Ouestlons to Ask Whlle Reudlng wlth Your Chlld

y /ook ut the cover or flrst puge of u story und use the plctures to muke
predlctlons ubout whut wlll huppen.
y Where und when does the story tuke pluce?
y Whut clues ln the story let you know where/when the story tukes pluce?
y Why do you thlnk the uuthor wrote thls story? How do you know?
y Who ure the churucters ln thls story?
y Whut ls the story ubout?
y 6ummurlze whut huppened ln the chupter (tell the most lmportunt
y Whut do you thlnk wlll huppen next? Why?
y Whut plctures ure you gettlng ln your heud whlle you reud?
y Whut clues do the uuthor glve you to help you predlct whut wlll huppen
y Whut huppened beforeղ?
y Whut huppened ufterղ?
y Whut problems ure the churucters fuclng?
y 'oes thls story remlnd you of unother story you huve reud? How?
y ,s thls u flctlon or nonflctlon story? How do you know?
y 'o uny of the churucters remlnd you of your fumlly members or frlends?
How so?
y Why dld the uuthor choose thls settlng?
y Why dld the uuthor use these words?
y Why do you thlnk thls churucter dldղ?
y How do you thlnk the churucter felt whenղ?
y 'ld uny churucters chunge durlng thls story? How so?
y Whut ls the muln ldeu of thls purugruph?
y Ask questlons ubout plctures, lllustrutlons, heudlng, und cuptlons.
y Remember: You wunt to usk llterul questlons but you ulso wunt to usk
questlons thut requlre your chlld to thlnk beyond whut ls wrltten on the

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