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CORPORATE INTERNSHIP-2011 Course Code: M3CIN01 Total Maximum Marks: 100 Objectives
The purpose of Corporate Internship for 6-8 weeks is to connect theory and practice, obtain knowledge & awareness of the functioning of various departments of the corporate and its environment which is utmost necessary for the success of the budding managers. The basic objectives of the Corporate Internship for the MBA students are: 1. To understand the business and competitive environment in which the organization is operating. 2. To analyze and understand the financial position of the organization viz – a – viz competitors. 3. To study at least one management department and its practices. 4. To facilitate our students in testing what they have learnt in the foundation courses in the first year. 5. To get a feel of corporate life and its functioning & understand various interaction styles.

Credit: 6

1. You must fill the Corporate Internship-2011 Form and meet your JBS-faculty supervisor, get it signed by him/her and submit to the Programme Director/PA to Director before leaving for joining Corporate Internship-2011 ( use Annexure-I). 2. You are advised to report to the respective faculty supervisor in the format attached (Use AnnexureII) as soon as you join your corporate internship organizations. (Preferably on the first day of joining itself) and keep taking guidance/updating your JBS-Faculty Supervisor through e-mail/SMS/Meeting. 3. The 6-8 weeks Corporate Internship progress would be monitored at two different stages. First stage at the end of the third week as Mid Internship review and second stage at the last week as Final Internship review. (a). Mid Internship review-By the end of this period you should be able to identify the company’s profile, the objectives of your study and review of the work done till that day in a one page report format, which you need to send to the JBS-faculty supervisor (b). Final Internship review Completion of the work done at your organizations in a one page report which you will send to the JBS-faculty supervisor. 4. You should feel free to contact the JBS-faculty supervisor for any specific queries/guidance during the corporate internship period. The faculty supervisors list is enclosed. 5. Evaluation Criteria: See the details below. 6. Details for Industry and Financial Statement Analysis (see the details below). 7. After completion of the corporate internship, students would be required to write a project report of not more than 70-80 pages, see the structure of the Corporate Internship-Report (use required formats available in separate file attached).

Corporate Internship Components

Industry Analysis 1.1 Industry size & trends of growth 1.2 Competitive analysis 1.3 Position of the company in terms of Market share etc... 1

Detailed study / Research Project Detailed study on the Marketing. Indian Economy.1 Liquidity ratios 2.5 Corporate mission and objectives Portfolio analysis It will also be useful in discussing the current and the future prospects and challenges that the company is likely to face with. You may refer to the following • • • • Economic and Monetary Indicators Unemployment Rate Industrial Production Corporate Profits Structure • Companies in the industry • Market size • Growth trends • Performance • Legal/Regulatory issues • Standards • Technology • Other environmental factors 2 . Micro Economic Analysis Analyze Global Economy. 4.4 Leverage ratios Do comparative analysis of the above with the balance sheets. Sector and Industry in order to provide a background of the business environment in which your company operates.1 Analysis of balance sheets.4 1. Profit & loss statements of the company for last three financial years in terms of minimum three ratios in each of the following categories and also analysis of cash flow statements for last 3 years: 2.2 Profitability ratios 2. Report Writing Details of Industry and Financial Statement Analysis (a)Industry Analysis While preparing your Corporate Internship Report. Macro vs. then you MUST do financial analysis of any other listed company in same industry and compare with other listed company of the industry.2. 3. 2.3 Activity ratios 2.2. Profit & loss statements and cash flow statements of one of its competitors. Operations and Finance & HR functions OR Details of the specific field based project assigned during the internship. you may cover the following under the Industry Analysis component (as applicable to your company and report).6 Sector & Market Segment Note: If for some reason the annual report of the organization is NOT AVAILABLE in which you are doing internship. Financial Analysis – Calculate as well as its interpretation in Business context 2.

Robert E. 37 – 87 of Management of Strategy – Concepts and Cases (India Edition) by Michael A Hitt.siamindia. Hoskisson and R.) • Trade Associations & Trade Publications • General Press • Company sources • International agencies.http://www. Duane Ireland.mospi.cmaindia.in o Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation – www.http://www.nic. Tata McGRAW HILL 3 . IMRB etc.com For the above said components/subcomponents you may refer the following – (i) Page no.org o Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India .org. and local government sources • Books Resources • Economic Data: o Reserve Bank of India .in • Industry Data: o Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation – http://mospi.in/iip_report.acmainfo. Cengage Learning.rbi. 7 – 14. 110 – 187 of Corporate Strategy (4th Edition) by Richard Lynch.com o Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers .nic.www.htm o Cement Manufacturers’ Association .Competition Analysis • Product Differentiation • Existence of Monopolies • Patents Held by Other Companies • Technological/Procedural Advancements • Barriers to Entry • Foreign Trade Policy Comparative Valuation: Competitors • Identifying Competitors o Perfect Substitution – Obvious competitors o Imperfect Substitution – Goods serve same basic purpose o Size and Scope of Business Industry/Product/Market Analysis • Consider 4 P’s: o Product o Price o Place o Promotion Sources of Information For Industry Information you may refer the following: • Industry Analyses and Market Research Reports (CMIE.http://www. Pearson Education Ltd (ii) Page no. (iii) Chapters 15 & 16 ( Pages 428 to 476 of Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management by Prasana Chandra.

Industry Analysis (5-10 pages) 10. Describe the goals for the project. Tata McGRAW HILL. and the accomplishments. stressing as much as possible on the management aspects of your work. (Second Edition) of Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management by Prasana Chandra. Please buy latest edition (iii) Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis by Ashish K Bhattacharya. Key Learning’s (1-2 pages) 14. References(including web references)(1-2 pages) 4 . 2007 ELSEVIER (c) Detailed Study/ Research Project Detailed study on the Marketing. Operations and Finance & HR functions OR Specific Field based Project assigned during the internship PROJECT DESCRIPTION Describe in detail the nature of the work or the nature of the project or projects. leadership structure and location of the facility at which the work was done o Describe your position and the basic areas in which you worked for your internship (d) Structure of Corporate Internship-2011 Final report of the internship should structured as follows: 1. Certificate from the organization 4. • PROJECT ANALYSIS A complete & exhaustive analysis of your project done during the internship period may be carried out. Table of Contents 6. Company’s Profile (2-5 pages) 9. importance. Do not disclose any proprietary information. Introduction & Objectives (1-2 page) 8. Financial Analysis (10-15 pages) 11. Cover page ( use Annexure-I) 2. diagrams & graphs for a more elaborative analysis of the work done. Self Certificate 3. the methods used to approach the project. Acknowledgement 5. Executive Summary (one page) 7. Apart from the write up & points of analysis you may prepare charts. Detailed Study/ Research Project (15-20 pages) 12. (7th Edition) (ii) Chapters 7 (Pages 180 to 239). Tata McGRAW HILL. including the activities. you may refer the following:(i) Chapters 3. Please describe the tools & techniques which you have applied or used & their resultant outcome.(b) Financial Statement Analysis For Financial Statement Analysis. which you carried out.Theory & Practice by Prasana Chandra. Conclusion & Recommendations (4-6 pages) 13. 4 & 5 (Pages 39 to 130) of Financial Management. Annexure 15. o Describe the extent of your involvement with this organization.

(a). Detailed Study/ Project Work out of 20 Marks (d). take his/her approval to get the report bounded and get the certificate signed by him/her in advance and submit the report as per the deadlines mentioned above without any excuse.July 8. Financial Statement Analysis out of 20 Marks (c). Mentor Evaluation out of 20 Marks Point (a) and (b) will be evaluated from the report and (c) and (d) will be evaluated during the viva-voce. Evaluation of Corporate Internship Each timely submitted Corporate Internship Report will be evaluated as under. review reports and overall conduct. 2011 between 10:00AM to 4:00PM Students are advised to show the draft-report to the JBS-faculty supervisor. 5 . timely submission. Student must keep one copy of report for him/her self. Point (e) will be evaluated by the JBS Faculty Supervisor for sincerity. For MBA 2010-12 Batch . Industry Analysis out of 20 Marks (b). These copies of reports will not be returned to the student. No Corporate Internship Report will be accepted after 5 days from the deadline. Marks for each component will be given as per the following classification.July 1. Late submission without approval till 5 days will invite deduction of 5 marks per day. student will be given “F” Grade in Corporate Internship and needs to repeat next year. Viva-Voce out of 20 Marks (e). No late submissions will be allowed unless approved by the Director-JBS. Level Below Average Fair Good Very Good/Excellent Outstanding* Out of 20 Less than 9 10-12 13-15 16-18 19-20 *Only in case the report/ project work is exceptionally outstanding and is among the best 5 per cent category. 2011 between 10:00AM to 4:00PM For DDM 2007-12 Batch .Submission of Corporate Internship Report One hard copy duly signed by the JBS-faculty supervisor and one soft copy(in CD) must be submitted to the Programme Associate as per the following schedule for evaluation and record.

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