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NorAsma bt Ab Rahman No 179 Jalan Putra Air Hitam Alor Setar Kedah Date ; 05th March 2011 Tel

: 017-4721899 / 04-7940686 To, Mr. Dawood Abraham No.55 Jalan Damai Bistari 1 Taman Alam Damai 56000 Kuala Lumpur Sir, Changing the Title of Project Research Refer to the above matter; I would like to get permission from you to change my Research Project title from A Study on Improving Level Of Customer Service In Bus Konsortium Semenanjung Malaysia to the title of A Study On Improving An Effective Transportation System In An Urban Area. The purpose of changing research project title is, hard to get full cooperation from the bus company and my sources is limited especially in finding a suitable journal that relate to my research project. I hope you can consider my application. I also want apologize to you because of this matter that might burden your work. Lastly, I enclose to you my new blue print. Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Sincerely,