When in ! C"rse of global economic events, it becomes necessary for a people to $ssolve ! corrupt chains of financial burden which have &ackled 'em by means of indebtedness to ! whims of ! global banking elite, and to assume among ! monetary powers of ! ea(h, ! solvent and debt free )ation to which ! Laws of Gravity and of Nature's God entitle 'em, a heal'y $srespect to ! opinions of Keynes, Croesus, Bernanke and JP Dimon requires 'at 'ey &"ld declare ! causes which impel 'em to ! $ssolution.

We hold 'ese tru's to be self-evident, 'at all men are created solvent, 'at 'ey are endowed by 'eir Creator wi' ce(ain unmo(ga+able Rights, 'at among 'ese are Life, Libe(y and ! unencumbered pursuit of Ha,iness.

-at to secure 'ese .ghts, Governments are in)ituted among Men to properly regulate ! insufferable abuses of ! money changing parasites, de.ving 'eir powers from ! consent of ! people,

-at whenever any corrupt Form of Government becomes incompetent and ju) too crony to achieve 'ese ends, it 0 ! Right of ! People to alter or to abol0h it, and to in)itute new Government, laying its f"ndation on such new monetary p.nciples and organizing its powers in such political form, as to 'em &all seem mo) likely to effect 'eir financial freedom and Ha,iness.

Prudence, indeed, will $ctate 'at Governments long establ0hed &"ld not be chan+d for light and transient causes; and accor$ngly all expe.ence ha' &e1, 'at mankind are more $2osed to suffer, while moderate corruptions are sufferable, 'an to .ght 'emselves by abol0hing ! crony capital0t forms to which 'ey have gradually gro1 accu)omed.

But when a long chain of bank)er d"che weasel abuses, swineful swindling exploitations, and o$"s de.vative usurpations, pursuing inva.ably ! same Ponzinomic Objectives evinces a design to reduce 'em under absolute Kleptofraudtocracy, it 0 'eir .ght, it 0 'eir duty, to 'row off such corrupt feckless Government, and to provide

new Guards for ! welfare and financial secu.ty of ! Republic and its future +nerations.

July 4, 2011

Sworn Before Me On -0

Linda Green, V.P.

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