will cause it to lose it's smell and dry up. So make this summer a summer full of natural goodness in every sunny corner of your beauty routine.


G INI (May 21-June 20) Don't get angry and upset over that silly little thing that's been niggling you recently ,if you ignore it, it'll go away!

You are sa moody at the moment that you're driving all your pals to rack and ruin. Try and stick to one temperament for a while and them a rest! VIRGO (Aug 22-Sept 22) Ufe at home should be full of roses right now, so don't do anything silly to spoil it! (Sept 23-0ct You've gone all sentimental about the past, Miss Libra, but don't be blue 'cos therere plenty of other things coming vour way. SCO~PIO (Oct 23-Nov 21) You're not using your full potential ... in fact you're only going at half measures. So rev up, Miss Scorpio and show 'em what re made of! SAGITTA~IUS (Nov 22-0ec 20) Someone close to you has a contact that'll come in handy sooner or later, try and probe it out,




WIlli 111£ 8'l(JFMllItll. .. 4

rEtlA£', lIIAr 11'/ (F/NPOIff W/lAiYtJURFAYE


4lAUfY tEl! YI)IIIIITO 1/IE 5'Et'R(!. ..
Your bad timing fer dates and things like that are making a lot of people feel pretty fed up with you, .. so YOLl'd better pull your socks ,or else! TAURUS (April 21-May 20) This is definitely your week for romantic matters, so make sure you're looking your prettiest and being your nicest!

TIlE4£$'1 OFEYERYfHlN'&fJf6/1. - •

D~~~APARTfWtJ ()/;.()(/IfFANTA~lj.'t'MAKE ~/,-. rl.U~ - YtJUHllF SUA1AfU IYAI!f)Kf)BE.'
Pit/liRE ~7tJRlEf;AN/) AU filE IIfllAL fllH W'




~IJ()~f)M YfJU~COPYK()W.'


write to
Sometimesthe solution to a problem is as near to us as the problem itself. It's ·so close, we can't see it. I hopeI can help you to see a bit more clearly. Keep writing ...
TOO MANY SWEETS Dear Sally, I need your help .. It's my health. I'm always eating crisps and chocolate and I don't eat good food. By the time dinnertime comes, I've stuffed myself with so much rubbish, I'm not hungry .. It'sthe same at every mealtime. 1 think I'm poisoning myself, because after every meal (if I'm able to eat) I feel sick. I can't stop myself from digging into a packet of crisps etc. 1 also get headaches at the slightest thing. My father owns a sweet shop next to our house, and that doesn't help much. I've beard of people getting jabs for certain foods or drink, and I'm frightened. Please, please help me. Elaine, Midlothian. Deer Elaine, I agree with you - too much oj anything is never good It always leads to an imbalance oj The jact that yeu recognise your problem and want to ao something about it means that you're on the way. First, though, I jeel you should do a bit oj deep thinking about the way you're treating yourself. As a poet once said, you.r body is the temple oj your SOIL~ so it's up to you to take care ,of it in the best possible way. A good diet is a start. You must begin to have some se.tj'<iiscipline and rule your habit instead oj your Sugar 'l"l'Wkeshe. blood t sugar le.ve~rise very q.uickly - that's. why people. feel a
habit ruLing you.

suddenly, and here's the craving again. Proteinmeat, cheese, eggs-keeps the blood sugar level steady, and yeu should have plenty of protein along with fresh vege'oobles J07· a good diet. Ask your dad to heLp you by NOT giving yeu bags of Sweets when you ask. Try not to eat in between meals for three days, then see how you feel. And if you can do it tor three days, you'll be able to increa.se your goal gradually until you're back to a normal diet. A.s to your headaches, I have a hunch that the main ca'U.'leis your diet. But if they continue, .see your doctor for further advice. In the meantime, consider this as a test. I'm sure YCJu'll pass. EMBARRASSMENT Dear Sally, I've not signed . this letter, as I'm sure - no, I know - that I represent many other girls my age in the same situation. It is a certain type of embarrassment I've just started to wear a bra andeither I have to wash it every evening or wear it one day and not the next. .MY thoughts lead me to believe that my mum is also embarrassed because when I have tried to ask her to buy me another one, she always changes the subject. Also, I've not started my periods yet, and if she is like this about a bra, I'm sure that I will not to be able to face her and ask for help, I hope you can help us Mum,. myself, and many others. 13·15 year-olds, The Wo.rld


some sort.

at such subjects and just wouUjn't disC'USst.hem. Houeuer, its you weLl know, atUtudes have changed quite a bit, ana in my &pinion, rightly so. Now, as yout· mum is the shy type, it's up to you to talk to her in the right way. Wait jor a quiet moment and tell her simply that you need another brit, and if she would give you the money for it, you'd be happy to buy one yourself. If you're natuml and straighif,orward, it'l.l help her to relax a bit, too. If she changes the subject, ask her why she's doing i..t. The important thing is to bring this out in the open. Certainly, all oj 'U.'I females (induding your mum) have had bUt, our first Oro. and had our first period, and it will remain so. There's nothing embanassing about it. It'.s just growth a~d Uje. TeLLyour mum that you need her help and guidance at this time. Ij you are sincere with her and let her know just how youjee~ she'U be more &pen and sympathetic towards you.

when he was in a crowd, and he said "no" , but I think he still likes me. Please help, Sally. Very Lonely Girl From Dreamland Dear V.L.G.F.D., The way I see it, all you need is some patience. The boy you like sounds like he's a slow mover; and just takes his ti'me before coming to a decision. The more anxious you appear, the mOTe this wilL put him off He already knows how you fee.~ but if yfJU push yriurse.lf jcmnard too much now, you'll be pushing him away. Don't ask any m.o:re oj your friends to say anything to him about you - he wants to make up his own mind and heart. From what you .say, he's very sure 0/ himself, ane(, yes, it does appear that he likes you, too. But give him the opportUnity to do the asking. Show a little bit oj independence - don't let him feel. as if you're waiting to trap him in your dreamy net ..As soon as you can let go of the desperate feeling you have toward him, he'l[ feel more relaxed and then, more able to a..skyou for a date.
Address yourp.rotl'lems to ~lIlly, Pink Magazine, . F.leetway House, EC4A 4AP,



burst: oj energy after eating chorulat;e But a jew MUTeS later, the level drops

Dear Wor.td, Your mum, like many others, probably had-a mum who jelt embarrossed

Dear Sally, I like this bey at the local judo club, and I know he likes me ..When we're not practicing, we sit ancl gaze into each other's. eyes and dream for ages. We know a lot about each. oth.er, our ambitions and everything. I would really love to go out with him, . I have never hada crush on a boy as long as this . (four months). He must like me because he sent me a birthday card, (I'm 14; he'U be 15 in June.) My friend asked him to go out with me


Faningdon Street,


Jenny discovers tne secreT OT Tne caSTle



hat was wrong in the tiny Scots village of Ness? Why were windowsindeed anything reflective, kept covered? And why were all the viii· agers terrified? Jenny MCCall knew It was because of the strange girl from the old castle above, Only Jenny. a non,.yillager. showed any concern or interest in the girl ... and because of that, she was now finding herself in a trap ...

Then the MCOarks were a typical large Victorian family. A strong family, their head a Captain
Colin MCDark ••.


But Captain Colin was' a restless man like so many Victorian gent'lemen he was a man with a dream - a dream of dlscoverIng the Sea of Glass - a fabled lake deep in the Sahara desert of Africa A I. ke no one had seen stnce the Pharoahs

One morn1ing he set out from Alexandria with his eerava n of a dozen ca m als a no bearers an d head ad south into the desert ...

And his dream turned into a nightrnare ... for that was the last that was ever seen of any of th em . . ,

When the news reached his family at the castle they were h ea rtbroken. I t seemed the truth about Captain Colin's fate would never be known that he would be just another victim of the Sahara Desert


Next Week: The truth about Jenny's father

Friends, Romans, countrymen, yokels, fools, Pinkies and passing idiots, lend me your ears, and if you want them back, send an SAE to ...

Needs 'Em ... What are friends for? What are friends? What is life? Why are we here? Are we here? (Enough of this philosophical claptrap, get on with it you fool! - Ed.) Anyway, back to my original theme - friends. I've had quite a few in my time, well, two actually if I'm going to be truthful and why not, it's summer and I don't see either of them now. Of course, I've got Kim. She's a friend, I suppose. It depends how you define the word "friend". If a friend is someone who tells you when you come in to the office that you look like Kung-Fu Cain tramping through the desert, then Kim's a friend. If a friend is a person who says, "Hoi, the kettle's boiling!" when you burst into joyful song, then Kim is a friend. She also tells me that mY latest love looks exactly like the bloke who was trying to chat her up in the lift last week and that's what 1 call really friendly. Well, what I saY to myself, in true philosophical fashion, is, ''Who needs measles when you've got friends like Kim?" Come to that. who needs friends. Well, me for one.

Pink Panthers ... Kim and JUly and Sally and I were walking back 'from lunch the other day (well, I call it lunch - we shared a packet of Smarties on a park bench), when I suddenly started thinking. "What's that strange rumbling noise?" Kim asked. "Well, it's either my stomach or Brigid's thinking

again," Jilly replied, casually pulling her sunglasssss over her nose and peering at me like a bush-baby. "You're right. I am thinking," I said (Kim, Jilly and Sally fall to the floor, frothing at the mouth). "I'm thinking what fools we've been to put up with this for so long. Why should Linda and Valli rush off for two-hour lunch hours while we man the 'phones, keep the tea-lady at bay and perhaps pop out for a packet of Smarties?" "Because they're bigger than us," Sally said truthfully. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've decided to form the Pink Panthers - a revolutionary underground movement which will wipe out two-hour lunch hours, introduce an Ansatone service and increase the Smartie ration. Y'see, Kim, Sally and I are "trainees" - or dogs-bodies - we do the things that nobody else wants to do. Jilly just hangs around with us because she thinks it makes her look youthful, but she's not really fooling anybody. But now we've had enough, Pink Panthers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your lunch-hours ... and your Smarties ... and your free , hone calls ... and your

wage packet ... Whose stupid idea was this anyway? My Cat Crept Out Again Girls take heed! I went into a well-known store which shall remain nameless (Harrods), to purchase myself a pair of knickers, panties, briefs or whatever you will. Now, this may all seem rather sordid to you, but thi little story does have a moral and I shall get to it eventually - so bear with me (or bare with me, if you feel particularly daringl). Searching feverishly through the underwear counter, throwing various undergarments willy-nilly, I spotted what looked like a rather attractive pair of pale green thingies. Hastily I bought them and stuffed them in my bag, eager to get home and try them on. What a nasty shock was in store, not only for me but for my cat who happened to be standing by When I tried them on. The knickers turned out to be in the cold light of day - a very nasty luminous green. My cat took one horrified look and ran from the room. She's been grey ever since, mind you, she was white to start with. So the moral is, don't buy knickers in a dark store and, if you do, don't let your cat catch you trying them on. WILL Olivia Newton-John ever recover from the Eurovisioa Song Contest (cheer up, Olivia, it wasn't that bad, was it?) ... Will Abba? ... Sorry, Iggy Pop fans, the lad won't be coming over here for concerts after all - he's disappeared into thin air ... Whatever Next Department: Poet Laureate. John Betjeman bas now released an album entitled "Banana Blush" - Wombles, watch out! ... If you thought Sparks ("This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both of Us") was an all female group, you'd be entirely wrong, they're two rather dashing fellas - but one has got a rather bigh soprano .... Eno now out of hospital and looking remarkably well for a fella who's had a collapsed lung ... New Exorcist Record label proudly presents "Sympathy For The DeVil" by Lucifer (we don't believe it!) ... Attention all Osmonds fans! (You too, Kim) Despite recent reports that the lads may be over in August, the latest word from their record company i$ that it's no goand they still don't have any dates ... Is Alvin Stardust really Gary Glitter'S son? Don't think so - Alvin hasn't got that same gorgeous crinkly smile, has he?

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