When the followers of Slaanesh take hold of a Baneblade from their corrupted forgeworlds, they make all manner of modifications to it. Traditional weapons are replaced with various variety of sonic weapons. What was once a standard template construct becomes a Pleasurereaper of Slaanesh, often used as the vanguard in a siege, its powerful sonic devices able to crumble walls, and its wailing shrieks from the warp disheartens even the most stalwart defender. Its greatest weakness and strength is that it is crewed by insane devotees of Slaanesh who know no bounds or limits when it comes to bombarding themselves and their enemies with the cacophony of music, screams of pleasure, and wails of torment. The crew will often offer themselves up and anyone near the Pleasurereaper in a sacrifice pleasing to she who thirsts.
Blastmaster Twin-linked heavy bolter

Pipe Organs


Twin-linked heavy bolter Sonic Cannon

Hull-mounted heavy bolter Hull-mounted demolisher cannon

1 Pleasurereaper
Sonic Cannon - Varied Frequency 48" Hellstorm 8 6 3 3

Super-heavy tank 3 BS 4 ARMOUR FRONT SIDE 14 13 REAR 12

- Single Frequency*

Ordnance 1, Primary Weapon, 7" Blast Heavy 1, Primary Weapon Heavy 1, Pinning Ordnance 1, 5" Blast Heavy 3

Pipe Organs** Demolisher Cannon Heavy Bolter Blastmaster - Varied Frequency - Single Frequency

6D6" 24" 36"

8 10 5

3 2 4


Turret-mounted sonic cannon, Hull-mounted demolisher cannon and twin-linked heavy bolters, Two sponsons, each with blastmaster and twin-linked heavy bolters, Turret-mounted pipe organs Searchlight and smoke launchers.

36" 48"

5 8

4 3

Assault 2, Pinning Heavy 1, Blast, Pinning

Sensory Overload: All models belonging to a unit with an Icon of Slaanesh within 18" of the Pleasurereaper become Fearless. Warp Cacophony: Any enemy unit within 18" of the Pleasurereaper is at -1 LD, a unit within 12" is at -2 LD, a unit within 6" is at -3 LD, and a unit in base contact is at -4 LD. Any unit wishing to assault the Pleasurereaper must first pass a morale check. If they fail, they stay in place. Sonic Vanguard: A Pleasurereaper may not benefit from the Flank March Strategic Asset.

* To fire the sonic canon place the Hellstorm template so that the narrow end is within 18" of the weapon and the large end is no closer to the weapon than the narrow end. The sonic cannon is then treated like any other template weapon. ** Once per turn, the Pipe Organs may fire. Every model (friendly and enemy, even those with the Mark of Slaanesh) within 6D6" is hit. Once the hits are resolved the Pleasurereaper automatically loses one structure point. If the final structure point is lost in this way, the Pleasurereaper receives a +2 modifier when rolling on the catastrophic damage table.


A Pleasurereaper may be given the following vehicle upgrades the Chaos Space Marine Codex: pintle-mounted twin-linked bolter or combi-flamer, havoc launcher.

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