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Installing HPUserEdit on a Windows PC

1. Download folder to your PC, and open it. It can be deleted after installation. 2. Run HPUserEdit54.exe and follow the setup instructions. 3. Launch HPUserEdit 5. The default language is Spanish, however other languages can be selected as follows, 1. Select Opciones (Options) and then Idiomas (Language)

2. Select your preferred language. English (1) is used in this document.

Launching a Program on the Emulator

1. Launch HPUserEdit 5 2. Launch the HP50g emulator by pressing the calculator button shown below.

Calculator Button A window appears with a virtual HP50g, as shown below. The HPUserEdit 5 window may be minimized after the emulator is launched. 3. Drag and drop the program file (i.e., ACCU.hp) from a folder to the calculator screen and press the key. These programs cannot be launched using the File-Open menu.


Program dropped to screen

Program launched key

The program can be operated from the PCs keyboard or by clicking the emulator keys with a mouse. Please refer the programs Users Guide for operating instruction.