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Published by: Shani Ŝiddiqui on Jul 02, 2011
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IQRA UNIVERSITY Main Campus Defense View, Shaheed-e-Millat Road

We don't only measure success in financial terms. World-class business expertise applied internationally to serve consumers everywhere.Look in your fridge.´ Our brands are trusted everywhere and. how we achieve results is important too. we've grown into one of the world's most successful consumer goods companies. look good and get more out of life. people reach for Unilever products. more efficient ways of working.We have a portfolio of brands that are popular across the globe . opening up exciting opportunities where we have competitive advantage for developing our business in the future and our new logo will help us confidently identify ourselves in every aspect of our business. market and distribute the products that people choose to feed their families and keep themselves and their homes clean and fresh. improving tried and tested brands and promoting better.respecting our employees. by listening to the people who buy them. home care and personal care.Foods. around the world.as well as regional products and local varieties of famous-name goods. and personal care with brands that help people feel good. As the way we all live and work evolves. Hand in hand with this is a strong sense of responsibility to the communities we serve. . ‡ "Our mission is full of promise for the future. or on the bathroom shelf. or where in the world you are. But the spirit of this mission forms a thread that runs throughout our history. we encourage our people to develop new ideas and put fresh approaches into practice. someone somewhere chooses a SmithGo product. the chances are that our products are a familiar part of your daily routine. Focusing on performance and productivity. So we keep developing new products. Every day. MISSION STATEMENT: ‡ We meet everyday needs for nutrition. This diversity comes from two of our key strengths: Strong roots in local markets and first-hand knowledge of the local culture. At SmithGo we aim to help people in their daily lives. In fact. Here are some recent highlights from our three global divisions ." our corporate mission ± to add vitality to life ± shows how clearly we understand the people who use our products. leading right back to the late 19th Century.SMITHGO(PAKISTAN LTD) INTRDUCTION: ³No matter who you are. We create. We work hard to conduct our business with integrity . our consumers and the environment around us. and you're bound to see one of our well-known brands. hygiene. 150 million times a day. our needs and tastes change too. People's lives are changing fast.SmithGo is one of the world's leading suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods.

Another key element of our strategy is our aim of doubling the size of Unilever while reducing our impact on the environment. One that builds on SmithGo¶s long-term heritage and achievement. feel good and get more out of life.´ A clear direction: We help people around the world meet everyday needs for nutrition. feel good and get more out of life. We¶re also strengthening our strong relationships in the emerging markets we believe will be significant for our future growth. we believe we can help make a big difference to the world. "Achieving significant growth objectives while decoupling growth from environmental impact is a bold but challenging vision. hygiene and wellbeing. Read some examples of how different brands are upholding these principles. We¶re also working with our suppliers. And by leveraging our global reach and inspiring people to take small. consumers and the retailers who sell our brands to improve their sustainability credentials too.´ Our priorities and principles: SmithGo is committed to supporting sustainability and providing our consumers around the world with the products they need to look good. Five key priorities provide the foundation for our brand¶s campaigns. By combining our multinational expertise with our deep roots in diverse local cultures. everyday actions.VISION: ³We help people around the world meet everyday needs for nutrition. But I believe it¶s the only viable vision. In 2009.´ ³Not many companies have yet taken it on. with brands that help people look good. hygiene and wellbeing. feel good and get more out of life. It¶s a goal we¶re seeking to achieve by developing new ways of doing business through which we can minimise our direct impact. while supporting a responsible future. we¶re continuing to provide a range of products to suit a wealth of consumers. . we launched what we call The Compass ± Unilever¶s strategy for sustainable growth. At the heart of that vision is our philosophy of working to create a better future every day for our consumers and the communities in which we operate. with brands that help people look good.

NON-EXEMPT 2. CLASSIFICATION In my organization I have divided the working criteria of the individuals in different departments and they are 1. color. EXEMPT: These employees are having an exemption from the overtime pay prosperity. My company gives the equal opportunity to all the employees not determining on the gender but on skills and abilities to perform well and be competitive in the field on progress. administrative. Salary allowances are also given to full time workers and there is a difference in allowance and other legal medical facilities.They usually work in their over time but if they have to work over time so they would not be paid on over time. age. executive. It includes the bona fide individuals of the organization such as professionals. These employees are the employees which are paid at least the minimum wages given in my organization and these employees can be given pay on their over time. FULL TIME: Employees are officially used to work full time if not then otherwise stated. PART TIME NON-EXEMPT: In my organization those employees who are closely observed and work under the supervision of the officials are classified as non-exempt. gender. EXEMPT 3.RULES & REGULATIONS OF THE COMPANY EQUAL OPPURTUNITY FOR THE EMPLOYEES: There are several employment laws that protect an individual from discrimination based on race. . FULL TIME 4. sex or disability.

PART TIME: These are the employees which works less than the required amount of time per week so in my organization I have also given a facility to work part time in which there is a large no of the students that are having studies and at the part time they are working in my organization. Action would be taken against that individual who could lead that individual to the termination from the work place. COMPENSATION STRAREGY: This is basically a strategy in which my company has to define a policy then when and at what time the salary to the employees would be paid what would be the circumstances and how and what procedure would be required. ESTABLISH A COMPLAINS CENTER: In this complain center any individual whether a male or a female whoever is being harassed or is having any problem can directly concern to the executives sitting out there to solve his problem and to give attention to it. responsibilities and inflation the increment in the cost of living. PERFORMANCE REVIEW: Basically the purpose of review is that it is being used to evaluate the strength and the work graph of an individual that whether that individual is working in a correct path or he or she needs a path on which they could be leaded to right path. These performance review test could be held on six months basis or annually basis well it is mostly being conducted on annually basis. In my organization these operations takes place at annual basis. The increment in the salaries is clearly dependent on the basis if the position and on the basis of merit entrance. Whoever is telling about the mishaps which have taken place in the organization his name would be keep in confidence. In my organization I have provided the separate place to the individuals who wants to smoke they can walk up to that place and have their smoking out there. Bonuses are also given to the employees of my organization on quarterly basis in which the owner ship of the stocks is being given to them. PROBLEMS REGARDING THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT: In my organization I have clearly implemented some of the rules and regulations so that these kinds of things could not take place and if these kinds of acts take place so investigation and action could be taken against the culprits. DRUG AND ALCOHOL: An organization should clearly tell the policy of the use and abuse of the drugs because these things directly affect the productivity and staleness of the organization.Becasue by my this act iam saving and ensuring the health of others and protecting them from injuries. .

So it gives a strong team culture to my organization and all the individuals look so sophisticated and well organized at the time of working. The employer is not having the skills and capabilities to be on the job. medical leave. he is not full filling the commitments. Same concern is also given in leave policy when the person requires leave he or she is granted leave on the basis of provided circumstances. WORKERS COMPENSATION ISSUE: If the employee is injured and he was going on some business travel or business issue so if he gets himself injured in an accident so the compensation would be provided to him by the company and all the medical formalities the company will withheld until he is not return back to his work. holidays. conflicts which are arising and changes in the policy or routines of the company. BEBEFITS AND EMPLOYEE BEBEFITS: In my organization all the benefits are being given to the employees who include vacations. For example maternity leave. DISCIPLINARY RULES: The staff could be fired out legally if the behavior of the employee is not appropriate at the work place. . DRESS CODE: In my organization dresses of every individual are different in a sense that the sweeper team is having a uniform and the staff members of the organization are use to wear formal clothes at their working time which includes a dress shirt and dress paint with properly cutted hairs and clean shave . insurance policy and retirement plans. The main purpose of this meeting is to solve the problems. telephone calls non official etc. PRIVATE USE OF COMPANY RESOURSES: An individual who is working in the organization has no right to use or have accesses to the facilities provided by my company on personal agenda which could include negative use of the computer.COMPANY PROCEDRES TO DEAL WITH CONFLIICTS: STAFF MEETINGS: These meetings are held in my organization on annual basis and when required is called out. cars of the organization.Same agenda also applies for women expect the man held activities.

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