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Published by: Anuraag Singh Dalal on Jul 02, 2011
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Caterpillar wants clarity on environment policy

US-based mining and construction equipment leader Caterpillar Inc has said that fresh investments into India will depend on the local Government coming out with a clear policy on environmental issues. The Caterpillar India, China and Asean Country Manager, Mr Kevin Thieneman, told Business Line that the problem lay with the Environment Ministry here. “Some of our good customers had approved projects but suddenly it has been removed because of some environmental issues. We had some bad actors who don't respect rules, (but) it is not true of the entire industry. Those companies which respect (rules), they are getting penalised. We are getting close to a crisis,” Mr Thieneman said. He also pointed out that if Caterpillar wants to invest further in India, he will be forced to share issues concerning environmental clearances with his company. He said if India does not come out with objective standards on these issues and enforce them uniformly, it will have “serious negative consequences for India in the near and mid term.”

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