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Dated: 7/2/2011

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kind Att: Ramesh
SUB : Pending Sales Tax Forms


Given below is the details of Invoices issued in your Name for which Sales Tax Forms were not received by us.We request you to take immediate steps to issue the same and oblige. Date 4/14/2009 5/14/2009 5/25/2009 5/25/2009 5/26/2009 5/27/2009 5/28/2009 5/29/2009 5/30/2009 6/29/2009 Bill No. 22 64 74 75 75 75 75 75 75 116 Total Assessable Value CST Amount Invoice Amount Form Type 43269 865 44134 C Form 111043 111232 31362 31362 31362 31362 31362 31362 49520 503236 2221 2225 627 627 627 627 627 627 990 10063 113264 C

Form 113457 C Form 31989 C Form 31989 C Form 31989 C Form 31989 C Form 31989 C Form 31989 C Form 50510 C Form

As per Central Sales Tax (Registration & Turnover), third Amendment Rules 2005, We are required to submit "C" Forms within three months from the last date of Expiry of Quarter in which the despatches has been made.So,Kindly ensure that the'C' Forms is send to us, so that we can receive the same during the above period.

Kindly send the Form immediately
Thanking You,

For Abc Ltd

Authorized Signatory .

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Adr2 csdfsde dfsvdxg dfdsf dsvcdsf City Kolkata Delji Haryana Up .

Fax. .no. Fax.no. Ph.1144444 Fax.11231 Ph. Fax. Fax.no. Fax.111 Ph.no.no.121221 Ph.cc31313 Ph.no.Contact Purson Ramesh Mohan Shohan Veenu Phone No.

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