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Spirit Guides

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Published by: Hicham Jadallah on Jul 02, 2011
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What Your Spirit Guide Doesn’t Want You to Know!

by Ben Alexander

fear. drunkenness. When I . gambling. I could hear my father crying downstairs. He was taken to hospital that night and unknown to me. and terror. My adopted parents were both heavy drinkers and had many arguments and fights. and touched spirits. “Please. I have talked to spirits.I have been where you are. I have always been a truth-seeker and that search is what led me to Spiritualism. don‘t let me die! Please. prostitution. He screamed out to God saying. Many of you are keenly aware that there are people who are able to produce these phenomena. God. returned to the house in the early hours of the morning in a closed coffin. seen spirits. For more than a decade I was actively involved in the highest levels of Spiritualism. it was one of despair. One night as I was lying in my bed upstairs. In fact. God help me!” I will never forget the sound of his crying. Theft. my closest friend during that time was a medium who had an abundance of ectoplasm and produced hundreds of spirit entities for over six years. and bed bugs were common in our part of the East End of London. I testify that my experiences were very real – but were they the truth? Or was there something these spirits were not telling me? My Reason for Becoming a Spiritualist I believe the seeds of Spiritualism were sown when I was a child of eleven years of age.

Sometime in the early 1950’s at a public séance in Finsbury Park North London. Michael Miller and I are the only two people from the circle who are still alive. Jeff Miller was the medium and we became very close friends for several years. My Personal Involvement Eventually I became a member of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and began attending séances. I have no doubt this incident sowed the seeds of Spiritualism for wanting to know about life after death in my life. Some Observations In the early years of my involvement. We began with a homemade Ouija Board to communicate with what we believed were the dead. This circle truly believed that God ordained the séances and no money was ever given to the medium. I met the Miller family. As time went by we disposed of the Ouija Board and Jeff was completely taken over by the spirits. which I readily accepted. That soon changed but still I had no idea what I was really getting involved in. I found the spirit guides I conversed with were kind and considerate and even practiced healing. They invited me to their private circle.came downstairs I was terrified to find nothing but a coffin lying on the floor. I witnessed many different entities taking .

That begs the question: Who or what is in control?) Eventually. sometimes as men. once a week for the next 18 months I attended the circle. His whole personality would change and he would speak in different languages. a voice told me to extend my hand as they were going to shake hands with me. I personally witnessed ectoplasm emanating from his mouth. During one particular séance. He once told me that if he were one of the sitters. Beginning of a Psychic Nightmare We would often see different spirit entities. instead something like a handful of thick hair gripped my hand.control of Jeff’s vocal cords. he/she is totally out of control. instead of being the medium. I expected it to fill with flesh. I learned later that it was some kind of a beast. Still. Jeff had materialization. I pulled my hand back and my heart leaped with fear. At that particular time it was exciting and thrilling but then something happened that was the beginning of my nightmare. Jeff would tell me that he had no idea what was going on because he was in deep trance. he would be scared to watch. Most nights we had human spirits. (A disturbing factor is the realization that when the medium is in a trance. Very disturbing manifestations . But there were times when we saw inhuman spirits and it became quite frightening. women and children. nose and stomach.

began to show themselves and one night I left the séance room and never. ever returned. Reading Deuteronomy 18:9-12. which I had never read before. Who was I going to believe? A Powerful Reality Spiritualism is real.” I was terrified. I can attest with all certainty that there is something on . “a person who is a medium or a Spiritualist is detestable to the Lord. Crossroads Sometime later I was invited to a church and given a Bible. I found.” I was shocked! I searched further and found over a hundred scriptures warning one against contacting the spirit world. God would not forbid us to deal with something that does not exist. I had come to the crossroads in my life. I had always searched for the truth and now I had to make a decision. The Bible strictly forbids God’s people to deal with the spirit world. A few weeks later. when it was obvious that I no longer would be attending the circle. it is a tool used by Satan to delude people and captivate souls. I trembled with fear as I opened the envelope and the message read “we will deal with you when we get you over to the other side. I found an envelope on the driving seat of my taxi that was parked outside of my house. As a former Spiritualist medium involved in the highest levels of the occult.

you have a choice to make .God’s Word or the spirit guides. I thank God that I was able to realize this something was not a departed spirit. and the life and no man comes to the Father except through me.com.the other side.com. our fight is not against human beings but against a spirit world of fallen angels. Surely the greatest authority on the spirit world would be our Creator and Creator of the universe – God. “I am the way. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood. the truth. That is precisely what the spirit guides do not want you to know. Decision Time Friends.” In other words. I pondered over the scripture in Ephesians 6:12. against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Your final decision will determine your eternity. Jesus made it very clear when He said. but something more sinister impersonating our dead loved ones.espministries. His email is ben@espministries. As I studied the Word of God. . against the authorities. His website is www. but against the rulers. Who will you believe? Ben Alexander is founder and director of Exposing Satan’s Power Ministries.

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